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No matter how you slice it, money is meant to be spent. If it doesn’t have a function, then it’s practically worthless. You could use your hard-earned money to see the world or buy any insane luxury that most people can only dream of. At this stage of your life, it’s time to see how far those dead presidents can take you.

Money Maker makes that lifestyle change easy. We’ll show you the most expensive, exhilarating,  and unnecessary luxuries that money can buy.  It may or may not be something stupid, but let’s talk about it anyway. Regardless of what you’ve lived through, boring is not an option when you’re rich.

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Our founders started this magazine because we wanted to see what life had to offer. We heard the stories of ridiculous luxury purchases. How Freddie Mercury bought a 2 million dollar koi pond or how Arnold Schwarzenegger takes joyrides in a 50-ton Austrian tank. We’re not confused by it, we’re inspired by it. Perhaps a little bit jealous. We want to get in on that.

Money Maker is the ultimate magazine for men with elevated taste. Men who don’t mind shelling out for some of the highest quality goods on the market. Men who purchase a new car for no other reason than it being a Tuesday afternoon.

Some see our methods as being careless but not us. At the end of the day, we make business deals that benefit both sides. We back the highest craftsmen in their respective fields. Those who have worked their whole lives perfecting a single skill. In exchange, we pay top dollar for their unique services. There’s nothing nobler than that.

If you can afford the luxuries in this magazine, we know that you’re a busy entrepreneur or executive who doesn’t have time to do all the research yourself. That’s where we come in. At Money Maker Magazine, our relentless staff explores the world to push the boundaries of high living. We’ve done it so you can do the same.

At Money Maker, we live life without the confinements of price. Life is truly defined by experiences and accomplishments. If you limit your experiences and accomplishments by price, then you’re limiting your growth.  We aren’t just spending our money because we can. We’re spending money to get out of our comfort zone and feel what it means to be truly alive.

Life is too short to not live it to the fullest.


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