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Sokrat Arzumanyan

Success from Dedication

There are many things to consider before purchasing a property, and if you don’t approach the situation effectively, you may end up making choices you will later regret. Or worse – you could lose the house. This isn’t an unfortunate event that happens rarely, but something that many people go through. The process of buying a property can be pretty overwhelming, but the good news is that you don’t have to go through it alone. A real estate broker can guide you through the entire process and ensure you get the best possible deal. But it’s paramount to work with someone who strives for excellence and places client satisfaction above all else, as Sokrat Arzumanyan does. A top real estate agent in California, Sokrat is known for his dedication to his profession and making clients’ experiences as seamless as possible.

A selfless man who always strives for improvement

Having graduated from the State University of Armenia, Sokrat completed his studies with a master’s degree in law and one in arts and languages. But he never stopped learning, as proven by his current multiple certifications. Sokrat is not only a top real estate agent but also a Loan Broker, Real Estate Mediator, Probate and Trust Specialist, Certified Negotiation Expert, a Certified BPO Specialist and more. He always seeks to improve professionally, which is one of the reasons why he has become a leader in the LA real estate market. While he initially planned to pursue a legal career, his professional life took another route when a Coldwell Banker billboard inspired him to become a real estate agent. But his love for real estate has taken deep roots during his childhood. Sokrat’s mission is to serve his clients and ensure they are satisfied with the decisions they make. He is proof that nothing can stand in your way when you’re committed to your work. While for some, language may be a barrier in working with clients from other countries, things are different for Sokrat. Besides English, he also speaks Russian, Armenian, and Portuguese, which allows him to be there for clients from different parts of the world.

Unlike other real estate agents, Sokrat can build a higher client base due to his multilingualism. But this ability to speak several languages isn’t only an illustration of Sokrat’s passion for learning. It’s also a reflection of his genuine interest in wanting to get to know people and meet their needs. His versatility is a quality you can’t easily find among real estate brokers, which is why so many clients find him reliable and feel comfortable working with him. To Sokrat, real estate work is not about selling houses but helping people. This is why he has overseen numerous successful projects from their initial stage to the last one. While professionalism indeed plays a role in Sokrat’s success, other qualities make him stand out in this highly competitive market. To him, nothing is more important than his clients’ needs and fulfillment. Sokrat takes care of all the details, and when necessary, he submits paperwork, carries out inspections, and performs sales transactions. His selfless nature also reflects in his donations to charitable organizations to support different causes and help those less fortunate. He loves giving back to his local community and firmly believes it’s essential to help people if you’re in the position to do so. His grace and humanity make Sokrat a great professional to work with, as these are qualities that one should never take for granted.

Sokrat’s work is about putting clients’ needs first

Sokrat was a real estate developer, which separates him from other professionals in the market. In 2008, he built a residential property for the first time, and he never stopped after that, so he knows exactly what it takes to build a house. This valuable skill enables him to provide clients with a detailed explanation of the building process. He gives comprehensive descriptions of the properties and estimates the costs of renovating them. Sokrat’s professionalism and care assure clients that they are in good hands. He understands buying a house isn’t the easiest decision to make, so he always acts in clients’ best interests. What matters most to him is to help clients avoid making errors that could have a strong emotional and financial impact, leading to regret and disappointment.

Purchasing a home is a substantial investment, and Sokrat wants his clients to get the most out of it. This is why he supports them through all the stages of the process, ensuring clients’ expectations are met even after they move into the house. He often introduces clients to contractors who can help them remodel or sends cleaners and movers to the client’s home at his own expense. While Sokrat’s work is demanding, nothing can be as fulfilling as his clients’ joy and excitement once they finally get the house of their dreams. Sokrat doesn’t label his relationship with clients as a professional one. He seeks to build an emotional connection with them, and he manages to do that through the nature of his job. After all, what you give out, always comes back to you, and by serving people, Sokrat builds long-lasting friendships with them.

Sokrat Arzumanyan

Success is a natural result of committing to making others happy

When hearing a successful story, one can’t help but wonder what the secret ingredients to building a satisfying professional life are. The truth is that the journey is never easy, and one must work hard in order to achieve their dream. But is expertise enough to have a rewarding career? While there are indeed some skills you need to get to the top, what matters most is dedication, and Sokrat is an excellent example in this respect. Throughout the years, he has committed himself to self-improvement, having one purpose in mind: to make his clients happy. Sokrat’s workflow is unparalleled, and his client-first approach allows him to achieve excellent results in his professional life. When you work in the service of other people, success comes naturally.

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