2024 Honda Passport Review: 5 Insane Facts

Exploring the Uncharted Paths with the 2024 Honda Passport

Buckle up, folks – the 2024 Honda Passport is here and it’s dropping jaws faster than you can say “off-road.” It’s not just another pretty face in the parking lot; this rugged explorer is primed to take on uncharted paths with a punch. With advanced powertrain options, the latest Passport is touting a well-muscled V6 engine under the hood that cranks out thrill-worthy horsepower and torque. And let me tell ya, compared to its predecessors, it feels like the Passport hit the gym – hard.

These upgrades aren’t just for show. They push the Passport beyond its previous limits and stand tall against competitors. Nimble on-road dynamics complement its newfound off-road prowess, making Honda’s latest offering a Jack-of-all-trades on wheels. And here’s a kicker – Honda swaps the all-terrain-look rubber for proper off-road tires and a uniquely tuned off-road suspension. Jaws dropped yet?

With TrailSport-exclusive wheels and paint, the 2024 Passport isn’t just talking the talk; it’s walking the walk with a strut that screams robust adventure-readiness. Roll out the red carpet because every twist and turn feels like a Hollywood premiere, seriously, it’s like the Tom Hardy 007 James bond of off-roaders, oozing style with every rev!

Innovative Tech Meets Rugged Performance

Jumping into the tech arena, the 2024 Honda Passport is hooking up drivers with an 8.0-inch touchscreen that’s the tech-savvy buddy you never knew you needed. It’s keeping Apple CarPlay and Android Auto right at your fingertips, ensuring connectivity that’s as seamless as your favorite movie transition.

It’s not just bells and whistles, either. The driving experience is amplified with driver-assist technologies, making you feel like the king of the road, or trail, for that matter. You’re encapsulated in a safety suite fortress that could teach Fort Knox a thing or two about security. And in a move as slick as an undercover agent’s disguise, Honda ensures this rugged tech-fest outshines last year’s model with a larger center console and new armrest, making every journey a first-class experience.

Yumemoo Retractable Cargo Cover for Honda Passport, Rear Trunk Cover Compatible with Honda Passport Security Shielding Shade No Gap Car Accessory Black, Carbon Fiber

Yumemoo Retractable Cargo Cover for Honda Passport, Rear Trunk Cover Compatible with Honda Passport Security Shielding Shade No Gap Car Accessory Black, Carbon Fiber


Keep the cargo area of your Honda Passport neatly covered and secure with the Yumemoo Retractable Cargo Cover. This premium accessory is specifically designed to fit the contours of your vehicle, ensuring a sleek, gap-free installation. The cover retracts smoothly, allowing for easy access to your belongings, while its sturdy construction prevents sagging and maintains its shape over time. It is the perfect combination of functionality and elegance, with a carbon fiber pattern that adds a touch of sophistication to your vehicle’s interior.

The Yumemoo Retractable Cargo Cover is not just about aesthetics; its primary function is to protect your valuable items from prying eyes and harsh sunlight. This rear trunk cover acts as a strong security barrier, giving you peace of mind knowing your possessions are shielded from view when you are away from your car. The shade is made from durable materials that resist wear and tear, ensuring longevity and consistent performance. Installation is a breeze, with no tools required, allowing for a quick, user-friendly setup process.

Enhance your Honda Passport with this sleek, black cargo cover that evidently serves both practical needs and enhances your car’s interior design. The retractable feature offers convenience and flexibility, permitting you to adjust the coverage as needed for larger items. Quieter and more venerable cargo rides become a reality as the cover helps to muffle sound from rattling items. Investing in the Yumemoo Retractable Cargo Cover is a smart choice for Honda Passport owners looking for a high-quality, seamlessly integrated car accessory that delivers both security and style.

Category Details
Model Year 2024
Make/Model Honda Passport
Trim Levels Sport, EX-L, TrailSport, Elite, Black Edition (replaces Elite trim)
Starting MSRP Pricing TBA
Release Date October 24, 2023
Assembly Location Torrance, California
Engine Type TBA (Assuming continuation of V6, given no reported changes)
Drivetrain All-Wheel Drive (AWD) Standard (FWD option discontinued from 2023)
Transmission TBA (Likely to continue with 9-speed automatic)
Off-Road Features TrailSport: Off-road tires, uniquely tuned off-road suspension, exclusive wheels and paint
Wheels Black Edition: 20-inch black wheels
Exterior Styling Updated rugged design with black/dark elements for Black Edition trim
Infotainment System 8.0-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
Interior Updates Larger center console, new armrests, leather seats with red accents (Black Edition)
Color Options TrailSport-exclusive paint options
Safety Features Honda Sensing Suite (assumed continuation from previous model year)
Interior Comfort Leather-trimmed seats with red contrast stitching (Black Edition), more versatile interior
Special Edition Black Edition: dark/exclusive interior and exterior elements, badges

A New Standard in Efficiency for the 2024 Honda Passport

Now, let’s talk about greening up your drive. Honda isn’t just making a lean, mean driving machine; they’ve planted a flag firmly in the land of efficiency. Forget the gas-guzzling guilt because the figures on mpg here are going to have environmentalists and economists high-fiving. Fuel economy? Stellar. Carbon footprint? Smaller than a size 5 shoe – and speaking of style, you could say this SUV is as enviable as Eva Longoria’s feet on the red carpet.

Next-gen emission tech? Check. The 2024 Honda Passport is a beacon in the smog, showcasing Honda’s commitment to cutting emissions and upholding rigorous industry standards, serving a similar purpose in the auto industry as scripps news does in delivering unadulterated and important information.

Image 22387

Comfort and Space: The 2024 Honda Passport’s Interior Excellence

Think the Passport’s only about flexing its muscles? Think again. Step inside and you’ll be greeted by an oasis of comfort and luxury. The leather seats with those red accents give a nod to the racetrack while cradling you in extravagance, and the red contrast stitching? Pure genius – it’s like the Christmas Abbott of interior design, turning heads with an unexpected pop of color and flair.

Space is plentiful, with a cargo area that could swallow your baggage like a magician – poof, gone. The ergonomic design of the dashboard keeps everything at arm’s length while making sure the driver feels like an automotive symphony conductor. And let us take a moment of silence for the discontinued Elite trim, which has passed the torch to the all-new “Black Edition” trim that’s sporting a dark aesthetic just dying to be flaunted on nocturnal escapades.

Market Disruptor: 2024 Honda Passport vs. Competition

Now, it’s time to pit the mighty 2024 Honda Passport against its main stage rivals. Folks, we’re witnessing a rumble in the automotive jungle. Toyota 4Runner, Ford Edge, Chevrolet Blazer – they’re all tough contenders, but the Passport’s got a few aces up its sleeve that are game-changers.

Brains vs. brawn, the Passport offers both – serving up a market position that outsmarts and outperforms rivals on several fronts. With cutting-edge tech, rugged sophistication, and a focus on efficiency, it’s like comparing the clunky old cell phones to the slick smartphones of today. The Passport is the device that’s loaded with apps – the car edge, if you will.

for Honda Passport Screen Protector Honda Passport Accessories in Radio Touchscreen Tempered Glass Compatible with Honda Passport EX LTrailSportElite

for Honda Passport Screen Protector Honda Passport Accessories in Radio Touchscreen Tempered Glass Compatible with Honda Passport EX LTrailSportElite


Enhance the durability and clarity of your Honda Passport’s infotainment system with our premium screen protector, a must-have accessory tailored specifically for your vehicle. Crafted with high-quality tempered glass, this screen protector is meticulously designed to provide optimal compatibility with the Honda Passport EX, LTrailSport, and Elite models. Its ultra-thin design ensures full responsiveness of your touchscreen, enabling seamless operation, while its transparent surface guarantees crystal clear visibility for all your navigation and media needs.

Installing this Honda Passport screen protector is a breeze, ensuring that your touchscreen remains free from scratches, dust, and fingerprints while maintaining touchscreen sensitivity. The protector’s precise cut and fit mean there’s no interference with the radio or other touchscreen features, giving you peace of mind that your infotainment system is safeguarded against the wear and tear of daily use. The strong, tempered glass composition absorbs impact, providing an additional layer of protection that extends the lifespan of your Passport’s touchscreen.

For a flawless in-car aesthetic, the glass has been treated with an oleophobic coating to repel oily smudges and reduce glare, improving both visibility and cleanliness. It serves as an essential accessory that not only preserves the look and function of your vehicle’s interior but also enhances your driving experience. Trust our screen protector to keep your Honda Passport’s infotainment display immaculate, allowing you to enjoy every journey with confidence and style.

Breaking the Mold with the 2024 Honda Passport’s Design

Stroll round to the outside, and you get a sense of the design philosophy Honda’s rolled out. The exterior aesthetics have received a makeover that’s simultaneously evolutionary and revolutionary. Standing before you is an SUV exuding confidence with a side of mystique, thanks to its dark 20-inch wheels, grille, and headlight trim.

The overall design plays a part in aerodynamics too, cutting through the air like a knife through hot butter – functional and fabulous. Color options? Let’s just say there’s enough variety for you to play mix-and-match until your driveway looks like a spilled box of Crayolas.

Image 22388

Beyond the Hype: Real-World Impressions of the 2024 Honda Passport

Real talk – what’s the 2024 Honda Passport like when the rubber meets the road? Well, from the seasoned Honda loyalists to the first-time adventurers, the reviews are rolling in hotter than a summer heatwave. It’s versatile, it’s reliable, and it’s got the grit to tackle life’s curveballs.

Whether it’s city commuting or backwoods trekking, the Passport doesn’t just raise the bar; it launches it into the stratosphere. And let’s not forget the warmth of the human touch that only real-world experiences bring – it’s like mastering hi in spanish, intimate and universally appealing.

A Futuristic Vision: 2024 Honda Passport’s Sustainable Horizon

But what about tomorrow? Honda’s not just playing in the present; they’re chess masters of the future. The 2024 Passport is a poster child for Honda’s sustainable vision, with responsible manufacturing practices that even Mother Earth gives a thumbs up to.

Material sourcing? Sustainable doesn’t even start to cover it. We’re talking a ride that’s been thoughtfully concocted from the ground up to align with a greener future, reducing the stigmatization definition related to emissions and fuel consumption. Honda’s Passport is indeed a passport to a cleaner planet.

TANDRIVE Key Fob Cover for (Buttons) Honda Civic Accord HR V Pilot CR V, Silicone, Pack, Red Button, Black

TANDRIVE Key Fob Cover for (Buttons) Honda Civic Accord HR V Pilot CR V, Silicone, Pack, Red Button, Black


Protect your Honda’s key fob with the TANDRIVE Key Fob Cover, designed specifically for various Honda models including the Civic, Accord, HR-V, Pilot, and CR-V. This premium silicone case offers a snug fit for your key fob with cutouts for easy access to all buttons. Its durable build not only safeguards against daily wear and tear but also adds a splash of style to your key collection with its eye-catching red button detail on a sleek black background.

Installing the TANDRIVE Key Fob Cover is a breezesimply slide your key fob into the flexible silicone sleeve for an instant upgrade in protection. Each button is strategically covered with raised silicone, providing additional grip and tactile feedback for effortless operation, ensuring you won’t miss a beat when starting your vehicle or accessing its features. Even better, the silicone material acts as a buffer against drops, effectively reducing the risk of damage to your key fob.

This pack includes a protective cover perfectly tailored to maintain the integrity and functionality of your Honda’s key fob. The bold red button accent not only highlights the most-used button for convenience but also adds a customized touch that stands out from the crowd. Keep your key fob in pristine condition and add a touch of personalized flair to your car accessories with the TANDRIVE Key Fob Cover.

Sleek, Safe, and Sound: The 2024 Honda Passport’s Safety Profile

Let’s chat safety because the 2024 Passport is like a knight in shining armor. This chariot’s been blessed with a safety profile that’s enough to make you feel like you’re nestled in a cocoon made of marshmallows and security blankets. Crash-test outcomes? Exceptional. Active and passive features? More comprehensive than an Mw Builders checklist.

It’s a fortress on wheels, eyeing industry awards with the confidence of a prizefighter before the bell. And for parents? Sending your kid off in a Passport will be as stress-free as sending an emoji-filled text.

Image 22389

Conclusion: The 2024 Honda Passport’s Trail-Blazing Legacy

As the dust settles and the echoes of the 2024 Honda Passport’s arrival fade, we’re left with a few simple truths: This isn’t just an SUV; it’s a statement – a bold, intrepid manifesto on wheels. This trail-blazing maverick has rewritten the playbook for what a mid-size SUV can and should be.

In the sprawling automotive landscape, the Passport isn’t just living up to its name; it’s creating a legacy that travels beyond borders and generations. Time will tell, but one thing is clear – the 2024 Honda Passport is the automotive equivalent of a mic drop. Quick, someone cue the applause.

Get a Load of These 5 Insane Facts About the 2024 Honda Passport

The 2024 Honda Passport is no slouch in the midsize SUV market, and boy, does it have a few tricks up its sleeve. We’ve scoured the corners of the car world to bring you some of the most mind-boggling tidbits about this ride. Prepare to have your socks knocked off!

Out-of-This-World Cargo Space

First things first, let’s talk cargo space because, let’s face it, we all need room for our stuff, right? The 2024 Honda Passport might just surprise you with its cavernous cargo hold—so spacious it’ll have you saying, “Wait,how much can I fit back here?” You could probably stack enough luggage to make a fashionista like Eva Longoria reconsider her packing choices. Speaking of fashion, check out this unexpected segue: Eva Longoria ‘s Feet—gotta( love how celebs can make anything look stylish, even when we’re just talking about what they’re stepping out in.

Tech-Savvy to the Max

Hold onto your hats, tech lovers! The infotainment system in the 2024 Honda Passport is so intuitive, even your tech-challenged Uncle Bob can’t mess it up. With seamless smartphone integration, the Passport makes sure you’re connected to all your favorite tunes and apps without a hitch—an absolute treat for those of us who consider our phones as a vital organ.

A Beast Off-Road

Alright, picture this: You, the 2024 Honda Passport, and an open trail. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? Well, it’s no pipe dream. This SUV’s got an all-wheel-drive system that’s hungry for dirt roads and rocky paths. It’s like the car equivalent of a mountain goat—only way cooler and with more cup holders.

Safety First, But Make It High-Tech

Safety isn’t just a buzzword for the 2024 Honda Passport; it’s a full-on battle cry. With cutting-edge safety features that could give a NASA engineer a run for their money, this SUV is like a guardian angel on wheels. Want to change lanes? Boom, it’s got your back. About to back up? Sensors are on it like white on rice.

A Mighty Eco-Warrior

Last but not least, this beast has a green side. You might not believe it, but the 2024 Honda Passport is doing its part for Mother Earth. It’s not exactly a tree-hugger per se, but the Passport’s eco-friendly features and fuel efficiency are like giving the planet a little fist-bump of approval.

So, there you have it, folks! Whether you’re a tech geek, an off-road junkie, or someone who could star in an episode of ‘Hoarders,’ the 2024 Honda Passport checks boxes you didn’t even know you had. It’s the car that keeps on giving—so much so that it just might make your wildest car dreams come true.

Wonderdriver Roof Rack Cross Bars Compatible with Honda Passport Aluminum Roof Rails Crossbars Cargo Bars Canoe Bike Kayak Car Snowboard Rooftop Cargo Carrier Luggage

Wonderdriver Roof Rack Cross Bars Compatible with Honda Passport Aluminum Roof Rails Crossbars Cargo Bars Canoe Bike Kayak Car Snowboard Rooftop Cargo Carrier Luggage


The Wonderdriver Roof Rack Cross Bars provide the perfect solution for Honda Passport owners looking to expand their vehicle’s cargo-carrying capacities. Crafted with high-quality aluminum, these roof rails are not only lightweight but also robust and durable, ensuring a secure and long-lasting addition to your SUV. The aerodynamic design minimizes wind noise and resistance, allowing for a quiet ride while the sleek black finish enhances the overall aesthetics of your vehicle. These crossbars are designed for easy installation, and fit directly to your Honda Passport without the need for drilling or modifications, making them a user-friendly option for all.

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or someone who often finds themselves in need of extra cargo space, the Wonderdriver Roof Rack Cross Bars are incredibly versatile. They’re suitable for carrying a wide array of items, such as canoes, bikes, kayaks, snowboards, and even roof-mounted cargo carriers. The bars come with an anti-theft lock system, providing extra security for your load when you’re on the go. The crossbars also feature a high load capacity, ensuring they can handle the gear required for your next adventure.

Enhance your Honda Passport’s functionality with the Wonderdriver Roof Rack Cross Bars, making it an ideal travel companion for both everyday use and epic road trips. The package includes everything needed for a straightforward setup, so you can get back on the road with your new roof rails in no time. These crossbars are not just practical but also affordably priced, offering excellent value for travelers and adventurers alike. With these crossbars, you can free up space inside your vehicle and ensure a safe and comfortable journey with all your necessary equipment in tow.

Will Honda redesign the Passport for 2024?

“Is Honda planning a makeover for its 2024 Passport model?”
Well, buckle up! Word on the street is Honda might be cooking up a redesign for the 2024 Passport. While the details are still shrouded in mystery, don’t be surprised if they roll out some fresh looks and tech to keep the crossover SUV crowd buzzing.

What is the future of the Honda Passport?

“What does the road ahead look like for the Honda Passport?”
Oh, the future looks adventurous for the Honda Passport! Honda seems to have plans to keep this rugged ride sprinting down the trails with updates and tech advancements that’ll likely keep it on the fast lane of popularity.

Does 2024 Honda Passport have wireless Apple CarPlay?

“Going wireless, huh? Will the 2024 Honda Passport let you sync up without the hassle of cables?”
You bet! The 2024 Honda Passport is rumored to join the wireless revolution, giving your tunes and maps a seamless, cord-free haven with wireless Apple CarPlay integration. Talk about a clean and clutter-free dashboard!

What happened to the Honda Passport?

“Heard anything about the Honda Passport disappearing?”
No way, José! The Honda Passport hasn’t vanished—instead, it’s cruising along, carrying its legacy as a midsize SUV champ with what seems like more exciting updates on the horizon.

How much is the Honda Passport 2024?

“What’s the damage to the wallet for the new 2024 Honda Passport?”
Okay, let’s talk turkey. The 2024 Honda Passport isn’t expected to come with a bargain bin sticker. While prices aren’t set in stone yet, expect a number that reflects its premium features and solid build – think somewhere in the neighborhood of its current siblings.

How long is 2024 Honda Passport?

“How long is the new kid on the block, the 2024 Honda Passport?”
Alright, so the 2024 Honda Passport isn’t stretching out like a limo, but it sure offers plenty of room. The buzz suggests it’ll maintain its midsize footprint, providing ample space for your crew and gear without being a behemoth.

Is Honda Passport a reliable car?

“Can the Honda Passport take a licking and keep on ticking?”
Absolutely, the Honda Passport’s got a rep for reliability that’s as solid as a rock. This SUV’s known to handle the daily grind with grace, so chances are, it’ll keep on trucking without breaking a sweat.

Is Honda Passport a good vehicle?

“Is it a thumbs up for the Honda Passport as a decent ride?”
You betcha! The Honda Passport’s more than just decent – it’s a top-notch contender that offers comfort, versatility, and a bit of an edge with its off-road chops. It’s got the whole package!

Is Honda going to redesign the Passport?

“Has Honda got any big plans for giving the Passport a new look?”
Rumor has it, yes! Honda might just be giving the Passport a makeover to keep things fresh and exciting. So if you’re itching for a spruced-up version, the wait might not be too long.

What is difference between Passport TrailSport and elite?

“How does the rugged Passport TrailSport stack up against the swanky Elite?”
Talk about tough choices! The TrailSport is your off-road warrior, beefed up with extra grit for the unbeaten path, while the Elite is all about living the high life with fancy features and top-tier comforts. It’s a showdown between brawn and luxury!

What cars compete with the Honda Passport?

“What contenders are lining up against the Honda Passport in the automotive showdown?”
The Passport’s playing in a league with some heavy hitters including the Ford Edge, Chevy Blazer, and Nissan Murano. It’s a battle royale for midsize SUV dominance, with each contender bringing its A-game.

Does Honda Passport have keyless entry?

Does Honda Passport make life easier with keyless entry?”
Yep, the Honda Passport rolls out the red carpet with keyless entry, so you can hop in without fumbling for keys. It’s like it’s saying, “Come on in, without all the hassle!

What is the life expectancy of a Honda Passport?

“What’s the scoop on how long a Honda Passport will stick with you?”
The Honda Passport is a real trooper, with many crossing the 200,000-mile marker with proper care and love. Treat it right, and you’ll be partners in crime for a good, long while.

Why is Honda Passport more expensive than Honda Pilot?

“Why does the Honda Passport come with a heftier price tag than the Honda Pilot?”
Ah, that’s a head-scratcher! Even though the Pilot’s a bit bigger, the Passport boasts premium features and off-road capabilities that pump up its price. It’s like paying more for a fancy steak versus a bigger casserole.

Is Honda Passport hard to drive?

“Is steering the Honda Passport like wrestling a bear?”
Nah, driving the Honda Passport is a breeze! Despite its tough exterior, it handles like a dream – smooth and responsive, not like wrestling with a bear at all!

Will there be a redesigned Honda Passport?

“Will the curtain rise on a newly redesigned Honda Passport any time soon?”
Keep your eyes peeled because there’s some chatter about a snazzy new redesign that might just grace the Honda Passport, turning heads and drawing crowds around its anticipated debut.

Is Honda updating the Passport?

“Are we going to see Honda give the Passport a tech upgrade and style reboot?”
You heard it here—Honda’s got plans to sprinkle some 21st-century magic on the Passport. We’re talking tech treats and style tweaks to keep this ride ahead of the pack.

When did the Honda Passport get redesigned?

“When did Honda last surprise us with a revamped Passport?”
Let’s rewind a bit. The last time Honda pulled the covers off a redesigned Passport was in 2019, giving it a modern-day resurrection with all the modern trimmings.

Will the 2023 passport be redesigned?

“Is the 2023 Passport queued up for a design overhaul?”
Well, don’t hold your breath—rumor has it, the 2023 Passport might stick to its guns without going under the knife just yet. But who knows what next year’s model might bring!


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