A comprehensive reference to men's socks

A comprehensive reference to men’s socks

The phrase “Men dress from down to up” wasn’t limited to shoes. Men tend to forget their socks. These are accessories that you can throw on when you run out of time and don’t think about.

Even though you may not be able to see your socks from far away, it never hurts learning how to style them properly. You can look smart at work, make a good first impression, or just simply look good from head. It’s important that you know how to dress your socks.

Different kinds of socks

Consider the type of socks you are wearing before wearing them. You shouldn’t wear socks that are mid-calf the same way that you don’t wear socks with no-show.

Over the Calf OTC Socks

OTC socks are an excellent way to keep socks from pooling around the ankles. However, if this is an issue, you can always find OTC socks at nearby retailers. It may look outdated, but it is not.

Mid-Calf Socks

No matter what type of shoe you’re in, mid-calf boots will work. These socks are great for wearing with everything, including boots and shoes. You can find these socks in any type of material, color and thickness. This type of socks should be in every sock.

Ankle socks

Athletic socks or ankle socks shouldn’t be worn every day unless you’re going to the fitness center or participating in other activities. They are slightly above your feet to prevent chafing during walking. Black ankle socks will be your best option if you are forced into wearing them.

Socks without Showing

No-show socks are the best option for men. They will match almost any outfit with boots, sandals and high-tops. These socks don’t just work well with shorts. You can get blisters on the feet if you choose not to wear the right shoes.

Sock Materials

It is also important to think about the materials used in your socks. There are five major materials to be aware of when you think about socks.


Cotton should always be your choice when it is about socks. Cotton socks are lightweight, durable, breathable, long-lasting, and very breathable. Plus, they’re very affordable.


Cashmere, which is more luxurious, is another option. These garments are very soft and comfortable. But they do require some care if you want them long-lasting.


It’s not difficult to find socks made of wool. It’s also very common for socks to be made of wool. They keep your feet dry and warm during cold weather.


Silk is the right choice for formal occasions. Even though they’re not practical and are more costly than other types, silk socks will give you the look you want.


You can finally get synthetic socks. You should not wear 100% synthetic socks, unless you are purchasing it for athletic purpose. It’s better to use it in combination with wool or other cotton.

How to wear men’s socks at work: Dos and don’ts

Here are some rules to keep in mind while wearing your socks to work.

  • Do pair your socks with the color of your outfit.
  • DO experiment with bold patterns and colors.
  • DO wear high-heeled socks.
  • DO NOT match dressy socks to dressy clothes.
  • DO pull your socks up.
  • Match your socks with skin tones
  • You should never wear socks with shorts.
  • Except for going to the gym and wearing white socks, DO NOT wear them.
  • NONSTOP wearing novelty socks.
  • DON’T put on knee socks.
  • Do not wear socks while wearing sandals.
  • Socks in poor condition should be avoided.

Common Mistakes made by Men

Here are some common mistakes men make in socks.

Pairing any Socks with your Dress Shoes

Only wear dress socks and dress shoes. Even if your socks happen to be black, it is important that they are designed for dress shoes. Otherwise, you may end up with bunching around your ankles, which can lead to a bad pairing of your leather shoes and your socks.

Exposing Your Skin

If your socks don’t cover the entire length of your pants, and you can still see the skin between them, your socks are too long. No skin should be exposed in socks. Ankle socks should be worn with sneakers or loafers if they are to be worn.

Socks & Shorts

No-show socks are the best kind of socks to wear with shorts. No-show socks should not be worn with shorts. This is better than trying to look like you’re going to private school.

White Socks

If you are going to the fitness center or any other activity that requires white socks, don’t wear them. Wearing white socks in combination with other clothing is a fashion faux pas.

Your Socks: Rolling and folding

Your socks could also be folded or rolled, making you appear like you’re wearing uniform. Folding or rolling socks is a messy act that adds unnecessary bulk around the ankles. So always tie your socks.

Socks of a different kind

This is an old trend. While it might be entertaining to wear novelty socks this is not a good idea. If you are not able to see the socks, it is best to avoid wearing them.

Always wear your socks properly

Your sock drawer should always be well organized. This makes it easy for you to find the socks that are right for your outfit. It is also a good idea, to make sure your sock drawer has good selections that you can always use.

Do not hesitate to wear dark socks when in doubt. No matter what occasion it is, black, brown, or navy socks are safe. These socks are safe to wear with mid-calf, or even barefoot socks.

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