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Best Biaggi Foldable Luggage Success Story

Best Biaggi Foldable Luggage Success Story

The travel industry, an ever-evolving beast with its bulky suitcases and cluttered hotel rooms, has met its match in Biaggi, whose foldable luggage solutions have unpacked a success story worth telling. As you rummage through the suitcases of the travel accessory world, it’s Biaggi’s story that stands out, transforming our travel experiences and reshaping how we think about packing. Let’s zip open this tale and see how Biaggi folded its way into the industry’s spotlight.

The Rise of Biaggi: Folding into Success

Biaggi folded the conventional travel script in half, pioneering a nifty solution in a world hungry for convenience. Let’s face it – space is a luxury, but Biaggi turned it into a given with a dash of ingenuity and a zipped-up strategy.

Chapter 1: The Origins of Biaggi’s Foldable Luggage

Biaggi started with a bang, or rather, a fold. In 2012, Stephen Hersh took the reins from his father, Ron, and, with the family torch blazing, charged into the travel market. Biaggi’s birth came from a blend of vision and necessity post-Rosetti handbag success. Convinced that travelers deserved more than a box on wheels, they flipped the luggage market on its head and rolled out the world’s first foldable four-wheeled revelation. Yet, success wasn’t in the bag from day one; mounting a $3 million loss served as a stern lesson that even the best could stumble. But, as they say, what doesn’t fold you, makes you stronger.

Chapter 2: The Crowdfunding Leap

It wasn’t just strategy – it was more like a cliff dive into the crowdfunding pool with Kickstarter as their springboard. Biaggi’s campaign was less a fundraiser and more a ground-shaker, an immediate hint that they were onto something as unique as a unicorn in a horse race. By not just reaching, but vaulting over their goals, they sealed their fate and geared up to ride the wave of early adopter enthusiasm.

Chapter 3: Innovation as Key to Standing Out

Biaggi didn’t just enter the luggage carousel; they gave it a whole new spin. The Zipsak was their magnum opus, a small pouch unfurling into a sizable four-wheeled suitcase, turning heads and opening wallets. It wasn’t just magic; it was meticulous design, patented ingenuity, and enough space to pack your “oh, wow” along with your shoes.

Biaggi Zipsak Boost! Foldable Underseat Carry On Expands to Full Size Carry On Custom Sized Packing Cube Included (Navy Blue)

Biaggi Zipsak Boost! Foldable Underseat Carry On Expands to Full Size Carry On   Custom Sized Packing Cube Included  (Navy Blue)


The Biaggi Zipsak Boost! is an ingenious travel solution designed for the savvy traveler looking for versatility and convenience. This innovative piece starts as a compact underseat carry-on that is perfect for storing beneath your seat during a flight, ensuring your essentials are easily accessible throughout your journey. When more space is needed, it gracefully expands into a full-sized carry-on, providing ample room for all your travel necessities without the need for an additional bag. Its durable, high-quality fabric in a classic navy blue color ensures that it withstands the rigors of travel while maintaining a stylish appearance.

Included with the Biaggi Zipsak Boost! is a custom-sized packing cube that fits perfectly within both configurations of the bag, helping to organize your items and maximize packing efficiency. Whether you are packing for a short trip or find yourself needing additional space for souvenirs on your return, this feature-rich bag adapts to your needs. The Zipsak’s smooth-gliding wheels and retractable handle make navigating through busy airports a breeze. Compact, expandable, and cleverly designed, this carry-on is an essential for anyone looking to travel light without being caught unprepared for those extra items.

Category Information
Company Name Biaggi
Founded 2012 by Stephen Hersh and his father Ron Hersh
CEO Stephen Hersh
Core Product Zipsak
Product Feature Small pouch transforms into a large four-wheeled suitcase, foldable for easy storage
Unique Selling Proposition World’s first 4-wheeled luggage that can be folded
Investment Lori Greiner invested $500,000 for a 33% stake in the company
Recognition Zipsak became a best seller after investment
Company Growth Expanded from inception to sixteen locations in eight states as of Dec 14, 2019
Previous Business Family-run handbag business Rosetti sold in 2006 by Ron Hersh
Setbacks Around April 1, 2016, faced a $3 million loss due to expensive mistakes
Status Continues to operate as a privately held company

Chapter 4: Shark Tank and Mainstream Breakthrough

Then came the plunge into the Shark Tank. Barbara Corcoran bit, lured by Biaggi’s promise, while Lori Greiner parted with $500,000 for a chunky 33-percent slice of the suitcase pie. Overnight, Biaggi was on everyone’s lips and checklists – more than a bestseller, it was a travel revolution, strapped neatly in the overhead compartment of mainstream success.

Image 31330

Chapter 5: Overcoming Industry Challenges

But it hasn’t all been smooth sailing, or rolling, for that matter. Knockoffs lurked at every corner, and supply chains played hard to get, but Biaggi packed determination alongside innovation. With a mix of savvy tactics and resilience, the brand held its ground like a suitcase locks its wheels.

Chapter 6: Embracing Digital Marketing and E-commerce

Biaggi didn’t just get with the times; they set their watches ahead, embracing e-commerce with the gusto of a toddler at a tech store. Their digital marketing wasn’t just targeted; it was laser-focused, channeling brand loyalty and direct dialogue with travelers who demanded more from their luggage than a zip and a lock.

BIAGGI Runway Hybrid Carry On Luggage Polycarbonate Shell, Lightweight Expandable Travel Bag, Expandable, TSA Approved (Navy Blue)

BIAGGI Runway Hybrid Carry On Luggage   Polycarbonate Shell, Lightweight Expandable Travel Bag, Expandable, TSA Approved (Navy Blue)


The BIAGGI Runway Hybrid Carry On Luggage in Navy Blue expertly combines innovation with versatility for the modern traveler. Its sturdy polycarbonate shell is designed to withstand the rigors of travel while keeping your belongings safe. This lightweight luggage is thoughtfully crafted to maximize packing efficiency, featuring an expandable option that provides extra room for those last-minute items or souvenirs. With its sleek navy blue finish, this carry-on bag is not only functional but also stylish, making it the perfect companion for both business and leisure trips.

Ensuring security and convenience, the BIAGGI Runway Hybrid Carry On comes with TSA-approved locks, allowing hassle-free check-ins and peace of mind. Maneuverability is a breeze, thanks to its smooth-gliding wheels and an ergonomic telescoping handle that promotes ease of transport through busy terminals. The interior boasts multiple compartments and straps to keep contents neatly organized and in place. This hybrid luggage strikes the ideal balance between the durability of hardshell cases and the flexibility of soft luggage, an essential travel piece for those who value durability and style on the go.

Chapter 7: Customer Satisfaction and Brand Expansion

Customer happiness, the proverbial golden ticket for Biaggi, propelled it from a name to a necessity. They expanded with the grace of a suitcase popping open, reaching across oceans and into the hearts of wanderlust-filled travelers. New markets weren’t just welcome – they were a must, and Biaggi laid out the welcome mat.

Image 31331

Chapter 8: The Environmental Impact and Sustainability Efforts

Biaggi’s foldable design did more than save space; it whispered a promise to the future. Sustainability was not a buzzword but a blueprint for selection, recycling, and responsibility.

Chapter 9: Looking to the Future: Biaggi’s Ongoing Innovation

Biaggi’s never been about resting on laurels or in plush hotel rooms. Their eyes are set on the horizons, scouting for tech integrations, market trends, and new ways to make that carry-on an even sweeter deal.

Biaggi Ultimate Compression ZipCube Set of Expandable Travel Organizer Bags for Suitcases, Lightweight Packing Cubes for Women & Men’s Travel Accessories

Biaggi Ultimate Compression ZipCube Set of   Expandable Travel Organizer Bags for Suitcases, Lightweight Packing Cubes for Women & Men's Travel Accessories


The Biaggi Ultimate Compression ZipCube Set is an expertly crafted travel solution designed to maximize space and minimize hassle. This set includes expandable organizer bags that allow travelers to compress their belongings, making it easier to fit more items into their suitcases. The durable, lightweight fabric of these cubes ensures they won’t add excessive weight to luggage, while the reinforced zippers provide superior compression and secure closure. Perfect for organizing clothing, accessories, and electronics, these cubes come in various sizes to cater to every packing need, making them a must-have for both women and men’s travel accessories.

Not only do these packing cubes keep contents neatly segregated and easy to find, but they also help to reduce shifting during transit, keeping your items snug and preventing wrinkles. The Biaggi Ultimate Compression ZipCube Set is an ideal companion for anyone looking to streamline their packing process, whether heading out for a weekend getaway or an extended vacation. The sleek design and versatility fit seamlessly with any suitcase or backpack, bringing a touch of efficiency to your travel routine. With the promise of a more organized suitcase, travelers can spend less time packing and more time enjoying their adventures.

Final Thoughts: Unzipping the Future of Travel with Biaggi

Image 31332

Biaggi’s not done making waves or folding suitcases. Oh no, it’s just getting started. Consider this story the prequel to an epic series where every chapter is a step towards an even more seamless travel experience, courtesy of a brand that dared to think inside the box – and then fold it.

The Unexpected Rise of Biaggi Luggage

You might think the tale of Biaggi starts in a bustling metropolis, but its roots are much more idyllic, like a serene escape to Mauna Lani. In fact, Biaggi’s journey began with a simple idea in the same way tourists might savor the serendipitous discovery of a hidden beach. Like a twist in a plot, or doing a double-take when you spot Steffiana de la Cruz in a crowd, Biaggi turned heads with its innovative design. Its founder, inspired by the need for space-saving solutions, was akin to a brilliant novelist carving out a niche genre.

Biaggi’s foldable luggage is the metaphorical magician in a traveler’s playbook—watch your storage space issues vanish as if you have all the time in Vegas to spare. Imagine the relief, as breezy as wearing Disney Backpacks through Magic Kingdom, when you can tuck your luggage away after a trip! And like a friend who turns up just when you need them, Biaggi’s space-saving design has become a compassionate companion for those bitten by the wanderlust bug or facing the urban challenge of limited closet space.

A Kaleidoscope of Biaggi Success Stories

Speaking of fans, if J Hope might muse about perfect rhythm in his music, Biaggi has found its rhythm in the luggage market, resonating with travelers who value both form and function. From the regular jet-setter to the once-in-a-year vacationer, the rave reviews are like the waves on the shores of the finest Anguilla Resorts—constant and reassuring. Biaggi has not just gained customers; it has earned aficionados, kindred spirits who delight in sharing their travel hacks and folding techniques.

Truly, owning a Biaggi is like being in an elite club, where members might not know each other but share a secret handshake. It’s a phenomenon as curiously enchanting as reading about Nate in Euphoria—but instead of fictional drama, it’s the real-life satisfaction of making travel less of a hassle. Just as a narrative arc thrives on conflict and resolution, Biaggi solves the perennial traveler’s dilemma: how to bring back more than you left with without feeling like you’re dragging home a mountain. And perhaps, that’s the most compelling part of the story—their bags expand for your homeward treasures as effortlessly as Nate commands a scene, and fold down to whisper-thin silence upon your return.

Biaggi Double Deck Compression Cube Expandable Travel Organizer Bags for Suitcases, Lightweight, Zipper Packing Cubes for Women & Men’s Travel Essentials

Biaggi Double Deck Compression Cube   Expandable Travel Organizer Bags for Suitcases, Lightweight, Zipper Packing Cubes for Women & Men's Travel Essentials


The Biaggi Double Deck Compression Cube is an innovative travel organizer designed to make packing and unpacking a breeze. Doubling as a high-efficiency space saver, this compression cube is perfect for both women and men looking to optimize their luggage space. The unique dual-compartment design allows travelers to separate and compress clothes, reducing volume by up to 50%. Made from lightweight, durable materials and featuring strong zippers, it keeps your travel essentials secure and easily accessible.

Expand your packing possibilities with the versatile Biaggi Double Deck Compression Cube. It’s engineered to fit neatly into any suitcase or travel bag, expanding to accommodate various items from clothing to souvenirs. The cube’s thoughtful design allows for easy compression; simply fill the cube, zip it closed, and then zip again to compress, ensuring a snug fit within your luggage. Travelers can enjoy a more organized, stress-free packing experience, making this cube an essential for any journey.

Did Biaggi get a deal on Shark Tank?

– Oh, you betcha! Biaggi certainly scored a deal on Shark Tank. Lori Greiner, you know, the “Queen of QVC”? She saw a goldmine in Biaggi and took the plunge, snagging a 33-percent stake in their innovative company for a cool half a million dollars. And boom—their Zipsak suitcase that goes from nifty pouch to spacious four-wheeler flew off the shelves like hotcakes!

Is Biaggi still in business?

– Yep, Biaggi’s still in the game! As a matter of fact, they’ve been expanding faster than dough on a hot day. Now a powerhouse in the luggage biz, they’re a privately held company running sixteen gleaming locations across eight states. Talk about going places!

Who makes Biaggi luggage?

– Behind every great product is a great creator and for Biaggi luggage, that’s Stephen Hersh and his dear ol’ dad, Ron. This dynamic duo rolled the dice on collapsible luggage and despite hitting a rough patch—ouch, a $3 million loss—they came back fighting and now Biaggi’s a household name!

Who is the owner of Biaggi?

– The main man at the helm of Biaggi is none other than entrepreneur Stephen Hersh. After his dad sold their family business, the Hersh spirits weren’t dampened for long—they bounced right back, starting up Biaggi and flipping the luggage world on its head.

What happened to Biaggi after Shark Tank?

– After Shark Tank, Biaggi didn’t just ride the wave—they made a splash! With Lori Greiner’s magic touch, Biaggi’s Zipsak hit bestseller status, sky-rocketing sales and revving up the company’s expansion like there’s no tomorrow. Not too shabby for a bag that folds up, huh?

What is the most unsuccessful Shark Tank product?

– Well, not every fish catches the worm in the Shark Tank, and unfortunately, some products belly-flop harder than others. It’s hard to pin down just one as the “most” unsuccessful, but let’s just say there have been a few that left viewers and sharks scratching their heads, wallets firmly shut.

How many Biaggi’s locations are there?

– Feeling lucky with sixteen! That’s right, folks, Biaggi’s got a sweet sixteen locations sprinkled across eight states in the good ol’ U.S. of A. They’re spreading out like a picnic blanket on a sunny day!

Is Biaggi a US company?

– As American as apple pie! Biaggi is indeed a proud U.S. company, starting from scratch thanks to the entrepreneurial itch of the Hersh family. Their foldable luggage has been hitting U.S. runways since their big idea took flight in 2012.

What is Lori’s net worth?

– Lori Greiner, the savvy Shark with an eye for a steal, is sitting pretty with a net worth that’s enough to make your eyes water. Rumor has it she’s stacked up a fortune north of $100 million—proof that a keen eye for innovation certainly pays off!

What is the No 1 suitcase brand?

– Let’s zip it with the suspense—Samsonite takes the top shelf as the No 1 suitcase brand. These travel titans have been packing punches in the luggage arena for over a century, making sure your gear stays safe while you globe-trot.

Who makes the best suitcases in the world?

– “The best” can be a squabble and a half, but on many travelers’ lists, Samsonite and Tumi duke it out for the crown. They’ve been rolling out top-notch suitcases that withstand the bumps and thumps of travel life like champs.

Where is Biaggi luggage headquarters?

– Biaggi’s luggage central? Look no further than the Big Apple, New York City! The headquarters is where all their big ideas unpack, and with the city’s hustle and bustle—what better place to plot the next chapter in luggage innovation?

Did any Shark Tank deals succeed?

– You bet some Shark Tank deals turned into gold mines! Products like Scrub Daddy, Squatty Potty, and the Simply Fit Board have made sharks and entrepreneurs dance all the way to the bank. So, yes, some deals have succeeded—big time!

Who left Shark Tank and why?

– As the tides turn, so do the Sharks. We’ve had a few goodbyes on Shark Tank over the years, with folks like Kevin Harrington and Daymond John taking hiatuses for various reasons—be it to focus on their own ventures or just to catch their breath for a round or two.

Who is the richest entrepreneur from Shark Tank?

– Look out for Dallas Mavericks owner and tech billionaire Mark Cuban—he’s not just shooting hoops in the business world. With an estimated net worth of over $4 billion, he stands tall as the richest entrepreneur to swim in the Shark Tank waters.

Who is the only billionaire on Shark Tank?

– And drum roll, please… the one and only billionaire who graces the Shark Tank panel is Mark Cuban. With a bank account that’s breaking records, he’s the big fish that even other sharks can look up to.


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