Do your clothes affect how you feel? Let's look at how powerful fashion can be

Do your clothes affect how you feel? Let’s look at how powerful fashion can be

Have you ever thought about why you feel so comfortable in your favorite pair of jeans? This may make you wonder what your clothes do to your feelings, thoughts, and behavior.

Many people put extra effort into dressing up to celebrate special occasions, but the majority of them are torn between dressing up and not feeling like they have to. They may not want to put much thought or effort into their outfit.

Recent studies and research indicate that there’s more to the story. Science suggests that a makeover could help you become more successful in all aspects of your personal, professional, and social life.

There’s a certain truth in sayings such as “look good, feel good. Your your clothes affect how you feel as well as your behavior, confidence, attitude, and mood. If you’re curious to know more about this concept, it’s known as enclothed cognition

Clothing Cognition

Enclothed cognition is a term that describes the effect that your clothing has on various mental processes. This includes self-evaluation as well as interactions with others. Emotions, attitude and feelings are all commonly experienced. Enclothed cognition is a result of the symbolism behind different types of clothes worn by people.

The culture of the day makes you think that certain clothes are elegant and powerful, while others are interesting and entertaining. Your mind begins to evaluate the persona and style of the person you just met.

The clothes and events we wear assist us in evaluating others but also ourselves. It is natural for people to assess their own selves and their roles based on the clothes they’re wearing. This usually happens because of how a particular clothing makes you feel an exact moment.

The experience of wearing something affects your choices of behavior and attitude.

How do clothes affect your thinking?

Being smart in your attire is an important element of confidence in yourself and self-esteem. However, your clothes don’t only convey your character and send messages to the brain. It can also impact your thought process to an extent.

One scientific study regarding the effect of professional attire on how you think suggests that professional attire promotes abstract thinking. It helps create social boundaries and distance and increases your capacity to think in abstract phrases.

Your decision-making style will be affected by your formal dress. So, your suit and tie might be providing you with an additional perspective that could very well help you get promoted.

In the same study, students who dress in more formal clothes to college have a greater tendency towards abstract thinking.


The process of thin-slicing is one that is responsible for dealing visually-related information instantly. It provides you with the feeling, intuition, or impression about the person or object.

The brain responds to new stimuli in a matter of milliseconds. Have you ever been in a situation where someone is more steady and more trustworthy, but you don’t trust another person with the same character? This is due to the thin-slicing process , that you are still judging books based on their covers.

Thin-slicing is a sign that you have to be careful about the way you portray yourself. Your clothes are also crucial. Remember, the world is a stage, and how you dress will impact your performance.

Let’s take a look how certain attires make a difference to your attitude.

Gym Clothes

What can you do if you don’t feel motivated to exercise? To get your mind ready you should put on your activewear. The clothes you wear to the gym can help you feel more enthusiastic to do workouts . What’s the secret behind this?

It could be because your gym clothes set the mood and act as a reminder to keep fit. You can change your mood by wearing specific clothes and set yourself up for a particular job.


The clothes you wear affect your actions and attitude as well as how you think. Uniforms are clothing that is associated with certain roles and expectations. Wearing a uniform can activate your awareness of your and job.

In addition, it will also help you feel the sense of accountability which makes you aware of what is expected from you. The coat will also help you to pay greater attention to the job at hand, making it less likely that you will make mistakes and errors.

Students at school must also be aware of the psychological benefits of wearing uniforms. Numerous studies have shown that uniforms make children more productive. Uniforms help make school more valuable and worthwhile.


Do you think you are more confident wearing a tailored jacket than do when you are dressed casually? You may have heard of the phrase “dress to get the job you’d like, not for the one you currently have.” It’s a great way to make a difference in your attitude and perception of your work.

The formal attire and office clothes like suits and dress shirts have the power to set your thoughts in the correct place to get started. These clothes make people feel confident and confident. This is the reason that many people use the term “power” to describe clothing.

Wearing powerful clothing releases certain chemical substances in the brain to can help you show your power. This makes you an abstract thinker as well as a better negotiator.

Test It For Yourself

If you are aware of the way your clothing choice affects your emotions and thought process, here is how you can experiment with different pieces. This can uplift your mood and experience more success in your personal and professional life.


Colors denote particular meanings and boost your mood instantly. So, you can pick the colours that are most appropriate for your mood, attitude and level of confidence.

  • Yellow and bright colors can make you feel happy
  • Blue is a color that represents serenity and professionalism. It helps to build a sense trust
  • Consistency and reliability are depicted by a deeper blue.
  • Red can make you feel excited and sexually attractive, so dress in red if you’re looking to feel sexually attractive
  • Black provides you with power and control.
  • Purple is a symbol for mysticism and spirituality.
  • You can wear brown to feel more grounded and look more solid
  • Orange is a symbol of enthusiasm.
  • Pink can make you feel more romantic
  • Wear white to achieve a clear and focused mental and emotional state
  • The color green is soothing and healing effects


The fabrics you wear can also transform your approach and attitude.

  • Fabrics like wool and cotton create a calm, promoting a more carefree mental attitude
  • Silk and other materials that are silky against your skin can enhance your mood and lower stress.

Prints and embellishment

We’ll move on to prints and embellishments. These can control your emotions.

  • Sequins, as well as other embellishments can fill you with a sense of fun, excitement and enthusiasm
  • Animal prints like stripes from tiger help to create fun emotions

Bottom Line

The way you choose to dress and the clothes you wear have a huge impact on your mood in terms of motivation, confidence, motivation and your behavior during the day. The clothes and colors you wear can affect your thoughts and affect the way you think. It is therefore crucial to pick your clothes carefully.

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