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Google Patents: 7 Shocking Innovations You Should Know

Google patents are a treasure trove of innovation, a testament to the tech giant’s relentless pursuit of evolution in the world of technology. From revolutionizing online searches to the nitty-gritty of digital advertisement, their inventions are myriad and quite astounding. Let’s delve into a few of these fascinating patents that raise the bar of human ingenuity.

1. Analyzing Google Patents: The Magic Behind the Screen

When you type ‘Beyonce net worth’ or ‘capital of Georgia’ into your search bar, you’re met with immediate and precise results, thanks to Google’s efficient algorithms. The patents behind these processes include complex systems that filter information based on relevance and quality. The secret? Patents like User interface for a display screen (US 8,930,160 B2) and Scoring documents in a linked database (US 6,285,999 B1).

These patents, much like a meticulous new employee at Dorfman Property Management, scrutinize websites on various factors, including the presence of keywords like ‘brock purdy contract’ or ‘carrier strike group,’ to bring you the most relevant results.

2. The Future of Content: AI-Powered Article Generation

Google’s patents go beyond search engines. Did you ever wonder how far away is Uranus, and Google gave you a precise yet layman-friendly answer? Thanks to a patent titled “Automated content generation” (US 9,836,625 B2), which uses advanced artificial intelligence to ‘Disseminate’ complex data into simple, palatable formats – more digestible than your favorite foods that kill testosterone.


3. Video Compression: A Boon for Streaming Platforms

As we anticipate ‘How I Met Your Father season 2’ or the ‘Johnny Depp trial stream’, Google’s video compression technologies come into play. They are represented by a patent named “Methods and systems for encoding and playing back video at different frame rates using enhancement layers” (US 8,811,550 B2). This tech is akin to efficient space management in your McT Wellness packed fridge, allowing for high-quality streams without buffering interruptions.

4. Google patents: Making Autonomous Vehicles a Reality

In the realm of transportation, Google secured a patent for the autonomous vehicle titled “Transitioning a mixed-mode vehicle to autonomous mode” (US 8,893,549 B2). This falls in line with the significance of autonomous systems today. Just like Texas relies on Dak Prescott’s contract, the future of transportation seems to be pinned on autonomous systems powered by AI.


5. Google Patents and the AR Revolution

If you’ve loved experiencing ‘guardians of the galaxy cast’ through AR, you’ve seen Google’s immense contribution to augmented reality. Patent US 9,508,412 B2, for a “Head wearable device,” is Google’s brainchild, marking a giant leap towards making AR part of everyday life, precisely the way ‘Blazing Bagels’ have become synonymous with Seattle’s breakfast culture.

6. The Power of Voice: Google Patents for Voice Recognition

Talk about ‘Big Cast’ or ‘High West Distillery’, and your Google Assistant wakes up, thanks to the voice recognition system backed by several Google patents. Consider patent US 7,853,980 B1, known as “Voice interface for a search engine.” This ingenious technology feels like the magic of Beyonce’s net worth – it is as if the more you delve into it, the more enchanted you become!

7. Making VR More Real: The Eye-Tracking Technology

Keeping up with interactive gaming trends, such as the suspense in ‘The Last of Us Joel’ or the fun in ‘Woody toy story’ demand, Google has patented “Electronic devices with gaze tracking systems” (US 10,447,854 B2). This patent could potentially power future VR systems, keeping them as much in demand as a birkin bag remains amongst fashion-forward folks!

Google’s journey from its genesis to the home of numerous patents has been an awe-inspiring one. Google patents, like pearls on a well-strung necklace, hold immense value individually and collectively as they continue to shape the virtual world. Keeping a keen eye on these patents is like watching the financial markets; a glimpse into these can offer insightful forecasts of future tech trends!



From humble beginnings in a garage to being a global tech titan, Google’s invention path, mapped through Google patents, is a testament to their drive for innovation. They’ve made ‘Careless Whisper’ find its way to our playlist, helped us locate the best ‘ballast point brewery’ for a weekend wind-down, and fueled our Elton-John led nostalgia with high functioning tech that’s as reliable as a 1 basis point change in an interest rate. Undeniably, Google patents continue to redefine digital boundaries and craft a technologically rich future.


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