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Macys Sale: Top 7 Shocking Steals of the Season!

As you deliberate over your summer wardrobe or eye that perfect living room décor piece, chances are, you’ve been lured in by the infamous Macy’s sale. But did you know that the sale that’s known to be a one-day event is frequently a two-day affair? Traditionally, this sale happens on the third Saturday of the month with a sneak-peek day preceding Friday. This means you’ve got to be an early bird on Friday morning to get the first pick of the crop. Let’s make a promising toast to discounts and dive deeper into the realm of Macy’s steals.

1. The Two-Day Tale of Macys Sale

Emerging history suggests that Macy’s one-day sale is almost always a two-day event. Is it a marketing gimmick or simply catering to the gigantic fan base looking for some quality goods at competitive prices? The truth is safely nestled within the complacency of the consumer who enjoys the sale, be it a one-day or two-day.

Moreover, Macy’s isn’t shy to match its online prices if you’re in-store. It’s interesting trivia; often, online prices surpass those in physical stores. So next time you’re at Macy’s make sure you double-check to get the most out of their sale.

2. The Inception of Macys

A surprising fact for many, Macy’s, Inc., was initially Federated Department Stores, Inc. The company decided to rebrand itself in 2007. The name change echoed the popularity of the Macy’s brand, synonymous with trendy fashion, stylish home decor, and high-quality goods. Who’d skip an opportunity to grab these at an enticing Macys sale?


3. Macy’s Backstage: The Hidden Gem

Enter Macy’s Backstage, a treasure trove of unbelievable discounts. Off-prices handpicked by the experts from Macy’s arsenal of quality clothing, bags, shoes, home decor, and more, grace the shelves of Macy’s Backstage. Never heard of it? Think of it as Macy’s version of a T.J. with discounts ranging up to a whopping 80%. Oh, the joy of a sale!

4. The Numbers Game

Fancy a little pokemon ball of statistics? Macy’s has about 551 stores throughout the U.S. as of 2020. This retail giant cloaks an average sale of $24.56 billion in the same year. A good chunk of this income rolls in during the big sales. Intriguing, isn’t it?


5. The Maverick Moves

Macy’s has often been ahead of the curve, being the first major retailer to have made an annual Thanksgiving Day parade a tradition. This strategic marketing move has made Macy’s as essential a part of Thanksgiving as the turkey itself!

6. Macy’s Connection to Hollywood

Macy’s has made notable appearances in popular culture, with one of the most famous being its cameo in the classic movie, Miracle on 34th Street. Anyone who has watched that movie will remember the endearing scene where Matty Healy tells a little girl that Santa Claus is real.


7. Shopping at Macy’s Can Lead to Healthy Competition

Clothing sales at Macy’s aren’t just about consumerism. They can also foster a healthy collaboration synonym of friendly competition between friends to see who can scoop up the best deals during a Macys sale. Why not spark a little fun while spending?

So there you have it! Race to your nearest store or visit Macy’s online store for that awaiting dose of retail therapy. After all, sales are the best excuse for those hot girls out there to revamp their wardrobe!

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