Best Mike Myers Movies Ranked for Fans

The world of cinema is a treasure trove sparkling with gems of all kinds, but some shine with a particular luster that catches the eye and the funny bone. And who do we have to thank for a good chunk of those laughs that brighten our days? None other than Mike Myers, the man with the Midas touch when it comes to turning lines into laughter and characters into cultural icons. Hang onto your hats, Mike Myers fans, as we dive into a filmography that’s as rich in hilarity as it is in heart.

Exploring the Legendary Comedic Genius Through Mike Myers Movies

Ah, Mike Myers, a name that almost conjures the smell of popcorn and the sound of uproarious laughter. Let’s take a moment to sketch out how this lad from Canada doodled his unique brand of comedy all over the SNL stage before hopping onto the silver screen.

  • Crafting the Mike Myers Legacy: From SNL to Silver Screen:
  • From the raucous realm of “Saturday Night Live” to the glittery glitz of Hollywood, Myers drew a trajectory wilder than a roller coaster at Coney Island. His antics and ability to turn a sketch into comedy gold solidified his place in the comic constellation.

    • Analysis of Myers’ career trajectory:
    • Starting as a cast member on SNL, Myers rapidly became a household name. With characters like Wayne Campbell, he wasn’t just on the radar — he was the radar.

      • Discussion on his impact on comedy and film:
      • You could argue Myers redefined the comedy genre. Cracking open the good-time capsule of the 60s with “Austin Powers” and giving voice to the lovable ogre “Shrek,” he left no comedic stone unturned.

        • Mike Myers’ distinctive comedic style:
        • His style? Imagine a mix of slapstick sprinkled with clever wordplay and soaked in outlandish alter egos. He didn’t just play characters; he became them, and boy, did they become us.

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          The Iconic Performances That Shaped Mike Myers’ Filmography

          Now, every connoisseur of comedy has their favorites, but there are a few Mike Myers movies that stick out like a kilo of caviar at a fish fry.

          • Uncovering the Magic of ‘Austin Powers’: The Spy Who Shagged Me:
          • This is the big kahuna of Myers mania. “The Spy Who Shagged Me” wasn’t just a sequel; it was an uproarious, mojo-filled, pop culture-shaping juggernaut.

            • Like a well-tailored velvet suit, “Austin Powers” fit the ’90s perfectly. It irreverently parodied spy films and had enough quotable one-liners to fill “Buds Guns” with laughter instead of lead.
            • Enormous, baby! Like discovering “club quarters” filled with velvet paintings of the man himself, everybody wanted to shag like Austin or at least hang a poster of him on their wall.
            • The numbers were more astronomical than a rocket launch to a moon base. Critics might have been divided, but the audience vote was clear: Austin Powers was the shagadelic king.
            • Behind the Laughter in ‘Wayne’s World’: A Rock and Roll Phenomenon:
            • You could pretty much credit Myers with putting public access TV and “Bohemian Rhapsody” headbanging on the map with this slice of ’90s pie.

              • It’s like this movie tapped into the very soul of rock and roll and chugged it down in one go. “Wayne’s World” is less a film and more a religion for those raised on MTV and “SNL.”
              • The world begged for “Wayne’s World” as it resonated with anyone who’s ever air-guitared in their garage or dreamt of hosting their show, sans the “Boca Raton private school” polish.
              • From Wayne’s “Party on!” mantra to Garth’s “We’re not worthy!” prostration, it wasn’t just a movie; it was a lexicon of cool that spread faster than a wildfire in dry grass.
              • The Mystery and Humor of ‘So I Married an Axe Murderer’:
              • A dash of romance, a pinch of suspense, and a truckload of laughs — this film had folks checking under the bed and chuckling simultaneously.

                • Here we saw Myers flexing different muscles as an everyman caught in an unusual situation—a welcome change from the prosthetics and craziness, showing the man behind the mask could act, too.
                • Romantic comedy or thriller? Who cares when it’s this delicious — like dipping your fries in a chocolate milkshake.
                • Considered a sleeper hit, it’s like finding an “apple watch Bands For Women” section filled with vintage Rolexes; a surprising find that adds class to his oeuvre.
                • Image 14667

                  Year Movie Title Role Notable Remarks
                  1989 “Wayne’s World” (TV Short) Wayne Campbell Early appearance of iconic character
                  1992 “Wayne’s World” Wayne Campbell Lead role; spawned a popular franchise
                  1993 “Wayne’s World 2” Wayne Campbell Sequel to the successful original
                  1997 “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery” Austin Powers/Dr. Evil Launch of successful franchise; Myers played multiple roles
                  1999 “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me” Austin Powers/Dr. Evil Sequel; continued success of franchise, with Myers again in multiple roles
                  2001 “Shrek” Shrek (voice) Lead voice role; Start of second highest-grossing animated franchise
                  2002 “Austin Powers in Goldmember” Austin Powers/Dr. Evil Third installment of Austin Powers series; maintained popularity
                  2003 “The Cat in the Hat” The Cat Lead role; live-action adaptation of the Dr. Seuss book
                  2008 “The Love Guru” Guru Pitka Lead role; comedy about a spiritual guru
                  2009 “Inglourious Basterds” General Ed Fenech Notable supporting role in a Quentin Tarantino film
                  2010 “Shrek Forever After” Shrek (voice) The fourth film in the Shrek series
                  2018 “Terminal” Clinton / Mr. Franklyn Return to film in a crime-thriller
                  2018 “Bohemian Rhapsody” Ray Foster Role in Queen biopic; high-profile film
                  2022 “The Pentaverate” (Netflix series) Various Written by Myers; marks a significant comeback with multiple roles
                  TBA “Shrek 5” Shrek (voice) Upcoming; continuance of the Shrek franchise (As of the knowledge cutoff date, no release date set)

                  Mike Myers’ Characters That Captivated Audiences Worldwide

                  Sure, Myers could probably sell ice to Eskimos, but it’s the characters that he brought to life that really did the heavy lifting.

                  • Under the Green Makeup: The Heart and Hilarity of ‘Shrek’:
                  • Green, grumpy, and an absolute goldmine — “Shrek” is not just a hit; it’s a heartfelt hootenanny of fairy-tale fun.

                    • This ain’t your grandma’s fairy tale. “Shrek” busted the door off the hinges of what an animated film could be, competing with “milan Hotels” for international recognition and accommodations in the hearts of many.
                    • Ever had a voice stick in your head like gum on a shoe? That’s Myers as Shrek. The Scottish burr, the wry humor — it was pitch perfect.
                    • Like a restaurant that keeps packing in the crowds, “Shrek” spawned sequels, spin-offs, and merchandise more sprawling than a theme park.
                    • Laughing Through the Disguises: ‘The Love Guru’ Analysed:
                    • This one’s the controversial cousin at the movie family reunion — a zany addition to the Mike Myers legend that had fans and naysayers at loggerheads.

                      • Sure, “The Love Guru” might have misfired like a homemade rocket, but like all risks, it was worth a shot and, if nothing else, showcased Myers’ fearless comedic chops.
                      • Divisive as a political debate, this film found some fans despite critics sharpening their knives quicker than a sushi chef on a tuna.
                      • Go big or go home, right? Myers took a swing for the stands, and even if he didn’t quite hit a home run, nobody can say the man didn’t step up to the plate.
                      • Unveiling the Lesser-Known Gems in Mike Myers’ Cinematic Journey

                        Tucked away in the folds of Myers’ filmography are some sparkling little diamonds that gleam with their own unique light, just waiting to be appreciated.

                        • ’54’: Mike Myers’ Dramatic Turn in a Tale of Disco and Decadence:
                        • Disco balls and drama — “54” showed Myers in a light as refreshingly different as an art house flick in a summer of blockbusters.

                          • Stripping away the comedy, we saw Myers in the mirrored walls of Studio 54, serving dramatic chops very rare indeed.
                          • Against the glittering backdrop of the disco era’s peak, Myers delivered a performance as layered as a perfectly tailored leisure suit.
                          • Rediscovering Mike Myers in ‘Inglourious Basterds’:
                          • When Tarantino calls, you don’t send it to voicemail. Myers’ cameo in this violent valentine to cinema is a masterclass in “blink and you’ll miss it” brilliance.

                            • With a stiff upper lip and a snug officer’s cap, Myers slipped seamlessly into the world of “Inglourious Basterds,” more hidden than a fox in a forest.
                            • Like a secret passage in a stately manor, this role diversified Myers’ portfolio, adding yet another dimension to his already multifaceted career.
                            • Austin Powers and Wayne’s World ike Myers ovies DVD Collection with Bonus Art Card

                              Austin Powers and Wayne's World ike Myers ovies DVD Collection with Bonus Art Card


                              Step into the world of Mike Myers’ comedic genius with the “Austin Powers and Wayne’s World: Mike Myers Movies DVD Collection.” This must-have compilation brings together the iconic franchises that cemented Myers as a mainstay in the realm of comedy. Experience the shagadelic adventures of the international man of mystery himself with all three Austin Powers films – “International Man of Mystery,” “The Spy Who Shagged Me,” and “Goldmember.” Meanwhile, Party on with Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar in the hilarious and endlessly quotable “Wayne’s World” and its sequel, “Wayne’s World 2,” both included in this comprehensive set.

                              Each movie in this collection is presented in pristine quality, inviting both new audiences and longtime fans to dive into the vibrant characters that Mike Myers so brilliantly created. The discs are packed with hours of laugh-out-loud moments, quotable lines, and memorable performances that highlight Myers’ unique brand of humor. As an added bonus, viewers are treated to a plethora of special features including director commentaries, behind-the-scenes footage, deleted scenes, and exclusive interviews that offer a deeper look into the making of these comedy classics.

                              To top off this exceptional collection, it comes with a unique bonus art card, featuring a visually striking design that celebrates Mike Myers’ iconic characters. This collectible card is a perfect addition for fans looking to showcase their love for the franchise. The “Austin Powers and Wayne’s World: Mike Myers Movies DVD Collection with Bonus Art Card” is the ultimate anthology for comedy lovers and collectors alike, promising endless entertainment and a permanent spot in your home movie library.

                              The Genius Behind the Laughter: Mike Myers’ Role as Writer and Producer

                              Peek behind the curtain with me, folks, and you’ll see a man pulling levers with the best of them. Myers wasn’t just the funny guy in front of the camera; he was the witty wizard behind it too.

                              • Myers’ Craftsmanship in Building Humor: Writing and Producing Insights:
                              • Writing or producing, you bet your bottom dollar Myers had a hand in it. Craftsmanship? More like craft-bloody-sorcery.

                                • His pen was as mighty as Excalibur in crafting gags that struck the funny bone like a surgeon.
                                • Let’s just say if Myers’ movies were pizzas, he wasn’t just the toppings maestro; he was kneading the dough and firing up the oven too.
                                • A juggler with more balls in the air than a circus act, Myers managed to not only perform but also ensure his creations stayed true to the comic vision.
                                • Image 14668

                                  Analyzing the Impact of Mike Myers Movies on Future Generations

                                  • How Mike Myers Influenced a New Wave of Comedic Talent:
                                  • It’s safe to say Myers minted a new coin in the currency of comedy—a coin that new talents are flipping with flair and fun.

                                    • From stand-up stages to YouTube channels, whispers of Myers’ influence echo like a whoopee cushion symphony.
                                    • Like a well-oiled machine, his timing and creations hummed with a precision that up-and-comers study like sacred texts.
                                    • Enduring as the pyramids—though a heck of a lot funnier—Myers’ legacy is cemented in the smile lines and laugh tracks of the future.
                                    • The Ultimate Countdown: Ranking Mike Myers’ Films for the True Fan

                                      Let’s put on our sorting hats, folks, and rank these comedy treasures.

                                      • Each flick is a snowflake, unique in its journey through the blizzard of Hollywood.
                                      • Austin Powers International Man Of Mystery

                                        Austin Powers International Man Of Mystery


                                        Embark on a groovy adventure with the hilarious 1997 spy comedy “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery,” the first installment in the Austin Powers series. This rollicking parody pays homage to the classic James Bond films, featuring Mike Myers as both the outlandish British spy, Austin Powers, and his arch-nemesis, Dr. Evil. As a renowned photographer by day and a suave secret agent by night, Powers is cryogenically frozen in the ’60s and reanimated in the ’90s to thwart the villainous plans of Dr. Evil, who is also adapting to a world that has drastically changed.

                                        Austin Powers must navigate the modern era with his vintage charm and outdated mod sensibilities, offering endless slapstick humor and cheeky double entendres. His mission leads him to team up with Vanessa Kensington, played by Elizabeth Hurley, who is as skilled in espionage as she is skeptical of Austin’s anachronistic antics. The film, directed by Jay Roach, is stacked with cameots and quirky characters that contribute to the vibrant, psychedelic world filled with witty dialogue, outrageous costumes, and a swinging soundtrack that perfectly captures the 1960s vibe.

                                        As a cultural icon, “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery” spawned catchphrases and solidified its place in pop culture with its unique blend of irreverent humor and affectionate satire. It appeals not only to fans of spy films but also to viewers looking for a laugh-out-loud experience, replete with memorable characters like the silently lethal Oddjob-inspired henchman, Random Task, and the cringe-worthy yet endearing Mustafa, played by Will Ferrell. This movie remains a go-to choice for a hilariously entertaining night in, whether you’re a shaggerific fan of the Swinging Sixties or new to the captivating charm of the world’s most groovy spy.

                                        Beyond the Screen: Mike Myers’ Continued Influence in Entertainment

                                        Myers might not always be in the lime-light, but his influence? As pervasive as a catchy tune.

                                        • Exploring Beyond Cinema: Mike Myers’ Ventures in TV and Other Media:
                                        • From the silver screen to the small screen and beyond, Myers left no medium uncharmed—from cartoons that captivate kids to game characters that gamers can’t get enough of.

                                          • His presence in TV, video games, and pop culture cameos:
                                          • As ubiquitous as smartphones, you’ll find a dash of Myers in places you’d least expect, like catching a whiff of a familiar perfume in a bustling crowd.

                                            • Charity work and personal pursuits related to the entertainment industry:
                                            • But it’s not all jokes and japes—Myers also lends his fame to the betterment of the world, a true hero without a cape.

                                              Image 14669

                                              Envisioning the Future of Comedy Through the Lens of Mike Myers’ Legacy

                                              What’s next for comedy? Well, peering through the crystal ball smeared with Myers’ fingerprints, we see a bright, roaringly funny future.

                                              • How Mike Myers Set the Stage for Tomorrow’s Laughter:
                                              • Expect tomorrows filled with laughter that echoes the punchlines and pratfalls of today—Myers has laid the groundwork with genius and gags.

                                                • Will There Be More Mike Myers Movies To Come?
                                                • Will we see more of Myers on the silver screen? The odds look as good as finding a four-leaf clover in a field of them. A comeback, courtesy of Netflix’s “The Pentaverate,” lights up our hearts like fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

                                                  The Final Curtain: A Celebratory Ode to Mike Myers’ Cinematic Journey

                                                  Let’s wrap this up with a standing ovation for a man who’s given us more than just movies—he’s given us memories wrapped in laughter and tied with a bow of brilliance.

                                                  Reflecting on the joy and inspiration his work has sprinkled like confetti over our common as muck existence, we stand in awe. Mike Myers has given us a passport to a land of levity, a ticket to a theatre of thrills, and a bookmark for a storybook of smiles.

                                                  As we bid farewell, eyes glistening with grateful tears and bellies aching from laughter, we eagerly anticipate how his legacy will continue to shine its warm light on the faces of entertainers and audiences alike. Mike Myers, here’s looking at you, kid.

                                                  Mike Myers Movie Madness: A Hilariously Shagadelic Countdown

                                                  Are you ready to dive into the groovy world of Mike Myers’ flicks? Well, grab your popcorn and hang onto your evil “lairs,” folks, because we’re about to embark on a totally wacky and wildly entertaining ride that’s as whimsical as a stay at one of the finest Milan Hotels.( Seriously, these movies are like the primo “rooms” of comedy—full of unexpected delights and guaranteed to make you laugh till you cry (or pee a little, but who’s judging?).

                                                  The Spy Who Shagged Me… Out of My Mind!

                                                  I mean, c’mon, when it comes to Mike Myers’ movies, “Austin Powers” is the Big Kahuna, the grand poobah, the… alright, you get it. It’s the one that made him and his cheeky British spy as legendary as imaginable gadgets from Buds Guns.( “The Spy Who Shagged Me” isn’t just a knee-slapper; it’s a bona fide, shake-your-booty, lose-your-mind-in-hysterics kind of movie. It’s the comedy equivalent of the blast from a “shark with a frickin’ laser beam attached to its head”! This baby’s definitely top-shelf material.

                                                  Wayne’s World: Party On, Dudes!

                                                  Alright, “Wayne’s World” is, without a doubt, the most bodacious Mike Myers film after Austin Powers. This flick is like the ultimate apple watch Bands For Women—there( are so many styles to love, and they never go out of fashion! Wayne Campbell, with his “schwing!” and adoration for all things rock ‘n’ roll, brings the laughs faster than Garth can drum out a beat. “Wayne’s World” ranks so high, it’s like the valedictorian at a Boca Raton private school—it’s( that smart and funny.

                                                  So I Married an Axe Murderer: A Killer Comedy

                                                  Now, this gem might not ring a bell like a concierge at club quarters,( but trust me, “So I Married an Axe Murderer” is a must-watch for any Myers aficionado. This dark comedy showcases Mike in a more subdued, but no less hilarious, manner. He plays a dude who thinks his sweetheart might be a serial bride—and not the kind that’s in it for the cake. It’s got layers, like a mystery cake, and every bite (or scene) is a surprise.

                                                  Let’s be real, choosing the best Mike Myers movies is tougher than picking a favorite donut at a cop convention. But hey, that’s the kind of challenge we live for, right? So there you have it—the crème de la crème of Mike Myers’ cinematic universe, each guaranteed to bring on the LOLs. Whether he’s talking to his pets in a Scottish accent or saving the world from Dr. Evil, Myers is the king of comedy, baby! Keep on shaggin’!

                                                  Halloween Ends

                                                  Halloween Ends


                                                  Halloween Ends” is a gripping finale to a legendary horror franchise that has chilled audiences for decades. This latest installment promises to be a showdown for the ages, wrapping up the long-standing conflict between the unrelenting killer Michael Myers and his resilient adversary Laurie Strode. With years of terror and suspense leading to this epic conclusion, the film pledges to deliver a satisfying end to the saga with heart-stopping moments and an intense narrative. The stakes have never been higher as both characters prepare for one final confrontation that will determine their fates once and for all.

                                                  The cinematography of “Halloween Ends” maintains the franchise’s iconic aesthetic, combining the eerie stillness of Haddonfield with a modern edge that amplifies the impending sense of doom. The sound design further immerses viewers, leveraging an evocative score and jarring audio effects to punctuate Myers’ relentless pursuit and the community’s palpable fear. Fans of the series can expect callbacks to the original 1978 classic, with clever twists and updates that honor the legacy while pushing the boundaries of modern horror. Newcomers to the franchise will find the film accessible, with enough backstory woven into the narrative to understand the high tension and emotional weight of the storyline.

                                                  The production team behind “Halloween Ends” is composed of genre veterans and fresh talent, ensuring that the film pays homage to its roots while innovating for contemporary audiences. The performances, especially from the leading cast, are expected to be deeply powerful, with the raw emotion and physicality of the roles drawing viewers deep into the heart of the story. Merchandising for the film includes an array of collectibles that capture the film’s haunting essence, from detailed figures to commemorative artwork. “Halloween Ends” isn’t just a movie; it’s a cultural event that marks the end of an era for horror enthusiasts and solidifies its place as a timeless pillar in the genre’s history.

                                                  What is Mike Myers most famous for?

                                                  Mike Myers most famous for?
                                                  Well, Mike Myers is a comedy icon, hands down! He’s most famous for his roles in “Austin Powers” and “Wayne’s World”. On top of that, he’s the voice behind the lovable ogre Shrek. Talk about a comedic Midas touch, huh?

                                                  Is Mike Myers still acting?

                                                  Is Mike Myers still acting?
                                                  Yup, you bet he is! Mike Myers might’ve been a bit under the radar for a while, but he’s still in the acting game. Recently, he’s shown up in “The Gong Show” under a disguise, and word on the street is he’s got more projects up his sleeve.

                                                  What happened to Michael Myers?

                                                  What happened to Michael Myers?
                                                  Ah, not to be confused with the comedian, Michael Myers is that terrifying character from the “Halloween” movie series. Last we checked, he’s still skulking around, giving folks a good scare in the never-ending sequels and reboots. This baddie just doesn’t seem to know when to call it quits!

                                                  Was Mike Myers in Inglourious Basterds?

                                                  Was Mike Myers in Inglourious Basterds?
                                                  Oh, for sure! Mike Myers surprised us all with a cameo in Quentin Tarantino’s WWII flick “Inglourious Basterds”. He played General Ed Fenech, and it was a restrained performance, not the usual Myers schtick – pretty cool to see him switch gears!

                                                  What is a fun fact about Mike Myers?

                                                  What is a fun fact about Mike Myers?
                                                  Get this: Mike Myers is not just funny; he’s also got a heart of gold. He was appointed a Member of the Order of Canada – that’s like a big-time honor up in the Great White North. Talk about proud to be Canadian, eh?

                                                  Did Mike Myers write Shrek?

                                                  Did Mike Myers write Shrek?
                                                  Nah, he didn’t pen “Shrek”, but he sure breathed life into that big, green fella with his voice! The script got a Myers makeover when he joined – he added his own charm and humor to make Shrek utterly unforgettable. He’s got the Midas touch, remember?

                                                  Why did Michael Myers stop talking?

                                                  Why did Michael Myers stop talking?
                                                  Spooky stuff alert: Michael Myers, the creep from “Halloween”, stopped talking when he was just a kiddo – after his first shenanigans. It’s part of his eerie vibe; he’s all about the silent but deadly type – literally.

                                                  Does Mike Myers speak Cantonese?

                                                  Does Mike Myers speak Cantonese?
                                                  Alright, let’s not get our wires crossed – as far as we know, Mike Myers doesn’t chit-chat in Cantonese. His role in “The Love Guru” gave us some funny faux Eastern philosophy, but real Cantonese? Nope, not on his resume.

                                                  What ethnicity is Mike Myers?

                                                  What ethnicity is Mike Myers?
                                                  Mike Myers hails from true Canadian stock through and through, but he’s got a mix of English and Scottish blood. A bit like a cultural smoothie, you could say!

                                                  How rich is Mike Myers?

                                                  How rich is Mike Myers?
                                                  Oh, boy, Mike Myers is laughing all the way to the bank! Reports suggest his net worth is sitting pretty in the millions, thanks to his knack for slapstick and an ear for an ogre’s voice. ‘Mo money, ‘mo problems? Not for Mike!

                                                  What is Michael Myers weakness?

                                                  What is Michael Myers weakness?
                                                  Even though he’s super resilient, Michael Myers has his Achilles’ heel – or should we say head? It seems like good ol’ head trauma does the trick, but let’s be real, it’s about as temporary as a diet commitment after the holidays.

                                                  What does Michael Myers face look like?

                                                  What does Michael Myers face look like?
                                                  Geez, Michael Myers’ mug is the stuff of nightmares – it’s a pale, emotionless mask, which is actually a modified Captain Kirk mask – William Shatner, can you believe it?! It’s like he’s staring into your soul… Yikes!

                                                  Why did Adam Sandler turned down Inglourious Basterds?

                                                  Why did Adam Sandler turned down Inglourious Basterds?
                                                  Adam Sandler was actually Tarantino’s first pick for the role of Sgt. Donny Donowitz, but schedules clashed – he was tied up with the movie “Funny People”. Talk about a comedic “what could’ve been”, huh?

                                                  Did Operation Kino really happen?

                                                  Did Operation Kino really happen?
                                                  No dice – Operation Kino is pure Hollywood make-believe, cooked up in the wild mind of Quentin Tarantino for “Inglourious Basterds”. Real WWII events? Not so much, but it serves up some killer fictional entertainment.

                                                  Was the choking scene in Inglorious Basterds real?

                                                  Was the choking scene in Inglorious Basterds real?
                                                  Well, hold onto your hats – that choking scene feels like the real McCoy because it was! Diane Kruger was actually choked by Tarantino himself (with her consent) to get an authentic reaction. Method directing, anyone?

                                                  What was Michael Myers known as?

                                                  What was Michael Myers known as?
                                                  Michael Myers is known as “The Shape” in the original “Halloween” credits. Kinda cryptic, right? It adds to his whole spooky mystery vibe – he’s not just a man, he’s a force of nature.

                                                  When did Mike Myers get famous?

                                                  When did Mike Myers get famous?
                                                  Mike Myers became everybody’s favorite funny guy in the early ’90s with “Wayne’s World”. He went from “Saturday Night Live” to silver-screen stardom faster than you could say “Schwing!”

                                                  When was Mike Myers famous?

                                                  When was Mike Myers famous?
                                                  Mike Myers hit the big time back in the ’90s and the love didn’t stop there. The “Austin Powers” films and “Shrek” kept his star shining bright into the 2000s. Truly, a case of fame not being ogre-rated.

                                                  What is Michael Myers wanted for?

                                                  What is Michael Myers wanted for?
                                                  If we’re lining up charges for our creepy pal Michael Myers, we’d have a laundry list! He’s got fictional warrants for all his spooky shenanigans, particularly the never-ending “Halloween” havoc. Talk about your repeat offenders!


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