New Belgium Brewing Craft Beer Secrets

In the bustling world of craft beers, New Belgium Brewing stands out as a paragon of innovation, sustainability, and community-driven success. Founded on principles that seem as effervescent as the beers they brew, New Belgium has managed to infuse every pint with passion and resilience. Let’s delve into how a company that began with a simple passion for beer has fermenting into an industry leader that continues crafting a legacy as rich as its ales.

The Genesis of New Belgium Brewing: A Tale of Passion and Ale

A blend of vision and fermentation gave rise to New Belgium in 1991 when Jeff Lebesch and Kim Jordan poured their heart into homebrewing. The spark ignited on a bike trip through Europe, where Lebesch encountered an array of flavorful beers. This journey planted the seeds for New Belgium, a company bound to become synonymous with craft brewing innovation.

Lebesch and Jordan started small, brewing in a 2000 square foot house, but their dreams were anything but. Their flagship beer, Fat Tire, pedaled its way into the hearts of beer lovers, overcoming early struggles such as fine-tuning recipes and navigating the complex world of distribution. Milestones followed, each a stepping stone to greater reach and recognition.

New Belgium Brewing Co. Globe Beer Glass oz Pack

New Belgium Brewing Co. Globe Beer Glass   oz   Pack


The New Belgium Brewing Co. Globe Beer Glass is an exquisite addition to any beer enthusiast’s collection. With its perfectly rounded bowl and elegant stem, this glass has been crafted to enhance the drinking experience of any fine ale or lager. The generous oz capacity allows for the ideal pour, leaving ample room for a frothy head to release the intricate flavors and aromas of your favorite New Belgium brew. Sold in a convenient pack, these glasses are perfect for hosting taste-testing events with friends or just indulging in a solo beer exploration at home.

Crafted from high-quality, durable glass, this globe beer glass strikes a balance between sophisticated design and the ruggedness required of a staple in any pub or home bar. The iconic New Belgium Brewing logo is elegantly displayed on the front, making it a must-have for fans of the brand and collectors alike. The shape of the glass is designed to capture the carbonation and maintain a perfect temperature, ensuring that each sip is as satisfying as the first. The pack ensures that you have enough glasses to go around, making it great for beer tasting parties or a casual evening with fellow beer aficionados.

Whether you’re appreciating the complex notes of a Voodoo Ranger IPA or sipping a tart and fruity Sour Ale, the New Belgium Brewing Co. Globe Beer Glass gracefully brings out the best in any brew. The wide opening allows for an unobstructed olfactory experience, marrying taste and smell for a full sensory delight. Easy to clean and durable enough for daily use, these glasses are not only a functional asset but also display-worthy. The New Belgium Brewing Co. Globe Beer Glass pack promises to elevate the simple act of drinking beer to an art form, making it an excellent gift for any craft beer lover or a treat for yourself.

Sustaining Craftsmanship: New Belgium Brewing’s Dedication to Quality

Quality is the cornerstone of New Belgium Brewing’s ethos. From the chatter of grains as they’re milled to the gentle hum of fermentation tanks, every step is a testament to their dedication.

  • Water: The lifeline of their beers, the purity of water sourced from the majestic Colorado mountains, ensures a crisp foundation.
  • Malt: A symphony of malts contributes to the rich spectrum of flavors, with each variety chosen with astute precision.
  • Hops: Delicate yet decisive, the hops infuse that quintessential zing, a blend sourced both locally and globally for the perfect bitter embrace.
  • Quality control at New Belgium is relentless, with tasting panels, lab analyses, and brewing scientists ensuring that each batch is worthy of their label.

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    Category Details
    Company Name New Belgium Brewing
    Founded 1991 (in Fort Collins, Colorado)
    Founders Kim Jordan and Jeff Lebesch
    Headquarters Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
    Acquisition Acquired by Lion (an Australian company and subsidiary of Kirin Holdings Company, Limited) in 2019
    Craft Beer Alignment Joined forces with Michigan-based craft brewers in 2021
    Product Type Craft Beers
    Notable Brands – Fat Tire Amber Ale
    – Voodoo Ranger IPA
    – Sour IPA
    Distribution National (across the United States) and International
    Sustainability Known for environmental stewardship and sustainable practices
    Employee Recognition First craft brewery to receive a perfect score of 100 by the HRC’s Corporate Equality Index for LGBTQ+ equality
    Employee Benefits – Progressive workplace policies
    – Employee stock ownership plan (pre-acquisition)
    Community Impact – Philanthropy through various programs like giving $1 per barrel sold towards community non-profits
    Awards & Recognitions – Numerous brewing awards over the years for various beer selections
    – Recognized as a Best Place to Work for LGBTQ+ Equality by the HRC
    Industrial Impact Considered a pioneer in the craft brewing industry for sustainability and corporate responsibility
    Visitor Experience – Brewery tours
    – Tasting rooms
    Website [](

    The Art Behind the Ale: New Belgium Brewing’s Creative Process

    Beyond the science lies the art: New Belgium’s creative process is as dynamic as the array of beers they offer. Their brewers are like artists, painting with palettes of grains, hops, and yeasts.

    New beers are a testament to collaboration. Working with a brotherhood of brewers, each new flavor profile is a nod to influences spanning the globe, all while maintaining a foot firmly planted in tradition. This dance between innovation and tradition is carefully choreographed, ensuring that each new brew is both exciting and unmistakably New Belgium.

    A Responsible Brew: New Belgium Brewing’s Sustainability Initiatives

    Pouring a pint of New Belgium is also a toast to sustainability. Recognizing their responsibility to the planet, they champion sustainability through:

    • Water conservation initiatives that make every drop count.
    • Energy-efficient practices that light the way for industry standards.
    • An unwavering commitment to waste reduction, ensuring the only thing left behind is good times.
    • Their environmental stewardship has set a benchmark, highlighting that brewing good beer and supporting the planet aren’t mutually exclusive.

      Giant Bottle Cap Sign, Compatible with New Belgium Brewing

      Giant Bottle Cap Sign, Compatible with New Belgium Brewing


      Add a unique flair to your home bar, man cave, or patio with this eye-catching Giant Bottle Cap Sign, a tribute to the craft beer revolution inspired by none other than New Belgium Brewing. This large, circular sign mimics the classic bottle cap design and features the iconic New Belgium logo, instantly recognizable to any craft beer enthusiast. Measuring an impressive diameter, this sign is produced from high-quality, durable metal that’s finished with a glossy coating to emulate the look of a real bottle cap, while also ensuring longevity and resistance to the elements.

      Whether you’re an avid collector of brewery memorabilia or simply love the look of vintage-inspired decor, this Giant Bottle Cap Sign is the perfect complement to your space. The vibrant colors and distinctive New Belgium branding make it a standout piece that’s guaranteed to spark conversations at your next gathering. With pre-drilled holes for easy mounting, it can be securely affixed to any wall or hung from a ceiling, transforming any area into a celebration of craft beer culture.

      Celebrate your love for New Belgium Brewing and add a whimsical touch to your décor with this novelty Giant Bottle Cap Sign. Its large size makes it a focal point of any room, and it pairs well with other brewery-themed items to create an authentic pub atmosphere. Ideal for gift-giving or as a treat to yourself, this sign is a must-have item for both die-hard New Belgium fans and those who appreciate the nostalgic charm of Americana advertising. So raise a glass to good taste and great beer, and let this Giant Bottle Cap Sign be the toast of your personal decor collection.

      Cultivating Culture: New Belgium Brewing’s Community and Internal Culture

      From its inception, New Belgium’s culture has bubbled over with inclusivity and innovation. The company’s transition to an employee-owned model has cultivated a community invested not just in their work but in each other.

      Their internal culture is reflective of their external initiatives; from sponsoring local events to their philanthropic ventures, New Belgium’s heart beats strongest in the communities they serve. Advocacy for various causes, including LGBTQ+ equality, has earned them a perfect score from the Hrc ‘s Corporate equality index, affirming their position as a leader in inclusive workplace practices.

      Image 15133

      Engaging Consumers: New Belgium Brewing’s Marketing Masterstroke

      Marketing is where New Belgium Brewing truly froths over with creativity. Their brand, a patchwork of whimsical labels and engaging stories, has found a cozy taproom in consumer hearts.

      Employing social media savvily, each Instagram post and tweet is a crafted connection, drawing followers into their story one sip at a time. Their events are lore, and storytelling is their keg stand, creating a devoted consumer base that’s eager to be part of the New Belgium narrative.

      New Belgium Brewery Pint Glass Gift Set Set of

      New Belgium Brewery Pint Glass Gift Set   Set of


      Upgrade your beer-drinking experience with the New Belgium Brewery Pint Glass Gift Set. This exclusive collection features a set of premium pint glasses, each carefully crafted to enhance the taste and aroma of your favorite brews. With the iconic New Belgium logo emblazoned on the front, these glasses celebrate one of America’s most cherished craft breweries. The sturdy design ensures a comfortable grip and durability that withstands the rigors of frequent use.

      Perfect for the craft beer aficionado in your life, this gift set is an ideal choice for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion. The glasses are designed to hold a full 16 ounces of beer, allowing for the perfect pour with room for a frothy head. The set’s elegant packaging showcases the attention to detail and quality that New Belgium Brewery devotees have come to expect. Whether on display or in use, these glasses are a statement of excellent taste and appreciation for fine craft beer.

      In addition to its aesthetic appeal, this pint glass set is practical for everyday use or for hosting beer tastings and social gatherings. They are dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze after enjoying a cold one. Owning this set not only adds a touch of class to your glassware collection but also shows your support for craft brewing culture. Raise a glass to good times and great beer with the New Belgium Brewery Pint Glass Gift Set, a must-have for any beer lover’s collection.

      Expanding Horizons: New Belgium Brewing’s Strategic Growth

      In 2019, a pivotal moment arrived: New Belgium’s acquisition by Lion, a subsidiary of Australia’s Kirin beverage group of Japan. This strategic union was more than a business move – it was the merging of kindred spirits in the craft beer cosmos.

      Despite the broadening of their horizons, New Belgium’s heart remains in that 2000 square foot home where it all began. The challenge now lies in balancing the influx of resources and reach with their deeply rooted craft identity – a balancing act they’ve proven adept at.

      Image 15134

      Behind the Bottle: Unveiling New Belgium Brewing’s Financial Brew

      Financially, New Belgium Brewing is not just fermenting beer but also success. Their strategy, an intricate blend of passion and analysis, reflects in their market share and growing sales figures. The craft beer industry itself might be frothy with competition, yet New Belgium has found a way to rise like a reliable head on a well-poured beer.

      Their business model is refreshingly scalable, with continued attraction from those interested in investment, like Lion’s astute move in bringing New Belgium into their fold.

      The Competitive Brewscape: New Belgium Brewing’s Place in the Craft Beer Market

      Placed within the competitive cauldron of the craft beer market, New Belgium Brewing holds its own. Pitted against industry giants, they zag where others zig, leaning into their unique brand persona, innovative flavors, and sustainable philosophy.

      In a market thirsty for authenticity, New Belgium’s transparency and relentless focus on quality quench that desire. As consumer trends evolve, so does New Belgium, tapping into the pulse of what beer aficionados truly seek.

      Envisaging the Future: What Lies Ahead for New Belgium Brewing

      Gazing into the pint glass of the future, New Belgium Brewing’s trajectory is as promising as it is ambitious. With plans to diversify, the challenges of an evolving industry are as invigorating as they are daunting. Yet, the craft beer community’s enduring appeal seems to pivot on axes such as New Belgium’s

      New Belgium’s journey continues with the gusto of a perfectly crafted ale. They face the future not just as a brewing company but as orchestrators of a community, curators of quality, and pioneers of sustainability.

      Raising The Bar: How New Belgium Brewing Is Shaping Tomorrow’s Beer Industry

      Reflecting on New Belgium Brewing’s journey is akin to tracing the lineage of today’s craft beer renaissance. They’ve not just set the bar; they’re continually raising it, proving that with the right mix of tenacity, community, and innovation, brewing is not just about the beer – it’s about the impact.

      Their legacy is as potent as their boldest ale, instilling in future beer entrepreneurs that success is found in the blend of flavorful strategy and the yeast of genuine passion. And it’s evident that, sip by sip, they continue to leave their mark on the tapestry of both the local community and the larger industry tapestry.

      From a humbling start in a cozy Colorado home to becoming a beacon of the craft beer industry, New Belgium Brewing’s story is more than just about beer. It’s a case study in creating a thriving business that remains true to its roots, cares deeply for its community, and crafts its future with the same meticulous attention to detail that goes into every batch of beer. So, here’s raising a glass to New Belgium Brewing – a company that truly knows how to craft success.

      Crafty Concoctions and Spirited Secrets of New Belgium Brewing

      Hold onto your pint glasses, folks! We’re diving into the foamy and fascinating world of New Belgium Brewing, where every sip is a story, and every brew has its secrets. So, sit back, relax and let’s tap into some sudsy trivia.

      The Humble Beginnings: From Basement to Big Time

      You won’t believe this, but New Belgium Brewing’s journey began in a basement. Talk about grassroots! Way back in 1991, Jeff Lebesch and Kim Jordan flipped the switch on their homebrew hobby and voilà—the “New Belgium Brewing” magic began to flow! These beer geniuses started small, but with dreams as tall as a beer foam that never fizzles out. What’s now one of the giants in the craft beer industry began with a simple homebrew kit and a biking trip through Belgium, bringing back the inspirational European brewing techniques to the U.S.

      The House That Beer Built

      Alrighty, let’s take a detour here: imagine your dream home. Now, imagine it’s built on the solid foundation of beer! Isn’t that something? Well, if you’re into real estate and frothy dreams, click your way through “Homesnap” to get an eyeful of properties, but don’t expect them to be steeped in hops and barley, that’s New Belgium’s game.

      A Toast to Sustainability: Green is the New Gold

      New Belgium Brewing isn’t just brewing up storms in pint glasses; they’re leading the pack in eco-friendliness too. Their Fort Collins brewery is a testament to their commitment to Mother Earth. With wind turbines, solar panels, and even a process that treats wastewater, these folks are as good to the planet as their beer is to your taste buds. It’s their secret recipe for sustainability—brewing great beer while keeping the planet cool and crisp.

      The Vat of Veterans

      Here’s to the heroes in brewing—a salute with a frothy head! New Belgium is not just about hops and malts; they’re big on heart, too. Their involvement with veterans extends beyond a simple “thank you.” The “VA Rehab loan” is a shining beacon for veterans, and New Belgium offers a nod to those who’ve served, similar to how the loan program helps them rebuild and refurbish. Veterans, just like brewing’s best ingredients, are part of the soul of New Belgium’s commitment to community.

      The Icon: Fat Tire Ambassadors

      C’mon, you’ve heard of Fat Tire, right? This iconic amber ale threw open the doors to New Belgium’s fame. It’s the beer that pedaled its way into the hearts of craft brew lovers everywhere. I mean, let’s be real—this brew’s got fans like a rock star, and if beers could sign autographs, Fat Tire would need an extra Sharpie or two.

      A Spirited Employee Empire

      Get this: at New Belgium Brewing, every Tom, Dick, and Harriet who clocks in over a year becomes an owner. Yep, that’s right! They’re not just employees—they’re employee-owners, giving them a real stake in the sudsy success of the business. It’s like hitting the jackpot in the lotto world of craft beer. They’re living the dream, brewing up success and tapping into that golden employee-owned opportunity!

      So, what’s the takeaway from our little chit-chat? New Belgium Brewing isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill beer business. They’ve mixed a concoction of creativity, community, and commitment, all while saving the planet, one delicious beer at a time. Sure is a crafty, tasty world they’ve brewed up, isn’t it? Cheers to that!

      New Belgium Fat Tire Ale Ounce Globe Glassware Set of

      New Belgium Fat Tire Ale Ounce Globe Glassware   Set of


      Enhance your beer-tasting experience with the New Belgium Fat Tire Ale Ounce Globe Glassware Set, designed to perfectly complement the unique profile of Fat Tire Amber Ale and other craft beers. The set includes specially crafted globe-shaped glasses, each elegantly embossed with the iconic New Belgium bicycle logo, underscoring the company’s commitment to cycling culture and environmental sustainability. The rounded shape of the glass is not only pleasing to the eye but also engineered to capture the rich aromas and encourage a proper head, enhancing the flavor of your ale with every sip.

      Each glass in this set is meticulously crafted from premium, durable glass material, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of regular use while maintaining its clarity and luster. The generous capacity of the glasses is thoughtfully considered to hold the ideal amount of ale, allowing for the perfect pour from bottle or tap. Their robust construction is matched by a comfortable grip, making each glass a pleasure to hold during extended tasting sessions or casual gatherings.

      This New Belgium Fat Tire Ale Ounce Globe Glassware Set is a must-have for any craft beer aficionado or for those who love to entertain guests with a touch of style. They are dishwasher safe, making the cleanup process a breeze, and their stackable design ensures that they provide both function and form without taking up too much space in your cabinet. Whether you’re enjoying a casual evening at home or hosting a sophisticated beer tasting event, this globe glassware set promises to elevate the enjoyment of your favorite beers to new heights.

      What happened to New Belgium Brewing?

      Oh boy, seems like New Belgium Brewing’s been on a roller-coaster, huh? They made headlines when the company, once a craft beer darling, announced it was joining hands with Lion Little World Beverages. With the times a-changin’, they figured it was time to shake hands with a bigger fish, and boy did they stir the pot in the craft beer scene!

      Does New Belgium brewery support Lgbtq?

      Raise your glasses, folks—New Belgium Brewing sure does support LGBTQ+ rights! They’ve been loud and proud about inclusivity, even throwing their weight behind causes and events that champion LGBTQ+ rights. Cheers to that!

      Who bought New Belgium brewery?

      Who snapped up New Belgium brewery? Well, that’d be Lion Little World Beverages, an arm of Kirin Holdings Company of Japan, back in 2019. They shelled out the dough and added this Fort Collins gem to their global portfolio.

      What beers are made by New Belgium?

      New Belgium crafts a slew of beers that’ll tickle your taste buds, no kidding! Fat Tire Amber Ale and Voodoo Ranger IPA are just the tip of the iceberg. They’ve got a brew for every beer lover, trust me.

      Did New Belgium brewery sell out?

      Sell out or strategic move? Depends who you ask, but it’s true—New Belgium brewery did wave goodbye to its independent status when it was sold to Lion Little World Beverages. Some folks saw red, while others tipped their hat to a new chapter.

      Who owns New Belgium now?

      The crown of New Belgium now rests on the head of Lion Little World Beverages. Since their acquisition, they’ve been keeping the wheels turning and the beer flowing.

      Who is the female brewer in New Belgium?

      Behind every great beer is a brewer with a vision, and at New Belgium, that’s Kim Jordan. As a co-founder, she stirred the pot and helped brew up the success New Belgium enjoys today.

      What are the names of queer beer?

      Alright, what’s in a name, right? “Queer beer” isn’t a specific brand, but rather a nod to beers and events celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. They’re about pride and raising a toast to diversity, so the monikers are as unique as a snowflake!

      What rank is New Belgium Brewing?

      New Belgium Brewing? They’re big leaguers in the craft beer game, ranking as one of the top dogs in national sales. With their flagship Fat Tire leading the charge, their lineup bats a thousand.

      Who owns Yuengling?

      Yuengling’s got history that’d make your head spin—it’s the oldest operating brewing company in America, and it’s still a family affair. The Yuengling clan, with Richard “Dick” Yuengling Jr. at the helm, keeps this ship sailing smoothly.

      How much did New Belgium Brewing sell for?

      The price tag for New Belgium Brewing’s big sell? Whispers in the wind say it’s hush-hush, but you can bet your bottom dollar it wasn’t chump change. The exact digits? Well, that’s the million (or more!) dollar question.

      Where is New Belgium brewery made?

      Where’s New Belgium brewery whipping up its magic potions? Right in the heart of Fort Collins, Colorado, with a shiny second spot in Asheville, North Carolina. They’ve turned these places into craft beer wonderlands, no foolin’!

      Is New Belgium an IPA?

      Is New Belgium an IPA? Hit the brakes—while they do have a star-studded lineup of IPAs like their famous Voodoo Ranger, they’re much more than that. New Belgium is a brewery with many tricks up its sleeve, IPAs included!

      Who owns Anheuser-Busch?

      Anheuser-Busch, that titan of the beer industry? They’re sitting pretty under the umbrella of AB InBev, a colossal conglomerate that’s got its fingers in beer pies all over the globe.

      Is New Belgium still employee owned?

      Ah, the times they are a-changin’—New Belgium used to be a beacon of employee ownership, but now, under the wing of Lion Little World Beverages, the employee-owned fairy tale has reached “The End.”

      Are Bells and New Belgium the same company?

      New Belgium and Bell’s Brewery hitched their wagons together? Hold your horses—while the craft beer rumor mill might run wild, these two are separate entities, each marching to the beat of their own drum.

      Is New Belgium still employee owned?

      Once upon a time, New Belgium employees had a slice of the pie, owning stakes in the company. But that ship has sailed; with the Lion Little World Beverages acquisition, the employee-owned chapter has closed.

      How much did New Belgium Brewing sell for?

      How much did New Belgium Brewing sell for? Well, while the folks at the negotiation table might know, they’ve kept the rest of us in the dark. It’s one of those “if I told you, I’d have to…”—you get the drift.

      What happened to New Belgium Ranger?

      New Belgium Ranger, a trailblazer of an IPA, took a bow and stepped out of the spotlight to make room for Voodoo Ranger to strut its stuff. Sometimes you gotta pass the torch, right?


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