Best Poopourri Scents: 5 Top Picks

Unveiling the Aromatic Essence of Poopourri: A Sensory Journey

Poopourri has taken the market by storm with their unique approach to a, let’s face it, sensitive topic. Nothing short of a revolution, this company has made waves not only with its efficacious products but also with its sparkling wit and enviable branding. Founded on the simple principle of trapping disagreeable bathroom odors beneath the water’s surface, Poopourri has not only reduced the malodorous elephant in the room but effectively made it vanish!

The science behind scent and odor neutralization Poopourri employs is both fascinating and robust, harnessing natural compounds to eliminate rather than mask odors. By doing so, they’ve revolutionized the bathroom experience, taking what was once a matter of faux pas to levels of olfactory delight.

Analyzing Consumer Reviews: Finding the Best Poopourri Scents

Feedback loops make the world go round, especially in e-commerce. Consumers aren’t shy about voicing their opinions, and thanks be – because their insights are invaluable. Upon analyzing customer feedback, satisfaction levels soar with praise for scents that last, natural ingredients that reassure, and a strength that’s just right.

Customers typically angle their noses towards scents they feel reflect them – be it a robust Lavender Vanilla or a sprightly Citrus Mint. Moreover, in 2024, trends have swayed towards natural and understated, a reflection of wider consumer shifts towards authenticity and environmental mindfulness.

Poo Pourri Before You Go Toilet Spray, Lavender Peppermint, Fl Oz Lavender, Peppermint and Citrus

Poo Pourri Before You Go Toilet Spray, Lavender Peppermint, Fl Oz   Lavender, Peppermint and Citrus


Poo Pourri Before You Go Toilet Spray in Lavender Peppermint scent is a revolutionary bathroom essential designed to effectively neutralize odors before they start. This innovative product comes in a practical fl oz size, perfect for both home use and travel convenience. Infused with a blend of natural essential oils, it offers a calming aroma of lavender, a refreshing hint of peppermint, and a zesty touch of citrus, creating a soothing and invigorating scent profile that transforms your bathroom experience.

To use, simply spritz the Poo Pourri spray directly into the toilet bowl before you go, and its proactive formula creates a protective barrier on the water’s surface. This barrier traps unpleasant smells beneath the surface, ensuring that the air around remains fresh and clean. Composed of environmentally friendly ingredients, this toilet spray is safe for septic systems and won’t harm your plumbing, making it an ideal choice for the eco-conscious consumer.

The stylish and discretely designed bottle makes Poo Pourri Before You Go Toilet Spray a considerate addition to any bathroom decor. It offers an empowering solution to a common problem, inviting both guests and family members to leave the restroom with confidence, without leaving any trace of odor behind. Whether for personal use or as a thoughtful gift, Poo Pourri Before You Go Toilet Spray in Lavender Peppermint is the harmonious blend of functionality and fragrance that will elevate the bathroom ritual for everyone.

Feature Detail
Product Name Poo~Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray (‘Trap-A-Crap’ Scent)
Purpose Odor Eliminator for Toilets
Key Benefit Masks and eliminates bathroom odors before they begin
Unique Selling Point Uses natural essential oils to trap odors beneath toilet water surface
Usage Spritz the bowl before-you-go to create a protective barrier on the water’s surface
Ingredients All-natural essential oils and other natural compounds
Effectiveness Highly effective in neutralizing and combatting odors, especially diarrhea odors
Customer Feedback Positive reviews; described as a game-changer in bathroom routine
Packaging Attractive and marketable
Pricing Higher than traditional odor neutralizers like Febreze or Lysol; reflects premium position in market
Price Range Varies by size; generally commands prices up to 8x higher than competitors
Marketing Strategy Clever and engaging; emphasizes natural ingredients and effectiveness
Brand Evolution Rebranded from “Poo-Pourri” to “~Pourri” to expand into broader odor elimination market
Availability Online and in various retail stores
Company Margin Estimated by Forbes at 20%
Date of Rebranding January 19, 2022
Manufacturer Scentsible LLC (Dallas-based brand)
Founded 2007

The Quintessential Quintet: Top 5 Poopourri Scents Ranked

  1. Lavender Vanilla – A Classic Reimagined
  2. Lavender Vanilla, isn’t just a scent, it’s an experience. Poopourri has redefined what it means to unwind, coupling the sweet, creamy notes of vanilla with the calming presence of lavender. Since ancient times, lavender has been the go-to for relaxation, and customers can’t get enough of this nostalgic twist.
  3. The popularity and effectiveness of this scent are no shot in the dark. Users rave about this blend, and experts nod in agreement – it’s a hit!
  4. Citrus Mint – A Zesty and Refreshing Innovator
  5. Talk about a breath of fresh air! With an invigorating dash of lemon and a cool whiff of mint, this scent refuses to play by the old bathroom rulebook. It’s a bold move, one that interior decor enthusiasts might admire, akin to how wilson leather redefined leather goods.
  6. Experts are all on the same page when it comes to the benefits of Citrus Mint. Feeling sluggish? A spray or two is all it takes to revitalise your space, and users are minty fresh with enthusiasm.
  7. Tropical Hibiscus – An Exotic Escape
  8. A ticket to paradise without the price of a flight to Aruba, this scent introduces notes of tropical flowers that transform your bathroom into an island getaway.
  9. The appetite for exotic and tropical scents has bloomed magnificently in the market, mirroring a collective desire to escape the mundane. Tropical Hibiscus doesn’t just lead you astray; it whisks you away!
  10. Vanilla Mint – A Sweet and Cool Sensation
  11. A conundrum for the senses, the Vanilla Mint combines creamy warmth with effervescent cool in a tango of scents that captivates the masses. It’s a dichotomous dance that has managed to capture the market’s heart with its charm.
  12. Customer testimonials gleam with satisfaction, pointing to a broader trend that cherishes comfort interwoven with a twist of surprise.
  13. Original Citrus – The Scent That Paved the Way
  14. The cornerstone of Poopourri’s aromatic empire, the Original Citrus, laid down the gauntlet with its harmonious blend of lemon, bergamot, and lemongrass. It’s the scent of a fresh start, crisp as an early morning sunrise.
  15. Despite the competition’s snazzy modern twists, the flagship fragrance continues to reign supreme, a testament to the idea that, sometimes, the first draft captures a timeless essence.
  16. Image 12080

    Behind the Best Scents: The Art and Science of Poopourri’s Success

    The creation of a winning Poopourri scent is no mere stroke of luck; it’s a meticulously crafted masterpiece, the result of a delicate balance between art and science. This fine-tuning of natural ingredients and fragrance performance is what sets the brand apart – think of it as a scent symphony conducted with the baton of a master perfumer.

    Interviews with the creators, much like discussions with industry disruptors such as anthony Levandowski net worth, lend insight into the intricacies of what goes into a bottle of Poopourri – a painstaking process merging creativity with chemistry.

    From Functional to Fashionable: Poopourri’s Role in Contemporary Lifestyle Trends

    No longer just a utilitarian item tucked away, Poopourri has sashayed into the limelight of contemporary living. It’s a statement, a reflection of lifestyle, slotted neatly between self-care and home decor. Users trumpet their stories of integrating Pourri scents into their routines like a badge of honor, much like donning a piece from the latest princess And The frog cast collection.

    Experts see it: Poopourri is not just selling a scent; it’s curating lifestyle aspirations, transforming the mundane into a realm of possibility and sophistication.

    Poo Pourri Original Citrus Ounce Refill Bottle and Ounce Refillable Bottle Original Citrus

    Poo Pourri Original Citrus Ounce Refill Bottle and Ounce Refillable Bottle Original Citrus


    Poo Pourri Original Citrus is a revolutionary before-you-go toilet spray that effectively keeps uncomfortable bathroom odors at bay. This product features a refreshing blend of natural essential oils including lemon, bergamot, and lemongrass, which work together to create a protective barrier on the water’s surface, trapping odors before they begin. The convenient refill bottle holds several ounces of this liquid magic, ensuring that you can easily top up your original, reusable sprayer. With each use, bathrooms are left smelling citrus-fresh, making your experience and others’ more pleasant.

    The Original Citrus Ounce Refillable Bottle is a stylish, compact, and eco-friendly container that you can carry discreetly in a purse or travel bag. Its design is both practical and attractive, featuring a simple-to-use nozzle that ensures a fine mist with every spritz. Made from high-quality materials, this refillable bottle is durable enough to withstand daily use and travel bumps. Refilling is a breeze and reduces waste, as you don’t have to buy a new bottle every time, embodying the ethos of less plastic, more scent.

    Together, the Poo Pourri Original Citrus Ounce Refill Bottle paired with the Ounce Refillable Bottle offers a long-term solution for tackling toilet odors in a natural and environmentally friendly way. The citrus scent transforms the bathroom into a zesty haven with just a few sprays, making it a must-have for anyone who values freshness and sustainability. The convenience of this two-part product ensures that you’re never caught off guard, whether at home or on the move. Whether for personal use or as a thoughtful gift, the Poo Pourri Original Citrus set is an elegant and practical choice for any restroom.

    Elevating the Poopourri Experience: Tips and Tricks for Optimal Use

    Like any good tool, the knack is in the know-how, and Poopourri is no exception. Here’s the low-down:

    • Spritz before you sit: A preemptive spray ensures odors are never in the air.
    • Combine and conquer: Pair Poopourri with other bathroom freshening tactics for an all-around sensory sanctuary.
    • Creative applications: Beyond the bowl, spritz in trash cans or any space that could do with a bout of freshness – your nose will thank you.
    • Image 12081

      Looking Ahead: The Future Fragrances and Innovations in Poopourri’s Pipeline

      The future smells bright for Poopourri. With forthcoming releases whispered through the grapevines and potential product lines that promise to reinvent the scent-scape yet again, the stage is set for exciting developments. In an industry ever-evolving, Poopourri adapts with the dexterity and vision reminiscent of a financial virtuoso evaluating upcoming market trends.

      Poo Pourri Before You Go Toilet Spray, On The Go, Travel Size Variety mL Original Citrus, Lavender Vanilla and Fresh Air Fl Oz (Pack of )

      Poo Pourri Before You Go Toilet Spray, On The Go, Travel Size Variety mL   Original Citrus, Lavender Vanilla and Fresh Air Fl Oz (Pack of )


      Poo~Pourri Before You Go Toilet Spray presents a discreet and convenient solution for those sensitive smells when using the bathroom on the go. This travel-size variety pack includes three different scents: Original Citrus, Lavender Vanilla, and Fresh Air, each with their own unique blend of natural essential oils. The compact design of the mL bottles fits easily into any purse, backpack, or carry-on, making them perfect for travel, work, and any public restroom situation. Each fragrance is meticulously crafted to neutralize odors before they even begin, leaving the air fresh and clean.

      The Original Citrus is a refreshing blend of lemon, bergamot, and lemongrass natural essential oils that eliminates bathroom odors with a vibrant and zesty bouquet. Lavender Vanilla marries the calm and relaxing tones of lavender with the sweet, creamy notes of vanilla to create a tranquil fragrance that covers up unpleasant smells and calms the senses. Fresh Air brings a burst of crisp essences, resembling a clear cool breeze, ensuring a serene restroom experience. With Poo~Pourri’s proprietary formula, a few sprays into the toilet bowl before-you-go forms a protective barrier on the water’s surface, effectively trapping any offensive odors.

      Poo~Pourri prides itself on being environmentally friendly and proactive about your health; thus, the sprays are made with a blend of natural compounds and essential oils, without any harsh chemicals or aerosols. Each bottle in the pack provides up to uses, ensuring that each application is fresh and effective. The On The Go, Travel Size Variety pack is the ultimate travel companion for those who want to face the public restrooms with confidence and leave them without any trace of odor. Whether for daily outings or extended travels, Poo~Pourri offers a practical and aromatic solution ensuring you can always “go” in comfort and leave the space smelling better than you found it.

      Beyond the Scent: Poopourri’s Commitment to Sustainability and Community

      It’s not just about smelling good; it’s about doing good too. Poopourri’s dedication to sustainability is as clear as the ingredients list on their bottles. Source responsibility and a soft environmental footprint go hand-in-hand with their commendable community involvement. It’s a brand narrative that resonates deeply with consumers mindful of the legacy they leave behind, much like the bouquet after a spritz of Poopourri.

      Image 12082

      Crafting the Ultimate Aromatic Narrative: A Synthesis of Our Fragrant Findings

      Here we are, at the end of our olfactory odyssey, equipped with deeper knowledge and persuasive picks of the best Poopourri scents. We’ve journeyed through fields of lavender, groves of citrus, and explored the intersection of legacy and innovation.

      Poo~Pourri has indeed redefined the narrative around bathroom fragrances, leaving us eager for the next chapter in scent science. What began as a battle against the stink has blossomed into a cultural symbol, representing a new era of refinement and responsibility. It begs the question: Beyond the bottled bouquet, what will the next sniff of innovation bring?

      Poo Pourri Before You Go Toilet Spray, Original Citrus, Fl Oz Lemon, Bergamot and Lemongrass

      Poo Pourri Before You Go Toilet Spray, Original Citrus, Fl Oz   Lemon, Bergamot and Lemongrass


      Poo Pourri Before You Go Toilet Spray in the Original Citrus scent is a revolutionary bathroom essential that effectively eliminates bathroom odors before they begin. This innovative product comes in a convenient spray bottle containing natural essential oils, including a refreshing blend of lemon, bergamot, and lemongrass scents. The user-friendly application involves simply spritzing the toilet bowl before use, creating a protective barrier on the water’s surface that traps unpleasant smells beneath.

      With its unique combination of citrus oils, the Original Citrus Poo Pourri offers a zesty and vibrant fragrance that appeals to both men and women. The formula is non-toxic, biodegradable, and contains no harsh chemicals, parabens, phthalates, or formaldehyde, making it a safe choice for the environment and septic systems. Each bottle holds several ounces of the liquid formula, ensuring a long-lasting supply for consistent odor prevention with every flush.

      Perfect for home, travel, or office use, Poo Pourri Before You Go Toilet Spray ensures your bathroom experiences remain discreet and pleasant. Not only does it keep the air fresh, but it also instills confidence and peace of mind, transforming a once-awkward moment into an aromatically invigorating experience. Say goodbye to awkward bathroom encounters and hello to a fresh, citrusy oasis with every visit to the loo.

      Does Poo-Pourri really work?

      Sure thing! Here are your SEO-optimized, engaging paragraphs for the FAQs:

      Why is Poo-Pourri expensive?

      Well, slap my thigh and call me Sally—does Poo-Pourri really work? You betcha! This nifty spray forms a barrier on the water’s surface, trapping odors beneath. So, when you do your business, the stink stays in the drink. People swear by it, and let’s just say, it’s saved many a nose from a stinky plight.

      Does Poo-Pourri work for diarrhea?

      Why is Poo-Pourri expensive? Oof, talk about premium potty perfumes! It’s pricier than your average air freshener because it’s made with essential oils and other natural compounds that are a cut above synthetic fragrances. Plus, it’s not just masking smells, it’s sending them to the porcelain abyss before they escape, and good stuff comes at a cost, am I right?

      Why did Poo-Pourri change its name?

      Does Poo-Pourri work for diarrhea? Ah, the dreaded liquid villain. Yup, Poo-Pourri is game for any challenge, even when diarrhea hits you like a freight train. It’s like a sheriff in the Wild West of your toilet, keeping the peace—or should I say ‘piece’—by locking away those wicked smells.

      Is poo pourri bad for plumbing?

      Why did Poo-Pourri change its name? Well, paint me orange and call me a pumpkin! They switched it up to Supernatural for their line of all-purpose cleaners to reflect a broader commitment to natural products, not just for the loo but all-around your home sweet home. But, for the throne guardians, the Poo-Pourri name still stands strong.

      Do you spray poo pourri before or after?

      Is Poo-Pourri bad for plumbing? Nope, it’s as safe as houses! Made with essential oils and other friendly ingredients, it’s a kind companion to your pipes. No harsh chemicals to see here, so flush away without fear of the plumbing police showing up at your door.

      How do I stop my toilet from smelling after I poop?

      Do you spray Poo-Pourri before or after? Hold your horses—it’s a pre-game show! You spritz the bowl before you go to create that odor-trapping shield. Think of it as laying down your scent armor before battle. A couple of proactive puffs and you’re ready to rumble without the grumble of bad smells.

      How do I stop my poop from smelling?

      How do I stop my toilet from smelling after I poop? Keep calm and carry on with a battle plan! Regular cleaning is key, but a stink-stopper like Poo-Pourri is a solid sidekick. Spray the surface before you go, and that should seal the deal against the smell. No more waving the white flag whenever nature calls!

      Is Poo-Pourri toxic if swallowed?

      How do I stop my poop from smelling? Well, you can’t stop poop from being poop, but you sure can trap its scent! Whether it’s swapping brussels sprouts for toast or using a trusty Poo-Pourri, the goal is the same—less stink, more breathe-easy. And hydrate, folks! It does wonders.

      What can I use instead of Poo-Pourri?

      Is Poo-Pourri toxic if swallowed? Uh-oh, spaghetti-o! While not meant for a snack, if a bit gets in the trap (your mouth), Poo-Pourri is not intended to be toxic. Still, essential oils can be potent, so if you—or a curious kiddo—gulped some down, taking a trip to the doc might be wise.

      What spray helps with poop smell?

      What can I use instead of Poo-Pourri? On the hunt for alternatives? You can play mixologist and whip up a DIY version with some rubbing alcohol, water, and essential oils. Give it a shake, and like a homemade cocktail of freshness, spray before you go to keep your secret safe.

      Does Lysol get rid of poop smell?

      What spray helps with poop smell? Any spray that’s got essential oils and can coat the water surface is your new BFF for battling bathroom funk. Whether it’s Poo-Pourri or a trusty DIY concoction, the right mix will clear the air for a nose-friendly zone.

      Who owns Poo-Pourri?

      Does Lysol get rid of poop smell? Lysol’s like the big guns for germs, sure. It can kick some odor butt too, but it’s more about disinfecting than creating that preventative smell shield. So, blast away for cleanliness, but maybe add some fragrance or oil-based sprays for the full olfactory defense.

      Who is the owner of Poo-Pourri?

      Who owns Poo-Pourri? Huddle up! This brand is the brainchild of Suzy Batiz, an entrepreneurial dynamo who turned a stinky situation into a scent-sational empire. She’s still the queen bee of the porcelain throne’s favorite guard.

      What is the active ingredient in Poo-Pourri?

      Who is the owner of Poo-Pourri? Suzy Batiz is the rock star behind Poo-Pourri. She’s crafted a realm where toilets can be thrones and doing the doo doesn’t have to mean enduring a stink. All hail Suzy, the ruler of odor-free realms far and wide!

      Why does Poo-Pourri work so well?

      What is the active ingredient in Poo-Pourri? The secret sauce? It’s essential oils! These natural wonders are ninjas at trapping odors, making sure your number two doesn’t become public enemy number one. A spritz here and an oil there, and you’ve got an invisible, smell-proof barrier.

      What spray helps with poop smell?

      Why does Poo-Pourri work so well? It’s all about that protective layer of oils, creating a seal on the water like a superhero’s shield. That way, odors don’t stand a chance of going airborne—it’s mission abort before they even take off. Poof! Like magic for your sniffer.

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