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Raymour and Flanigan: 7 Amazing Secrets for Affordable Luxury!

When it comes to investing in home furniture that is both luxurious and affordable, the name “Raymour and Flanigan” often springs to mind. A standout player within the industry, this brand not only brings to the table exquisite furniture design but also a philosophy oriented towards customer satisfaction. In this article, we’ll let you in on seven astounding secrets about Raymour & Flanigan, providing you with all the knowledge you need to choose them for your ultimate affordable luxury!


The History & Progression

Founded in 1946 by Arnold Goldberg and his younger brother Bernard Flanigan in New York, Raymour & Flanigan has come a long way. The brand is steeped in rich history and has since become synonymous with mesmerising furniture that adds oodles of charm to any living space.

Raymour & Flanigan products’ reputation precedes them for quality and competitive pricing. While the company’s initial years were stocked with trials, they evolved over time. They emerged as victors by blending innovative technology with ingenious strategies, bringing a fresh perspective to the furniture industry.

The transformation didn’t stop there. The brand, which started as a humble neighborhood store, steadily expanded its demographic and geographical reach. Today, it stands tall as an industry leader in the realm of furniture and mattresses, with many a competitor trailing in its wake.

Pitting Against the Opponents

In the furniture industry, Raymour & Flanigan locks horns with several competitors, The list includes household names such as Bob’s Discount Furniture, Ethan Allen, Ashley Furniture, Living Spaces, and HERITAGE HOME GROUP, LLC.

However, when observed under the strictest scrutiny or from a bird’s eye view, Raymour & Flanigan outshines most competitors. Their most distinctive features lie in the plethora of styles that they offer, along with their prolific store locations, and refined delivery services. Oliver Wendell Holmes often said, “A man is known by the company he keeps,” and Raymour & Flanigan has solidified an excellent standing against the competition.

Even giants like Ashley Furniture, an equal match in product diversity, can’t quite match the charm of Raymour & Flanigan’s offerings. Whether you are sprucing up your living room or adding panache to your bedroom, you can’t do better than shopping at Raymour & Flanigan.


The Digits Behind the Success

When understanding the success of any brand, statistics are key. To truly appreciate Raymour & Flanigan’s top-rank standing in the market, it’s worth perusing some figures.

The company records annual revenues of over 1 billion, with about 5000 employees bustling in their network. Currently, consumers can visit over 140 showrooms across seven states, an impressive feat that demonstrates the brand’s expansive reach.

However, what truly sets the brand apart is not just the sheer number, but also the quality of services. Anonymously collected surveys indicate a high satisfaction amongst customers with the delivery services of the brand. To put it in layman’s terms, few can match Raymour & Flanigan in terms of scale and goodwill.

Unmatched Catalog of Brands

There is a certain sense of flair that is dispatched from a piece of furniture that has been tailored to match one’s taste. When shopping at Raymour and Flanigan, customers are allowed this very luxury. The brand hosts a wide arsenal of offerings from well-established brands known for creating unique and practical designs.

High-quality brands like Calvin Klein also make their way into Raymour and Flanigan’s catalog, merging exceptional design with affordability. Calvin Klein’s collections offer a similar balance of magnificence and cost-effectiveness, a testament to the company’s commitment to providing affordable luxury.

Not just limited to Calvin Klein, you will find quality pieces from a variety of esteemed brands. Cozy sectional sofas, plush beds, sleek coffee tables, you name it and you will find it at Raymour and Flanigan. Shopping with them is a joyride through a wonderland of home décor!

Regular Discounts & Amazing Deals

Allow us to introduce you to another reason why Raymour and Flanigan is a crowd-cherished brand – their consistent stream of deals, discounts, and offers. Who doesn’t crave a little more bang for their buck and savings in their pocket?

It’s not just the brand’s Outlet and Clearance sections that serve up the deals, either. Customers can secure substantial savings using a Raymour and Flanigan discount code or by shopping during the many seasonal sales over nationally observed holidays. It’s like having a surprise party for your pocketbook!


The Comfort of Swift Delivery

A primary concern for every shopping enthusiast is the question of delivery. In this, Raymour and Flanigan have managed to ace the game. The company provides fast, professional delivery service to its customers, ensuring your new piece of luxury furniture makes it smoothly to your doorstep.

Perhaps you’re ogling over a sleek ‘Bailey Bass’ furniture piece to accentuate your home interior and worried about it arriving intact? Fear not, because this gem and others like it are delivered with absolute care by Raymour and Flanigan.

A Directory of Locations

While furniture shopping online is all well and good, nothing quite beats the experience of visiting a physical showroom. With Raymour and Flanigan, you’ll have the pleasure of visiting a myriad of locations dotted across the country.

The jaw-dropping array of choices extends beyond the online store. Brick-and-mortar showrooms like the popular Boot Barn offer the opportunity to try before you buy, ensuring that beautiful sectional sofa is indeed as comfortable as it looks.

Furniture shopping encourages a tactile approach. Raymour and Flanigan, with its wide spread of showrooms, invites you to do just that. What’s better than being able to touch, see, and feel the furniture up close and personal before making the investment?


The Final Takeaway

When you’re seeking luxurious yet affordable furniture and top-notch customer service, look no further than Raymour and Flanigan. A beautiful blend of history, quality, and value for money, this iconic brand continues to prove itself a top contender in the furniture industry.

As we’ve revealed the secrets to Raymour and Flanigan’s success, you can now see why it remains one of the best brands to accessorize your home with. Shape your home into an epitome of style without decimating your bank account. With Raymour and Flanigan, affordable luxury isn’t a dream but a vibrant, tangible reality.

So, don’t just sit there! Your search for beautiful, affordable furniture ends at Raymour and Flanigan. Let’s start shopping!

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