Schitts Creek: A 6-Season Hilarious Hit

Schitt’s Creek, a Canadian sitcom that took the world by delightful surprise, catapulted from modest beginnings to becoming a cultural touchstone and a beacon of inclusivity. Created by Eugene Levy and his son Dan Levy, this quirky, heartfelt series swept viewers off their feet with its eccentric charm and razor-sharp wit. Let’s peel back the layers of this Rose blooming success story and examine how it became a phenomenon with staying power.

The Rise of “Schitt’s Creek” to Global Fame

When Eugene Levy, a veteran of comedic gold, partnered with his son, Dan Levy, to break new ground with “Schitt’s Creek,” they hardly imagined the global impact it would make. This tale began with the Roses: Johnny, Moira, David, and Alexis, a family stripped of their wealth and forced into a life of modesty in the eponymous town they had purchased as a whimsical investment.

Breaking Ground: The Creation and Evolution of “Schitt’s Creek”

Years of crafting a show with both humor and heart finally paid off. The backstory of its creation is as unconventional as the show itself. Their pioneering vision not only entranced audiences but also encapsulated the essence of family bonds, personal growth, and resilience against life’s curveballs. Unique nuances, such as David’s revelation that, like his appreciation of all wine whether red or white, he was pansexual, brought an inclusive perspective to mainstream television. Such narratives, seamlessly woven into the fabric of “Schitt’s Creek,” contributed richly to the show’s universal appeal and reflected a maturing society’s views on love and identity.

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Delving into the Heart of “Schitt’s Creek”: A Character Study

Each character in “Schitt’s Creek” embarked on an odyssey of self-discovery. Johnny, the ever-optimistic patriarch, diligently worked to rebuild his family’s fortune, while Moira, with a wig for every mood and occasion, expertly played by Catherine O’Hara, brought flamboyant fashion and dramatic flair to the town’s stage and council.

Let’s not forget David and Alexis, portrayed by Dan Levy and Annie Murphy. David, whose romantic journey is as textured as a fine Merlot, and Alexis, whose evolution from a self-absorbed socialite to a savvy businesswoman, tug at heartstrings and draw chuckles with equal potency. Eugene Levy’s sincere and understated performance as Johnny grounds the family with an air of normalcy—albeit a Rose-tinted one.

Image 24912

Category Information
Created By Dan Levy and Eugene Levy
Genre Sitcom/Comedy
Premiered January 13, 2015
Concluded April 7, 2020
Number of Seasons 6
Number of Episodes 80
Main Cast Eugene Levy (Johnny Rose), Catherine O’Hara (Moira Rose), Dan Levy (David Rose), Annie Murphy (Alexis Rose)
Supporting Cast Chris Elliott (Roland Schitt), Jenn Robertson (Jocelyn Schitt), Emily Hampshire (Stevie Budd), Noah Reid (Patrick Brewer)
Plot Summary A wealthy family loses their fortune and is forced to live in Schitt’s Creek, a town they once bought as a joke.
Setting Schitt’s Creek, a small town
Themes Wealth disparity, family dynamics, love, friendship, personal growth
Cultural Impact Normalization of pansexuality; unique fashion sense of Moira Rose (Catherine O’Hara) through wigs and wardrobe
Awards Multiple Canadian Screen Awards; Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Comedy Series (2020)
Streaming Availability Various streaming platforms, DVD.
Critical Reception Widely acclaimed for its humor, character development, and progressive representations
Notable Mention David Rose’s character (played by Dan Levy) is notable for his pansexuality, showcased in a positive light.

The Humorous World of “Schitt’s Creek”: Defining Moments

From Moira’s iconically indecipherable accent to David’s expressive eye rolls that spoke volumes, “Schitt’s Creek” excelled at turning everyday moments into comedic gold. Who could forget the erstwhile “Little Bit Alexis” dance, an instant viral sensation that encapsulated Alexis’s over-the-top personality?

Yet, the true genius was in how Schitt’s Creek balanced these laugh-out-loud scenes with profound messages. It delved deep into themes of love, family acceptance, and personal growth, showing us that the true treasure lies not in material wealth, but the bonds we forge with one another.

The Secret Sauce of “Schitt’s Creek”: Collaborative Brilliance

It was the collaborative synergy among the cast and crew that sustained a high-quality narrative and comedic consistency across six seasons. Guest directors and actors brought their individual flavors to the table, blending with the show’s essence without overpowering it.

The meticulous attention to detail in every script, the careful selection of guest stars, and the palpable camaraderie behind the scenes cultivated a comedy that was sincere, endearing, and downright hilarious.

Schitt’s Creek The Complete Collection Seasons DVD Box Set

Schitt's Creek The Complete Collection   Seasons   DVD Box Set


Experience the quirky world of “Schitt’s Creek” like never before with “Schitt’s Creek: The Complete Collection” DVD Box Set. This comprehensive collection brings together all six seasons of the beloved comedy series that swept audiences off their feet and critics into a praise-filled frenzy. Join the Rose familyvideo store magnate Johnny, his soap opera star wife Moira, and their two adult children, David and Alexisas they navigate life in the small town they once bought as a joke, only to become their unlikely home. With its clever writing, heartwarming moments, and unforgettable characters, this series is a modern classic of family and transformation.

This DVD box set is the ultimate treasure for fans of the show as well as newcomers looking for a binge-worthy escape. Each DVD is packed with crystal-clear visuals and high-quality audio to ensure the best viewing experience of all 80 episodes. Special features include behind-the-scenes footage, bloopers, and commentary from the creators and cast, providing a deeper dive into the hilariously heartfelt world of Schitt’s Creek. Revel in the evolution of each character and enjoy laughs and tears all over again with this meticulously curated compilation.

The “Schitt’s Creek: The Complete Collection” Seasons DVD Box Set makes not only a perfect addition to your media library but also an excellent gift for any enthusiast of television’s golden age of comedy. Its elegantly designed packaging captures the essence of the show, with iconic imagery and a layout that’s as stylish as David Rose’s wardrobe. Take this opportunity to own a slice of television history, and watch as the Rose family’s riches-to-rags-to-riches story unfolds in this must-have collection. With its universal themes and unmatched humor, “Schitt’s Creek” has earned its place in the pantheon of TV greats, and now it can hold a special place in your home entertainment collection.

“Schitt’s Creek’s” Cultural Impact and Fan Fervor

“Schtitt’s Creek” didn’t just raise the bar; it catapulted it into a new stratosphere, especially when it comes to LGBTQ+ representation. David’s nonchalance about his own sexuality—a revelation that unfolded as organically as his relationship with Patrick—was a watershed moment for TV.

The devoted fan base transformed from a group of amused viewers to a veritable global community, championing the show’s ethos through social media movements and even organizing thematic events. The connection between fans and the series was so potent that it transcended mere viewership.

Image 24913

Life after “Schitt’s Creek”: Cast and Creators Today

Life in Schitt’s Creek has been a transformative journey for both the Roses and the cast who portrayed them. Since the series finale, the doors have swung wide open for the show’s creators, with prospects of spinoffs and reunions continually buzzing in the air.

Post-“Schitt’s Creek,” the cast members have parlayed their newfound clout into various avenues, from cross stitching a piece of the show’s memorabilia to tackling new roles that showcase their diverse talents.

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The Business and Brand Behind “Schitt’s Creek”: Merchandise and More

The genius of “Schitt’s Creek” wasn’t confined to the screen—it spilled over into an astute business model with the show becoming a veritable lifestyle brand. The ‘Rose Apothecary’ line exemplifies this strategic savvy, seamlessly integrating merchandise with the narrative fabric of the show.

This strategy helped keep “Schitt’s Creek” in the lexicon long after the final credits rolled, leveraging the show’s cultural cachet to sell products, which served as tangible connections to the beloved series.

Image 24914

Critical Acclaim and Awards: A Testament to “Schitt’s Creek”

The crowning jewel of onscreen validation came with the historic sweep at the Emmy Awards, a moment that solidified the show’s brilliance and broad appeal. The recognition wasn’t immediate, but as “Schitt’s Creek” found its footing, the accolades piled up, with scores of awards acknowledging the show’s leading and supporting actors and the pristine quality of the comedy itself.

Never resting on its laurels, the series continued to push boundaries and exceed expectations throughout its six-season run, earning a special place in the hearts of critics and fans alike.

Conclusion: The Lasting Legacy of “Schitt’s Creek”

As the proverbial curtain falls on “Schitt’s Creek,” the show has cemented its status in the annals of sitcom history. A testament to love, acceptance, and the power of laughter, the show transcended typical genre confines. Its legacy will undoubtedly endure, retaining its relevance and resonating with audiences for years to come.

In closing, as we glance back at the journey of the Roses and the town that grew on them, we’re reminded of the adage that “home is where the heart is.” For many, Schitt’s Creek, with all its quirky charm and warm ethos, will forever be a home away from home, a rare gem that continues to sparkle in the vast landscape of television comedy.

The Lowdown on ‘Schitt’s Creek’: Laughs, Lessons, and Little-Known Facts

Ah, “Schitt’s Creek” — the little show that could and then did. A sleeper hit that slept on the launchpad for a bit before blasting into the stratosphere of pop culture. So, let’s dive in and dish out some delightful tidbits that even the most eagle-eyed fans might have missed.

From Humble Beginnings to Big Bucks

Before “Schitt’s Creek” became the talk of the TV town, it was as obscure as a rare book tucked away in the depths of the Clarksville TN Library. But boy, once word got out, viewership skyrocketed faster than a quickie Vegas wedding!

The Noodle Budget

Every fan knows the Rose family’s riches to rags story, right? At first, their budgets were tighter than a lid on a cup Of Noodles. The show’s early days were far from the glitz and glam you might’ve expected, proving that you can indeed create magic on a dime—or in this case, a ramen packet’s worth.

Influential Laughs

Now, you might be thinking, “What’s a show gotta do to get some respect around here?” Well, tell you what, “Schitt’s Creek” isn’t just a hit; it’s a trendsetter! It wove its way into the lexicon of today’s Media Influencer faster than you can say “Ew, David!

Richer Than the Roses?

Sure, the Roses lost their fortune, but let’s talk real-world moolah for a sec. If you’re wondering, “Is anyone actually rolling in dough?” Well, the cast isn’t doing too shabby. For kicks, let’s compare Johnny Rose’s fictional empire to an athlete like Dwyane Wade. Dwyane Wade ‘s net worth might just make Johnny want to trade his video store empire for a basketball career!

Ageless Wonders

And believe it or not, Moira Rose and Jennifer Aniston practically share the same fountain of youth. Curious about How old Is Jennifer aniston? Well, just like our favorite soap star, she defies the laws of aging with as much grace as a Jazzagal hitting the high note.

The Tough Guy Cameo That Never Was

Picture this: The Roses are chillin’, and who walks in but ’80s icon Mr. T, with all his gold chains a-shimmerin’. Now, that’s an episode we’d have killed to see! Alas, it exists only in our dreams, but don’t pity the fool who imagines this mash-up. You never know what could happen in an alternate “Schitt’s Creek” universe, where Mr. T turns out to be Roland Schitt’s long-lost cousin.

A Biblical Twist?

And for your epic finale, what if I told you “Schitt’s Creek” was nearly as dramatic as “Exodus: Gods and Kings”? Think less parting of the Red Sea, more unveiling of Moira’s wigs. But the true miracle here isn’t on the scale of Exodus : Gods And Kings; it’s how this show managed to win hearts without any high-flying visual effects or Charlton Heston cameos!

So there you have it, folks! Whether you’re just wading into the “Schitt’s Creek” waters or you’ve been paddling around since day one, it’s clear that this show is a bonafide gem that’s given us more laughs and love than a family reunion gone right. Keep these fun facts as your behind-the-scenes guide to the Roses’ quirky world, and remember—when life gives you a creek, make like the Roses and find your way to thrive, no matter how topsy-turvy the current gets!

Schitt’s Creek (The Complete Collection) [DVD]

Schitt's Creek (The Complete Collection) [DVD]


Dive into the heartwarming and hilariously off-kilter world of “Schitt’s Creek” with the complete DVD collection of this critically acclaimed television phenomenon. Created by the dynamic father-son duo Eugene and Dan Levy, this series follows the once-wealthy Rose family as they adjust to life in the quaint town of Schitt’s Creek, which they once bought as a joke. The collection includes all six seasons, allowing fans to relive the journey of Johnny, Moira, David, and Alexis as they evolve from a family of disconnected individuals into a tight-knit quartet bound by love, resilience, and countless laugh-out-loud moments.

This exclusive DVD set is packed with bonus features that take you behind the iconic motel scenes, offering interviews with cast members, blooper reels, and featurettes that give insights into the show’s creation and evolution. From Moira’s extravagant wigs and accent to David’s unique fashion sense and Alexis’s unforgettable telling of “A Little Bit Alexis,” viewers get to see how these unforgettable elements came to be. The collection is a treasure trove for fans, making it the perfect keepsake or gift for anyone who cherishes character-driven comedy and heartfelt storytelling.

Not only is “Schitt’s Creek (The Complete Collection)” a celebration of the series’ six-year run, but it’s also a testament to its impact on pop culture and the strong, inclusive message it conveyed. The show has swept a host of awards, including an unprecedented sweep of the comedy categories at the 2020 Emmy Awards, highlighting its outstanding writing, directing, and performances, particularly from its core ensemble. This DVD set is an enduring reminder of the power of finding humor and humanity in unexpected places, all delivered with a uniquely Schitt’s Creek blend of wit and warmth.

Is David from Schitt’s Creek pansexual?

Oh, you betcha! David from “Schitt’s Creek” is pansexual. He’s got an eye for the person, not their gender—kind of like shopping for wine, as he explains, it’s all about the wine, not the label. That’s David for you; he loves who he loves, and that’s that!

Why does Moira wear wigs?

Talk about a versatile fashion statement! Moira wears wigs because they’re her armor, her crowning glory that helps her face the world of Schitt’s Creek with a dash of the dramatic. Whether she’s channeling a different persona or simply spicing up Tuesday, those wigs are as much a part of Moira as her one-of-a-kind vocabulary.

What’s the story behind Schitt’s Creek?

Alright! “Schitt’s Creek” is this fabulous tale of a wealthy family who suddenly finds themselves broke—talk about a twist of fate! The Roses lose it all, except for a tiny town named Schitt’s Creek, which, no joke, they once bought as a joke. This show’s all about their hilarious trials and errors as they adjust to life far from the lap of luxury.

What is Schitt’s Creek on Netflix?

What’s “Schitt’s Creek” on Netflix? Simply put, it’s your ticket to a binge-worthy escape with the Rose family, right from your couch. Yep, just grab some popcorn, get comfy, and let the quirky characters of this small town teach you a thing or two about love, life, and laughter. Netflix lets you join in the fun, no road trip required.

Did David and Stevie sleep together?

Oh yes, they did! David and Stevie, those two kindred spirits, ended up sharing more than just woes—they hopped into bed together in season 1. But hey, no need for spoilers; let’s just say their journey’s chock-full of twists, turns, and a friendship that’s a real gem.

Who does Stevie end up with?

Stevie? End up with someone? Well, she’s got quite the journey, but to keep it hush-hush, let’s just say she finds a special connection in her own time. Stevie’s love life’s got thrills and chills, but who she ends up with—or doesn’t—is part of her charm. Her heart’s like a secret menu, and we’re all just waiting to see what’s on it.

What is Moira Rose’s accent?

Hang on to your seats—Moira Rose’s accent is a true enigma, a magical concoction of…well, who knows what! It’s as unique as a unicorn and a hoot to try to pinpoint; a dash of Mid-Atlantic with a sprinkle of…Moira. It’s her signature dish, made with a spice only she knows.

Does Moira ever show her real hair?

Now, Moira showing her real hair? That’s rarer than a blue moon! The grand reveal happens in a special moment, but I won’t spill the beans. Just know this: Moira’s locks, hidden under her wiggery, are as enigmatic as the lady herself.

Does Moira have a personality disorder?

Hmm, a personality disorder? No official word on Moira having one—she’s just Moira. Eccentric? Sure. Unpredictable? You bet. But isn’t that just the spice of the Rose family? Moira’s a cocktail of complexities that never fails to surprise us!

Why did they cancel Schitt’s Creek?

Say it ain’t so! “Schitt’s Creek” ended by choice—the creators, Dan and Eugene Levy, wanted to wrap things up on a high note, not waiting for the love to fade. They shut the doors to the Rosebud Motel when it felt right, leaving us with memories sweeter than a slice of Mom’s apple pie.

Who is Alexis Rose based on?

Alexis Rose is not so much based on one person but rather inspired by those reality TV celebs we all know and…well, know. She’s a melange of the rich and famous, sprinkled with a bit of “ew, David!” for good measure—a true original, yet strikingly familiar.

Who does Alexis Rose end up with?

Alexis Rose, find love? Oh, she’s been around the block a time or two. But her heart’s journey is a rollercoaster ride of growth and self-discovery. Who she ends up with, well, that’d be telling. Just trust that her adventures in love are nothing short of “a little bit Alexis.”

What year is Schitt’s Creek set in?

As for the year “Schitt’s Creek” is set in—well, that’s a bit hazy, kinda like trying to remember where you put your keys. It’s got that timeless vibe, modern yet not tied down to a specific period. Let’s just say it exists in the magical land of whenever-you-want-it-to-be.

Why did Netflix drop Schitt’s Creek?

Netflix and “Schitt’s Creek” had to part ways, a classic “it’s not you, it’s me” situation. Licensing deals are fickle beasts, and when the time came, Netflix had to let go, leaving fans scrambling to find their Schitt’s fix elsewhere.

Where was Schitt’s Creek filmed?

And finally, “Schitt’s Creek”? Filmed in the great outdoors of Goodwood, Ontario, and other spots around Toronto, it’s genuine Canadian goodness. Just a stone’s throw from the big city, the real-life locale is as charming as the show itself. It might not be on any map, but it’s sure found a place in our hearts.


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