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Smile Amazon: 10 Shocking Secrets to Maximize Your Donations!

Unmasking the Power of Smile Amazon

Have you ever thought about how a joyful smile can lead to a chain of philanthropic activities? Smile Amazon, the cousin in commerce, has turned this visual delight into a charitable maneuver. In simple English, it’s a subdivision of the giant web-based retailer that donates a fraction of your purchase amount to an organization of your choice, at no additional cost to you!

The foundations of Smile Amazon were laid on a simple yet powerful concept: spreading smiles through charity. It has gained formidable importance by becoming a revolutionary tool that converts innocent shopping sprees into significant donation cycles. Hold on to your hats (or shopping carts) as we unveil the shocking secrets, viral videos and hacks to maximize your Smile Amazon donations.


Is Everything Eligible for Smile Amazon?

“I’ve got my shopping list ready, but are all items up for donations?” Ah, that’s the itch everyone has! The reality is, not everything tucked in your shopping cart qualifies for a Smile Amazon donation.

Most sold and fulfilled by Amazon items, denoted with “Eligible for Smile Amazon donation” on their product details pages, form the pearl within the oyster. Nothing’s wrong with a few clever tricks, like making use of the search filter “AmazonSmile eligible” in the search results or visiting the AmazonSmile Eligible Products Page.

Shocking Secret 1: Choosing the Right Charity for Your ‘Smile Amazon’ Donations

Hats off to your charitable spirit! But here comes the million-dollar question, “Which charity should I choose?” The number of charities listed on Smile Amazon is large enough to make your head spin, but it’s pivotal to select the organization that best aligns with your values and principles.

One easy way to unravel this knot is to categorize charities as per their mission and scale of influence; you can then select the one that best aligns with your ethos. Here’s the kicker: you can switch your chosen charity any time you fancy!



Shocking Secret 2: Amazon Smile Mobile Application

Who imagined that swiping and tapping could contribute towards making a difference in the world? Smile Amazon is accessible through the all-pervasive Amazon mobile app, and hence, is always at hand to stir your donations while you shop–even on the go!

To get Smile Amazon started on your mobile app, remember to activate it through the app settings. And here’s a tip from the wizards: ensure to renew the selection every 6 months since the app resets the Smile Amazon setting semi-annually.

Await for the second part of this write-up where we will dive deep into how the Amazon Smile Program works, some neat tricks to maximize your donations, and clarify some common misconceptions about the program!

Remember, every purchase via Smile Amazon is like applauding the performance of the best Guitarists Of all time, the donation makes an impact that reverberates much further than the smile it brings to your face.

Stay tuned to get the most out of your Smile Amazon shopping spree!

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