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Splash Mountain Disneyland: 7 Best Secrets for Crazy Fun Experience!

I. Awash with Memories: The Dawn of Splash Mountain Disneyland

A. Brief History of Splash Mountain Disneyland

Splash Mountain is a diamond in the crown of Disney’s amusement parks. Launched in Disneyland on July 17, 1989, it took the fancy of all Disney fanatics. A log-flume type of ride, it beautifully married haunt, whimsy, and fun, which catapulted it to eternal popularity.

B. Importance of Splash Mountain to Disneyland Experience

Splash Mountain quickly became one of the must-ride attractions in Disneyland. The bone-chilling plunge down the 50-feet high waterfall became a metaphor for thrill, adventure, and abandon that every visitor sought at Disneyland.

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II. The 7 Best Kept Secrets of Splash Mountain Disneyland

A. Origin of Unique Features/ Design Elements (secret 1)

Designed by veteran Imagineer Tony Baxter, the ride’s unique flume design and adventurous sequence was the result of a creative response to the surplus of animatronics from “America Sings,” another Disneyland attraction.

B. Backstory or Characters’ Tales in the Ride (secret 2)

The characters and storyline of Splash Mountain derive their origins from “Song of the South,” Disney’s 1946 film. Br’er Rabbit, Br’er Fox, and Br’er Bear add the charm of mischief, slyness and humor to the journey!

C. Hidden Mickeys and Other Cleverly Concealed Figures (secret 3)

Hunting for those ‘Hidden Mickeys’ sprinkled throughout the ride has augmented the excitement of the ride. The cleverly concealed figures have made every ride a fun treasure-hunt!

D. Surprising Insights from Splash Mountain Disneyland Maintenance Team (secret 4)

Splash Mountain requires around 950,000 gallons of water to operate! Maintaining the exact water level for the perfect splash is a creative challenge for the maintenance team.

E. How Splash Mountain has Evolved Over 30 Plus Years (secret 5)

Over 30 long years, Splash Mountain has endeared itself to the visitors, evolving its storyline, characters, and most notably, the modus operandi of the grand splash, making every visit a new experience.

F. Behind-the-scenes Tales of the Most Iconic Splash Moments (secret 6)

People remember the exhilarating 50-foot drop, but behind-the-scenes, it’s about coordinating a series of underwater conveyors, hydro-flumes, and pumps that create the ‘splash’ magic!

G. Unexpected Facts about the Ride’s Creation and Operation (secret 7)

Ever wondered why the folks at Disney named this “Splash Mountain”? Well, it’s pretty simple: they wanted to cross-promote the movie “Splash”!

III. Is Splash Mountain at Disneyland Closing?

A. Recap of Disney’s Announcement

In an unexpected turn, Disney announced plans in 2020 to close Splash Mountain. After more than 33 years of creating memories, the ride officially closed at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World parks on May 31 , 2023 .

B. Public Reaction to the News

The announcement struck a chord with fans. While many expressed nostalgia and disappointment, others showed understanding towards the renaming and re-theming of the attraction.

IV. Riding Through the History: The Roots of Splash Mountain Disneyland

A. The Connection to the 1946 Disney Film Song of the South

Drawing its storyline from the movie “Song of the South”, Splash Mountain suffered criticism for including characters and plots that unintentionally reinforced racial stereotypes.

B. Criticism and Controversies Surrounding Splash Mountain

The depiction of characters and cultures in Splash Mountain sparked debates about racism and cultural representation. Such controversies ultimately contributed to Disney’s decision to close and transform the ride.

V. Why is Splash Mountain Disneyland Closed?

A. Totally Revamping: The Motivation Behind a Complete Overhaul

Motivated by the ambition to promote inclusivity and cultural sensitivity, Disney decided to re-theme the ride. They selected “The Princess and the Frog”, a tale set in 1920s New Orleans with Disney’s first black princess, Tiana.

B. The Scope of the Theme Change Planned

The remodeling aims at complete transformation; refurbishing the ride to its core and enveloping it with a fresher, more modern Disney experience. The new ride will narrate the adventures of Princess Tiana and her trumpet-playing alligator friend, Louis.

splash mountain closing

VI. Are they Remodeling Splash Mountain at Disneyland?

A. Details about the Planned Renovation

Disney’s Imagineers will re-theme the ride to represent the Bayou from “The Princess and the Frog”. As visitors take a “pleasant drift around the Bayou,” they will encounter some jovial, singing residents, culminating in a magical Mardi Gras performance.

B. Anticipated Duration of the Renovation Process

The renovation is expected to be completed within a year. The curtain will rise on a revamped and renamed “Tiana’s Bayou Adventure” in late 2024.

VII. The Exciting Rebirth: Welcoming Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

A. Glimpse Into the Upcoming Princess and The Frog Theme

The ride will beautifully recreate scenes from “The Princess and The Frog”. Imagine meandering through Louisiana’s enchanting bayous with a trumpet playing alligator for a companion!

B. Expectations for the Re-Imagined Ride

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure promises an unforgettable ride with the same thrills Splash Mountain offered. The ride’s contemporary theme aims to capture new-age Disney fans and still hold the charm for the loyal enthusiasts.

VIII. Will Splash Mountain Reopen?

A. Announcement About the Reopening of the Revamped Ride

Disney’s “The Princess and The Frog” rethemed ride Is Slated To reopen in 2024. Fans are holding their breath for the new adventure that awaits them.

B. Expressing Anticipation and Thoughts on the Revival

Though many fans are nostalgic about the closing of Splash Mountain, there is palpable excitement about this re-theming. The anticipation is evenly mixed with curiosity about the revamped ride.

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IX. Looking Forward to New Splashes

A. Emotional Connection and Nostalgia of Splash Mountain Disneyland

The closure of Splash Mountain has stirred emotions of Disneyland’s devotees. As they bid farewell to a ride that hosted decades of thrilling memories, a wistful nostalgia is in the air!

B. Hopefulness and Excitement for the Future of the Iconic Ride

Though it’s tough to say goodbye, Disney fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting the dawn of a new, exciting era with Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. With Disney’s commitment to creating enchanting experiences, the new splash is sure to capture hearts!

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