Stanley 40 oz Tumbler

Stanley 40 oz Tumbler: 5 Awesome Features to Know

The Extraordinary History of the Stanley 40 oz Tumbler

Once upon a time, there was a legendary brand called Stanley, best known for creating some of the most rugged and durable outdoor gear. Among its most celebrated creations is the stanley 40 oz tumbler. This amazing drinkware has been a reliable companion to adventurers and everyday folks alike for decades, thanks to its hulk-like strength and various refreshing features.

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Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler 40oz (Black)


Unit count: 1.0
Item weight: 1.57 pounds
Care instructions: Machine Wash

A brief look back at the past, we can notice that the first Stanley Bottle was introduced in 1913 by a man named William Stanley Jr. Over a century later, the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation continues to impress with amazing products like the stanley 40 oz tumbler.

stanley cup 40 oz

Overwhelming Statistics of the Stanley 40 oz Tumbler

Sizzling Thermal Performance

One of the most significant reasons why people love the stanley 40 oz tumbler is its astounding thermal performance. Just imagine this drinkware giving you:

  • Hot liquids that stay hot for up to 7 hours
  • Cold drinks preserved for up to 11 hours
  • 45 glorious hours of refreshingly iced beverages.

Stanley Classic Vacuum Insulated Wide Mouth Bottle – BPA-Free 18/8 Stainless Steel Thermos for Cold & Hot Beverages – Keeps Liquid Hot or Cold for Up to 24 Hours


The Incredible Versatility of the Stanley Cup Tumbler

Astonishingly versatile, the stanley cup tumbler is perfect for users seeking something beyond just a regular tumbler. This bad boy is not only suitable for drinks like coffee, tea, and water, but also for cold-pressed juices, soup, and much more. Say goodbye to unappetizing luke-warm meals, and embrace the delightful warmth.

stanley cup tumbler

Enchanting Quenchers

With a whopping 40oz capacity, the stanley quencher is a dream come true for those who require a greater amount of hydration. Its colossal volume saves you the trouble of frequent refills, allowing you to focus on your adventures.

Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler with Lid and Straw for Water, Iced Tea or Coffee, Smoothie and More


Trivial yet Intriguing Trivia about the Stanley Tumbler

A Unique Cinematic Connection

Did you know that the incredible The Good Doctor cast members are known to keep their trusty stanley tumblers nearby while on set? Yup! Celebrities love the Stanley brand, too!

A Pop Culture Icon

Is there a chance you’ve mistaken Steve Urkel carrying around a stanley cup 40 oz? Well, it’s undoubtedly within the realm of possibilities! The Stanley brand has been around for so long that it wouldn’t be a surprise to see it in some of our favorite TV shows.

Stanley 10-02874-030 The Big Grip Beer Stein Matte Black 24OZ / .7L


Stanley for Sustainability

Seeking to quench your thirst without the guilt of disposable single-use bottles? Switching to a reusable stanley 40 oz tumbler can help you reduce waste and save money in the long run!

stanley tumbler

FAQs: What Every Stanley Buff Must Know

  1. What is the weight of the tumbler when empty?
    It weighs around 1.86 pounds, striking the perfect balance between durability and transportability.

  2. What is the tumbler made of?

The stanley 40 oz tumbler is made of 18/8 stainless steel with a BPA-free plastic lid. You can rest assured knowing your drinkware is functional and safe.

  1. Are these tumblers dishwasher safe?

Yes! Stanley takes pride in making drinkware that’s super easy to clean. However, if you have a pretty litter lying around, cleaning manually might be a better option!

  1. Where can I find replacements or spare parts?

For any queries, you can always head over to Samsung Customer Service. Although not affiliated with Stanley, they can guide you in the right direction.

  1. Does it come in different colors?

Absolutely! In fact, there is a limited edition stanley cup pink version available for those who like a hint of color with their drinkware.

Stanley Adventure Quencher H2.0 Flowstate 40 oz Tumbler – Polar Swirl


In conclusion, the stanley 40 oz tumbler is an intelligent and eco-friendly investment for those who value their beverages’ optimal temperature and taste. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or an on-the-go professional, this impressive drinkware has something to offer for everyone. Now that you’re armed with all the facts, it’s time to make a well-deserving addition to your drinkware collection. So, are you ready to unleash the power of the mighty Stanley 40 oz Tumbler?

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