How the technology explosion impacts business

How the technology explosion impacts business

Tech industry has grown at such a rapid pace over the past decade that many changes have occurred and the world has had to adapt to these changes.

With almost everything being online, businesses have seen a lot of change. Many businesses have seen a rapid rise in global recognition and are now able to easily communicate with potential partners or customers from all over the globe.

These advantages are being harnessed in their best ways but it would be unfair to overlook the other ways the technology explosion impacts business. This article will give you an objective view of the impact of the tech boom on the business world.

Technology has truly helped businesses

Technology can make your business more profitable, no matter how big or small it is. These are just a few of the many ways technology has benefited business operations.

It’s helped small businesses go international in a very short time.

A social media account can help a business start up and create enough content to attract followers from all over the globe.

It was impossible to do this before because business owners had to do more to reach out to the people of their home country.

Customers are protected

This is among the many reasons that the tech boom has helped businesses grow. People can now share their experiences with companies online by taking pictures and recording videos.

It is better if the experience is positive. However, if it is not, customers will be more likely to return.

This may sound strange to you but it’s good for customers as they now have the ability to expose businesses that are not as they claim. Online businesses are increasingly looking into product reviews in an effort to be transparent.

If you are happy with your service, potential buyers will leave reviews and give it five stars. This will encourage more customers to patronize your business and increase profits for online businesses that are successful.

Remote work has allowed you to save both time and money

Many people used remote work to survive the 2020 lockdown. This was something that would not have been possible without technology.

Companies had to close their offices, and tech companies around the globe optimized their platforms for the increased traffic. Meetings were held without the need to travel, documents were signed without using pen and paper, and new employees were interviewed via video conference.

Remote work can be a time-saver for businesses, and the lockdown proved that remote work could save them a lot of money. This is why remote work continues even after the pandemic is over.

It has made it possible for business teams to build stronger relationships

One would not want to work in a company where team members can’t communicate effectively. This is more than just phone calls. Workers can now meet with colleagues in other countries because organizations are becoming international.

They can share their ideas, advice each other and offer solutions to any problem they may be facing. These bonds between workers from different countries can create amazing work chemistry, which can help in the growth of any company.

Technology in business: The other side

Technology isn’t bad for business and it can never be. However, just as everything that has changed the world, there are some flaws to the tech boom. If not managed well, it could lead to a loss of business.

People are losing their jobs

One of the major fears in the early days technology was that people would lose jobs to computers. Remote work has proven that it is possible to grow a business without having certain employees.

This is why many people have lost their jobs between 2020-now, as their services are provided by different types of software and hardware. The cost of maintaining the gadgets is a fraction compared to their salaries.

People are now less inclined to patronize tech-focused products and services.

The housing market is rising.

Remote work makes it easier for workers but also causes more stress in the lives of those around them. Remote work has led to an increase in house rent costs. This is due to more people staying at home.

Although it may sound like a weak reason to raise rent, this makes sense when you consider the landlords and the laws that govern demand and supply.

Rent will rise as more people move into a certain area due to its calm environment and potential for remote work.


Everyone loves the idea of scanning paper documents and saving them as software. However, hacking can be a big problem for businesses and their sensitive data.

It is possible to steal business ideas, money, and create fake identities that can then be integrated into a company’s workforce. . . Hacking can be a serious threat to any business in many different ways.

Although cybersecurity is under control, it remains a constant threat to businesses.


It’s easy to become distracted today, thanks to all the apps that are available now that weren’t even ten years ago.

Employees could use their work time to watch TikTok videos and play video games or watch movies, even though they should be working.

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