Untuckit Review: Top 5 Reasons to Love This Shirt

Untuckit, the brainchild of Founder Chris Riccobono and CEO Aaron Sanandres, has been revolutionizing men’s fashion one shirt at a time. Their mission: to make your untucked look polished and perfect with an extra touch of convenience – no tucking, no tailoring, only style.

The Rise of Untuckit: Rewriting the Rules of Men’s Fashion

Untuckit’s Brand Story and Evolution

Untuckit first entered the fashion arena with a simple idea, inspired by the casual lifestyle of today’s urban men and women. While many believe the brand incubated on the entrepreneurial game show Shark Tank, the reality is amusingly different. Founders Chris Riccobono and Aaron Sanandres never graced the Tank, but, in a twist of irony, they did have a lively chat with Shark Tank judge Kevin O’Leary on his podcast, Ask Mr. Wonderful. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Market Position and Impact on the Fashion Industry

Untuckit has successfully carved its niche by recognizing and answering an age-old conundrum of how to rock an untucked shirt without resemblance to a sloppy mess. In doing so, Untuckit created an informal revolution in the male wardrobe, challenging the status quo of conventional shirts designed primarily to be tucked in. The brand’s innovative approach has placed them in an enviable position in the market, elbow to elbow with industry giants like Bonobos, Ralph Lauren, and Brooks Brothers.

Analysis of Target Market and Audience Response

Untuckit cleverly tapped into an emerging trend for a more casual aesthetic, appealing to men desiring to look good without trying too hard. Fueling this trend is a generation of men who value comfort just as much as style, blurring the lines between formal and casual wear. Lightweight layering and relaxed-fit “frame Jeans” have become the go-to casual look, and Untuckit has become their designer of choice.

Enhancing Style with Untuckit

UNTUCKit Orville Untucked Shirt for Men, Long Sleeve, Wrinkle Free, Blue, X Large, Regular Fit

UNTUCKit Orville   Untucked Shirt for Men, Long Sleeve, Wrinkle Free, Blue, X Large, Regular Fit


The UNTUCKit Orville Untucked Shirt for Men offers a striking balance between traditional and casual style. This X Large, Regular Fit shirt is designed with long sleeves making it suitable and comfortable for any occasion, be it a formal or casual setting. The subtle blue palette resonates professional competence, while still keeping its cool and laid-back vibe. Perfect for men who enjoy the elegance of simplicity, this piece hinges on the concept of an untucked yet smartly dressed down look.

The most prominent feature of the UNTUCKit Orville shirt is its wrinkle-free fabric. This means it requires minimal upkeep, allowing the user to simply wash, hang, and wear this shirt without worrying about ironing. The quality fabric ensures that this shirt stays crisp and fresh all day long, eliminating the hassle of unwanted creases even after hours of wear. User-friendly in every way, this shirt epitomizes practicality with style.

The UNTUCKit Orville Untucked Shirt for Men embraces the idea of comfort alongside style. Its Regular Fit ensures that the wearer experiences optimum ease while moving, while the long sleeve design gives it a sophisticated edge. The ‘Untuckit’ aspect prioritizes the wearer’s comfort, allowing them the freedom to wear this shirt untucked without compromising on sartorial elegance. With the UNTUCKit Orville shirt, men no longer have to choose between comfort and style; they’re seamlessly combined in one high-quality, versatile garment.

Overview of Untuckit’s Design Philosophy

Ditching pretension and embracing versatility, Untuckit has combined untucked convenience with a tailor-fit torso. The brand’s design philosophy is rooted in everyday practicality, dedicated to breaking away from the confines of traditional apparel.

Image 8980

Deep Dive into Key Fashion Trends Embodied by Untuckit

Untuckit asserts its position at the forefront of contemporary fashion as an advocate of polished casual appeal. It’s the perfect partner for a trendy sneaker – something made quite evident by the brand’s synchrony with “on Sneakers“, offering chic, casual ensemble possibilities.

Comparative Analysis: Untuckit vs. Conventional Shirts

Comparing Untuckit with conventional shirts reveals stark differences not only in design but also in their underlying philosophies. Traditional dress shirts serve as a symbol of formality and professional suitability, whereas Untuckit champions individualistic approach and situational adaptability.

UNTUCKit Black Stone with Red Untucked Shirt for Men, Short Sleeve, Wrinkle Free, Navy, X Large, Regular Fit

UNTUCKit Black Stone with Red   Untucked Shirt for Men, Short Sleeve, Wrinkle Free, Navy, X Large, Regular Fit


The UNTUCKit Black Stone with Red Untucked Shirt for Men is the perfect blend of style, comfort, and convenience. This navy, short-sleeve shirt is designed specifically to be worn untucked; hence it imparts a laid-back yet sophisticated look. The unique black stone color with a hint of red, gives the shirt its handsome hue, while the regular fit ensures relaxed comfort for an X-large size.

Made from a fine quality, wrinkle-free fabric, thisshirt requires minimum upkeep and can easily transition from day to night-look, making it ideal for all your casual to semi-formal events. Its innovative wrinkle-free technology ensures that you always look your best, without having to worry about ironing. The short sleeves add to the overall comfort and enhance the casual elegance of the shirt.

The UNTUCKit Black Stone with Red Untucked Shirt provides the perfect addition to any modern man’s wardrobe. It offers a stylish solution for those seeking a comfortable shirt that looks equally good at work or over the weekend. Its focus on quality and easy-care makes it an excellent choice for today’s busy, fashion-conscious men.

Subject Details
Brand Name UNTUCKit
Founders Chris Riccobono and CEO Aaron Sanandres
Product type Apparel retailer – Untucked casual shirts and accessories for men and women
Unique Selling Proposition Untucked shirts designed to look polished even when dressing casually. No tucking or tailoring required
Misconception Many people who’ve heard of UNTUCKit think the brand was born from the entrepreneur game show Shark Tank
Relationship with Shark Tank Although they did not appear on the show, the founders recently chatted with Shark Tank judge Kevin O’Leary on his podcast, Ask Mr. Wonderful
Trends While majority of dress shirts are manufactured to be worn tucked in, UNTUCKit caters to recent trends of a more casual approach, resorting to lightweight layering and going untucked
Competitors Bonobos, Ralph Lauren, Eloquii, Dia&Co and Brooks Brothers
Bonobos An ecommerce driven brand focused on delivering clothing for men
Price Range While specific prices can vary based on style, size, and other factors, UNTUCKit shirts generally fall in the mid-to-high price range for casual menswear

Fit Perfectly: Uniquely Untuckit

Review and Analysis of Untuckit’s Fitting

Untuckit focuses on making men look neat and put-together, regardless of their shape and size. The brand’s secret lies in tailoring the torso for a better fit and adjusting the shirt lengths to ensure they don’t exceed the mid-zipper line when untucked. This unique finesse ensured that Untuckit triumphed over the “Kevin durant injury” fashion issue many men face, where shirts don’t fit right due to height differences.

Customers’ Feedback and Review on Fit Aspect

Judging by customers’ feedback, the biggest selling point for Untuckit is their impressive fit. Men of all sizes have appreciated the brand’s approach to accommodate various body shapes without sacrificing style, truly marking it as a game-changer in men’s fashion.

Consequences of Perfect Fitting in Enhancing Appearance

Untuckit’s perfect fit has made the untucked look an increasingly viable option for occasions outside the realm of ultra-casual events. The value of good clothing goes beyond fabric and design; it profoundly affects an individual’s self-confidence and manner. Better-fitting shirts mean better body language and an overall improvement in appearance and demeanour.

Image 8981

The Comfort Factor: Untuckit’s Winning Strategy

Detailed Examination of the Comfort Level Offered by Untuckit

The comfort offered by Untuckit is not merely a clever marketing ploy, but a tangible and essential aspect of their offerings. Untuckit goes beyond the standard practice of adapting designs for comfort. They’ve made comfort the cornerstone of their entire brand strategy, an admirable commitment that has won over men looking to decompress in style.

Analysis of Fabric and Manufacturing Process Contributing to Comfort

Untuckit’s dedication extends to the manufacturing process, where the fabric used for the shirts is carefully selected to ensure maximum comfort. This is a critical difference between Untuckit and traditional shirts – a subtle, yet far-reaching modification that has transformative effects on the brand’s popularity and acceptance.

Impact of Comfort on Overall Style Quotient and Individuals’ Confidence

A comfortable individual is a confident individual, and Abercrombie and Fitch were quick to capitalize on this fact. By placing comfort at the heart of their products, Untuckit empowers their customers, boosting their confidence, and proving that style and comfort can indeed coexist.

COOFANDY Men Untucked Chambray Shirt Regular Fit Button Up Long Sleeve Dress Shirt Navy Blue

COOFANDY Men Untucked Chambray Shirt Regular Fit Button Up Long Sleeve Dress Shirt Navy Blue


The COOFANDY Men’s Untucked Chambray Shirt is a tastefully designed, regular fit button-up shirt that exhibits a strong sense of style and comfort. Tailored in Navy Blue, this long sleeve dress shirt is made from high-quality chambray fabric, offering its wearer unparalleled softness and durability, perfect for daily wear or special occasions. The shirt features a modern untucked style, blending into both casual or formal settings with ease, making it a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

The attention to detail in this COOFANDY design is outstanding, with neat, button-up collars, long sleeves, and an unmissable, crisp navy blue color that exudes elegance and sophistication. Its regular fit offers enough room for movement, ensuring all-day comfort without compromising on style. Additionally, the shirt’s construction is carefully crafted, offering neat stitching and seamless finishes to ensure a polished look.

Furthermore, this COOFANDY Men’s Untucked Chambray shirt is not only stylish and durable but it is also easy to maintain. It can be machine-washed without fear of color fade or shrinkage. Its timeless design and high-quality fabric ensure extended durability and style retention even after multiple washes. Moreover, the navy blue hue, when paired with the right accessories, can add a touch of charm to any outfit, be it for office meetings, casual gatherings or even date nights.

Value for Money: Making a Statement with Untuckit

Pricing Analysis: Untuckit vs Competitors

In a head-to-head price comparison, Untuckit fares well against its competitors. While it may not be the cheapest option available, it offers an unbeatable value-for-money proposition. This affordability combined with their high-quality shirts makes their collection an investment that pays dividends in style and comfort.

Investigation into the Longevity and Quality of Untuckit Shirts

Quality is of paramount importance to Untuckit. Unlike traditional shirts that may lose their shape over time, Untuckit shirts are designed for durability. Given the quality of materials used, Untuckit has managed to put longevity and style on an equal footing.

Perspectives on Why Untuckit Represents Value for Money

Offering premium quality at affordable prices, Untuckit has won the hearts of its ever-growing customer base. And while price may be a glaring aspect, the brand’s insistence on comfort, style, and adaptability make it a total steal.

Image 8982

Conservation and Responsibility: Untuckit Makes its Mark

Examination of Untuckit’s Sustainable Practice

Untuckit recognizes the importance of sustainable production and has begun integrating environment-friendly practices into their manufacturing. Their efforts are certainly commendable, reflected in every shirt they produce.

Analysis of How Sustainability Factors into Customer Decisions Towards Untuckit

Increasingly conscious consumers are drawn to brands demonstrating responsibility and sustainability. In this arena, Untuckit’s efforts have raised their brand credibility significantly, making them a favorite among the conscious fashion-loving populace.

Benefits of Embracing Fashion Labels Prioritising Sustainability

By choosing sustainable brands like Untuckit, customers are not just enhancing their style game but also lending their support to Mother Earth. It’s a conscious and fashionable choice that serves our planet and our wardrobes in equal measure.

UNTUCKit Bordeaux Untucked Shirt for Men, Long Sleeve, Wrinkle Free, Blue, X Large, Regular Fit

UNTUCKit Bordeaux   Untucked Shirt for Men, Long Sleeve, Wrinkle Free, Blue, X Large, Regular Fit


The UNTUCKit Bordeaux Untucked Shirt for Men is a must-have addition to any man’s wardrobe. This long-sleeved shirt in a classic blue shade is designed to be worn untucked, offering a casual yet sophisticated look that effortlessly takes you from daytime to dinner. Exclusively tailored in a regular X-Large fit, it ensures unrestricted movement for maximum comfort without compromising style.

Invest in this shirt and experience the genius blend of comfort and elegance. Made from wrinkle-free fabric, the UNTUCKit Bordeaux Untucked Shirt is perfect for travel and long days where you need to look your best. Its low maintenance design requires minimum effort to maintain, yet it always delivers a crisp and tidy appearance regardless of the challenge that life throws at you.

Lastly, what makes the UNTUCKit Bordeaux Untucked Shirt special is its versatility. Whether you’re heading to the office, having a casual day out or getting ready for an evening soiree, this shirt can effortlessly match the occasion. Pair it with jeans or chinos and step out with confidence, knowing that you are perfectly dressed for any event.

Final Reflection on the Untuckit Phenomenon

Recap of Salient Points Discussed

Untuckit’s unprecedented success hinges on their customer-focused design philosophy, commitment to quality and comfort, and an eye on sustainability. And while pricing may seem higher than some competitors, when considering material quality and fit precision, these shirts are indeed value for money.

Author’s Personal Perspective on Untuckit and its Business Model

Untuckit has certainly made an indelible mark on the men’s fashion industry. Their disruptive business model hinges on understanding current fashion trends, identifying gaps in the market, and delivering what their customers want. They are not just a brand; they are a style statement and a movement in themselves.

Future Projection and Final Thoughts on the Brand’s Potential Growth

After conquering the men’s casual shirt market, what’s next for Untuckit? With their innovative approach, winning style strategy, and commitment to sustainability. They are expected to thrive and lead us to a more relaxed but polished fashion future, just like a leisurely tour at the “21c museum hotel” after knowing “Shakira age“, a splendid mix of fun, sophistication, and culture. Untuckit, certainly, feels like the beginning of a new fashion era.

What is so special about UNTUCKit shirts?

Well, the unique selling point of UNTUCKit shirts is that they are designed specifically to be worn untucked. Yup, that’s right. They sport a perfect length and tailored shape, which ensures they always appear neat and stylish, even when not tucked into your pants.

Do UNTUCKit shirts run big or small?

Well, isn’t that interesting? UNTUCKit shirts run pretty true to size. They’re not oversized, and they’re not too fitted either. So, you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll get a comfy, ‘just right’ fit from these gems.

Did untucked start on Shark Tank?

Gosh, no! UNTUCKit didn’t start on Shark Tank, although it’s easy to think they might have. They’ve certainly made a splash in the business scene but their journey began in 2011, founded by Chris Riccobono and Aaron Sanandres.

What brand is similar to UNTUCKit?

If you’re scouting for brands similar to UNTUCKit, consider taking a gander at Mizzen+Main. Offering shirts specially designed for a casual, untucked look, this brand might tickle your fancy.

Does UNTUCKit have a competitor?

Absolutely! UNTUCKit does have competitors, Mizzen+Main is one of them, along with Tommy John and Traditional casual wear brands — all duking it out for a slice of the ‘neat untucked’ market.

Is UNTUCKit made in China?

Well this might come as a surprise, but UNTUCKit shirts are not made in China. In fact, they’re produced worldwide, including countries like Peru and Sri Lanka.

Do UNTUCKit shirts shrink in the dryer?

Whoa, hold your horses! Don’t toss your UNTUCKit shirts in the dryer. They’re made with high-quality fabrics that might shrink under extreme heat. Best to hang them dry to maintain their fit and finish.

Can you wear UNTUCKit shirts tucked in?

Well, funny you should ask! While UNTUCKit shirts are designed to be worn untucked, there’s no rule against doing the opposite. You sure can tuck ’em in if that’s your style.

Do UNTUCKit shirts fit big guys?

Now, for all the generously-sized gents wondering, don’t fret. UNTUCKit shirts cater to a range of body types and yes, they do fit bigger guys comfortably too.

Is UNTUCKit making money?

Onto the nitty-gritty, UNTUCKit is indeed making money. With more than 50 stores nationally and successful expansion internationally, they’re certainly raking it in!

Is UNTUCKit made in America?

Well, this might surprise you, UNTUCKit is not made in America. They pick higher-quality materials from around the globe to produce the best possible shirts.

Who owns UNTUCKit shirts?

As for ownership, UNTUCKit shirts are owned by the dynamic duo of Chris Riccobono and Aaron Sanandres, who have been running the show since 2011.

What is different about untucked shirts?

But what makes these untucked shirts different, you may ask? It’s all about the tailored fit and distinct length—designed to look neat and put-together even when they’re not tucked in.

Where is the owner of UNTUCKit from?

Oh, and in case you were curious, Chris Riccobono, one of the company’s founders, is from Staten Island. Yes, a New Yorker through and through!

What is the value of UNTUCKit?

Now onto the dollar signs – the value of UNTUCKit isn’t publicly available, but with their continuous growth and popularity, it’s clear they’re not pulling in peanuts!

What is different about untucked shirts?

As for whether untucked shirts look bad – not with UNTUCKit, they don’t. These shirts are designed to look sharp and sleek, giving you that “effortlessly cool” vibe.

Do untucked shirts look bad?

As I mentioned earlier, be sure to hang-dry your UNTUCKit shirts, they could potentially shrink in the dryer.

Do UNTUCKit shirts shrink in the dryer?

And finally, do UNTUCKit shirts look good? Well, beauty’s often in the eye of the beholder, but we reckon they’re quite the lookers. With a neat, tailored fit, they’re sure to make you the talk of the town!

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