Fashion Trends for Spring

What are the next fashion trends for spring 2022?

Fashion-forward is a compliment. But this spring, menswear is going all retro with varsity jackets. Cardigans. Flared trousers.

Fashion trends are always changing. This is something everyone understands. Retro looks has been taking the fashion world by storm for the last five or six decades. Form-fitting everything is long gone. Young stylists and veterans are instead bringing back fashion trends from years ago. This Showtime Era Lakers warmups are an excellent example.

Look to the next season of fashion and you will see that textures and shapes are still king. You can still recall your high school days with a relaxed pair of jeans and a varsity jacket. Pair long knitted or cotton cardsigans with baggy pants and sneakers for a cold afternoon. A button-up shirt with strong, pointy collar is the best way to end the day. You can’t go wrong with the Cuban links or corduroy flared pants.

If this is not your style, you might consider switching to another season. Light, oversized shirts will be a popular choice for spring. A sleeveless top is an ideal option if you have been working out your summer body. Bermuda shorts, which are still in style, also matter. Baggy pants and baggy bottoms are back as if it was the mid 2000s.

For footwear, the beach trend continues. No matter what kind of sneakers you are wearing, it doesn’t really matter which. But now you need to show off your style with some fashionable sandals. Please, no slippers or mules in 2020.

Colors are an essential part of style. Some of the colors this season are pastels and cameo greens. A bold pink color is a sign of confidence. For a more psychedelic look, you can mix the two together (plus another color). The more neon colors you use in your outfit, the better.

This look will bring you back to the present, even though it sounds like something from Back to the Future. This spring, take any excuse to get dressed up. We’ve all been wearing too many sweatpants in the past year. It’s high time to change that and get out of our comfort zone.

You’ll look smart and professional for every occasion with some of these pieces.

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