Harry Styles' New Album Will Be Released in Late May

Harry Styles’ New Album Will Be Released in Late May

Harry Styles, fresh from his headline performance at Coachella, is about to release his third studio album. “Harry’s House”, which will be out soon, is sure to make a splash in the summer.

The original (and not longer arguable) One Direction singer released the first single “As It Was” for the album on April Fool’s Day. This song, which is quite objectively catchy, has gone viral on TikTok. The song gained immense popularity when Styles released a funny music video and performed it at Coachella. Styles wears a similar wardrobe to Will Ferrell’s Blades of Glory Ice Skating garb in every appearance.

We are only speculating on the highly-anticipated album. As reviews start to trickle in from news outlets, we can only speculate that the album will be spectacular. We know that it is a fun album about love, and how to express it freely. It’s the album that is sure to be a favorite among high school students, as they begin and end their summer romances.

Actor/director Olivia Wilde is the subject of his affection. Wilde was recently in the news after she received custody papers regarding her children and Jason Sudeikis. The couple split in 2020. Styles boldly proclaiming his love in “Cinema”, a hardly-cryptic song, it seems like a new door has been opened for them. Styles is also featured in Wilde’s next film, “Don’t worry darling.”

Styles, in an exclusive with Better Homes & Gardens interview, emerges from his musical reluctance. Styles had to find his own way after he left One Direction. One Direction heavily influenced his creative direction. He stated that serious music was what he needed to be taken seriously in order to be taken seriously. With his third solo album and the Grammy for Best Pop Solo Performance, he is able to make the music that he wants.

Styles said, “I just want stuff that is right, fun, in terms, of the process that I can feel proud of for a very long time, my friends, my family, and that my kids can be proud to be proud”

American Songwriter is one publication which has published its review before the May 20th album release.

Styles may be recounting a series romances to a friend. It’s intimate, but relatable. Complex but easy to understand,” said Assistant Editor Catherine Walthall.

Concerning Money Maker, we’ll form our own opinion. Styles’ Love Boat promises to be an exhilarating ride.

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