Why is Birria So Popular?

Street tacos are popular as a Southern California favorite however, people also love this slow-cooked goat version.

I’m not sure if everyone was tired of eating street tacos (a ridiculous idea, I know) It seems like Mexican restaurants have to carry this delicacy to stay current with food trends. Birria is an invention from Spain which brought goats to Mexico. This was in particular the Jalisco state, where the bulk of Tequila is produced. During colonization, Spaniards brought spices with them and classified goat meat as hard and tough, which Mexicans discovered a way to soften and use for. Skipping ahead brings us the dish we know today.

Birria is typically goat, but it can be prepared using a variety of meats ranging from lamb to pork to beef. It is generally slow-cooked, and served with consomme or birria broth. In the majority of cases the goat meat is of a similar texture to the barbacoa-shredded beef. The meat is cooked slowly in the same way to soften and firm it. Goat tends to be slightly stronger in its flavor regardless of how you cut it.

The thing that sets the birria flavors apart are the different ingredients and chilies that are that are used in the process. The traditional ingredients usually include chipotle peppers, dried ancho chiles, and dried guajillo chilies and other common spices that come with Mexican food such as tomatoes and onions.

The stewing process takes time, as the slowest methods can last for hours. After the meat is cooked, it is possible to prepare the meat into a crisp taco. The cheese is added to the shell and fry it. Include lime juice in the shell, then dip into your concoction. Whatever you decide to do the end result is well worth it.

It has recently become quite popular due to social media. Chefs usually dip the tortillas into the consomme, which has deep brownish-red. The prepared birria tacos can also be dipped into the consomme, similar to a French dip sandwich. It was quickly popularized because of its unique look and ease of eating. There’s a reason for it. Their messy appearance and attractive appeal only enhances the taste.

There is always a need for new ways to eat food items that are familiar. This usually comes in the form culinary fusion, ingredient substitution or simply throwing things in tortillas and calling that a day. Birria, also known as stew, ticks every box.

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