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Kirk Rich Dial Co. My Jewelry Repair announces Partnership

Kirk Rich Dial Corporation & My Jewelry Repair are proud announce a formal partnership. This will allow the companies to improve their craft and keep their promise to offer the best watch restoration services.

Juan Guevara (CEO of My Jewelry Repair) says that “we believe this partnership will be the beginning of great opportunities for both our companies.” Kirk Rich is the leader in dial refinishing. They treat their work as an art and are the best. We can all share ideas about how we can best serve our customers. This includes the work on the bench and the adoption of tech to help us communicate with our customers. This is only the beginning.

All My Jewelry Repair customers will have their dial refinishing done by Kirk Rich Dial Co. Watch restorations that go beyond the basics of dial refinishing can be done simultaneously by certified watchmakers from My Jewelry Repair’s Watch Repair Service Center. The two companies are collaborating to build a Kirk Rich Dial Co. office that will be adjacent to or expand upon My Jewelry Repair’s Southern California facilities.

Kirk Rich Dial Co. is a leading provider of dial refinishing services throughout the United States and is well-respected worldwide. Their exquisite designs can be refinished on both new and antique timepieces. They are manufactured in their own facility so they meet the high standards of watchmakers such as Omega, Richemont Group, Rolex and others.

My Jewelry Repair is the most trusted online watch and jewelry repair service in America. They have partnered with many famous brands like Bulova, Montblanc, Macy’s, and Macy’s. They continue to strive to offer the best Jewelry and Watch Repair experience, from master craftsmen to state of-the-art facilities. My Jewelry Repair views this partnership as an example. They believe that quality is not achieved by having the best elements, but by combining them all in the restoration process.


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