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MT&W to Launch Affordable Vintage Style Watch with Aged Patina Dial via Kickstarter

MT&W is about to launch a vintage style watch with an aged patina dial via Kickstarter. The prelaunch campaign for the Eclipse Vintage Chronograph now live at is introducing the soon-to-be-launched watch and its premium features that are matched with an affordable price.

Ted Leung, co-founder of MT&W, stated, “We have created a wristwatch which reinvents the world of racing cars from the 1970s but adds modern craftsmanship and advanced features. This will make it a unique watch that people can buy for a surprising low price.”

This watch features a high-end, hardened dome crystal and a mechanical quartz movement. It also has the brand’s vintage patina dial. The brand representative stated that the watch is meant to be a timeless piece of timepiece, made to last, designed for impress and built to make wristwatch lovers proud to wear it.

The classic dial is the most distinctive feature of the Eclipse Vintage Chronograph. The dial’s base material is a matte black that is barely visible from the outside. Each watch is unique because the majority of the dial has been coated with MT&W’s signature patina effect.

Watchmakers at the brand use a “patination” technique to treat dials. This involves using a special mixture of chemicals. The watchmakers choose the color they want for each patina. The Co-Founder of MT&W explained that although the process is identical, the final result and the color are always unique.

The watch’s distinctive features include a bezel with a width of 40mm, a vintage Tachymetre design from the 1970s, a 316L Stainless Steel case with a double-curved lug, polished by hand, as well as a case with a screw down back that makes it easy to service the watch in the future.

Kickstarter backers will have the opportunity to purchase the Eclipse Vintage Chronograph in six colors: Eclipse (Panda, W Panda), Oceanic, Racing Green, Steel Gray, and Panda.


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