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December-Birthstone: 10 Best Investments for an Insane ROI in 2024!

Hello therе, savvy investors! Today we delve deep into аn obscure vein of treasure — the surprisingly lucrative world of gemstone investments, highlighting yet another unconventionаl аvenue to park your dollars. Let’s cut to the chase and focus on the treasure trove of December-born folks — the mesmerizing December-Birthstones.

Deciphering December-Birthstone: Its Significance and Symbolism

Oh, how the universe dances in mysterious ways, bestowing upon the frosty month of December, three unique and vibrant birthstones: Turquoise, Tanzanite, and Blue Zircon, painting December’s canvas with a plethora of blue hues.

Ties That Bind: Understanding The Connection of December-Birthstone to Birth, Success, and Fortune

As tradition goes, turquoise was dedicated to December, believed to symbolize good fortune and success. However, the modern age welcomed two stunning alternatives: Tanzanite and Blue Zircon. Just like a perfectly executed Alabama hot pocket, the universe served these three, each carrying a unique blue tone and an aura of positive vibes.

The Trio of December’s Choice: Turquoise, Tanzanite, and Blue Zircon

These three beautiful December stones empower its bearers with a cool, calming tranquility, akin to an oracle whispering success, fortune, and prosperity into their ears. Let’s get to know the trio’s charisma better!

Unraveling the Mystery of December-Birthstone Colors

Bask and marvel at the myriad of colors that these treasures possess!

Image 7584

The Traditional Turquoise: A Profile of December’s Original Birthstone

Turquoise, the original birthstone for December, boasts a fascinating palate of colors, ranging from dazzling sky blue to mossy green. Its ancient appeal has charmed civilizations, shaping style trends throughout history.

The Tanzanite Transition: A Dive into the Modern Swap from Turquoise

Tanzanite, the modern adoption, is unique to Tanzania’s Merelani Hills. Its violet-blue brilliance mirrors the calmness of a December night, possessing a rare color change effect that’s akin to flipping through an enticing collection of alphabet Images.

The Zircon Zest: Exploring the Variety of Hues in the New Blue

Originally sporting a multitude of colors, Zircon’s blue variant stole the December show. This gem’s radiance shimmers as passionately as the excitement surrounding Invincible Season 2!

Image 7585

December Birthstones Color Variations Characteristics Symbolism
Blue Zircon Preference for Blue, but also available in Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, and Brown Known for its high refractive index and spectral fire that’s just less than a diamond’s Represents honor, wisdom, and prosperity
Tanzanite Exclusive Deep Blue with a hint of Purple One of the most sought after gemstones due to its rarity and striking color Stands for profound transformation, insight, and sophistication
Turquoise Sky Blue to Green Praised for its opaque character and unique mark, which creates a water-like transparency Traditional Birthstone for December. Symbolizes good fortune and success
Blue Topaz Light Blue to Intense Greenish-Blue Known for its stellar durability and reasonable price considering its beauty Stands for honesty, deep emotional attachment, and clarity of feelings

The Investing Spectrum of December-Birthstone

Now, let’s navigate the fascinating investment opportunities these December treasures present!

The Tangible Treasure of Tanzanite: Top Reasons to Invest in 2024

Tanzanite, exclusive to a tiny slither of Tanzania, is a thousand times rarer than diamonds! No wonder investment enthusiasts are star-struck!

Bullish on Blue Zircon: Its Ultimate Investment Potential in 2024

Zircon, the oldest mineral on Earth, holds promising potential for massive returns due to its increasing rarity and declining supplies, much like the fervor surrounding a collectible Rally house.

Timeless Turquoise: Why it Stands as a Lucrative Investment

Turquoise, an ancient gem, holds timeless appeal across cultures. Its investment potential is as sturdy and reliable as a gorgeous piece From The piercing pagoda!

December-Birthstone: The 10 Best Investments for Unbelievable ROI in 2024

Fasten your seatbelts as we journey through the most promising December-Birthstone investments this year!

Investment #1 – Tanzanite Precious Stone Jewelry

High-grade Tanzanite stone jewelry promises solid return prospects, shining as brightly as Marjorie Harvey’s career on a Marjorie harvey article.

Investment #2 – Blue Zircon Heart Pendant

Zircon, used widely due to its diamond-like brilliance, is a pragmatic investment. Blue Zircon heart pendants offer a blend of aesthetic and investment value.

Investment #3 – Antique Turquoise Necklace

The soothing blue-green Turquoise encrusted in a vintage setting bears the charm of times past and a robust return potential.

Investments #4 to #10 – Other Precious December-Birthstone Jewelry Pieces

  • Tanzanite and Diamond Ring
  • Blue Zircon Stud Earrings
  • Turquoise and Silver Bracelet
  • Tanzanite and Gold Choker
  • Blue Zircon Gem-Studded Brooch
  • Turquoise and Pearl Drop Earrings
  • Tanzanite Layered Necklace

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Go Beyond Blue: The Hidden Investment Opportunities in Other December-Birthstone Colors

While blue may be the preferred choice, let’s explore other colors the December-Birthstone proudly wears.

Red as Rubies, Clear as Crystal: Pushing the Boundaries of December-Birthstones

Don’t hesitate to explore the vibrant red, clear, green, yellow, and brown hues embodied by December’s fascinating birthstones.

Image 7587

Future Forecast of December-Birthstone Investment

With a keen eye on the horizon, let’s predict the birthstone market’s performance!

Predicting the Performance: The Expected Upscale in the Birthstone Market

Considering the increasing scarcity and appeal, a sustained upscale in the December-Birthstone market seems a sure bet, perhaps even more reliable than the precious metals on Apmex!

Image 7588

Wrapping It Up: Your December-Birthstone Investment Journey for 2024

Equipped with this treasure map to navigate the enticing seas of December-Birthstone investments, you’re all set to set sail! Embrace the mixture of mysticism and finance, and brace yourself for returns as vast as the ocean!

Overall, 2024 appears to be a gem of a year for the December-Birthstone investors. So, go ahead, add a sparkle to your portfolio and enjoy the ride, folks! Remember, hidden within these tangible treasures are your Fortune’s favours waiting to unfurl!

What is December birthstone color?

Well, isn’t December just lovely! The birthstone color for December is primarily blue, representing both the warmth and the chills of the winter season.

Does December have 2 birthstones?

Yup, you heard it right! December does indeed boast not one, but two birthstones; Turquoise and Blue Topaz.

Why does December have different birthstones?

Well, a likely reason for December having two birthstones is simply because more is merrier! Variety, as they say, is the spice of life. This way, folks have a choice, making their birthstones more personal and special.

Is December birthstone blue topaz or tanzanite?

Oh boy, the birthstone debate! For December, it’s a bit of both actually – Blue Topaz and Tanzanite. Dangle one from a necklace or pop it in a ring, both are perfect.

Which stone is for Sagittarius?

Sagittarius folks, you’re in for a treat! The stone for Sagittarius is the enchanting Turquoise.

What is December birthstone and flower?

Ah, the December combo! The birthstone is either Turquoise or Blue Topaz, and the flower – a nap in the winter sun – is Narcissus.

What is the rarest birthstone?

The rarest birthstone, hands down, has to be the red diamond. Finding one of those is like spotting a unicorn!

What is the birthstone for the Capricorn?

For all the Capricorns out there, Garnet – the energizing red beauty – is your birthstone.

Is blue topaz expensive?

Topaz, particularly blue, isn’t going to break the bank. While it’s precious, it’s quite affordable.

How rare is December’s birthstone?

As for how rare December’s birthstone is, Blue Topaz is relatively common. However, Tanzanite, another December birthstone, is incredibly rare. It’s only found in Tanzania!

When did December birthstone change?

The December birthstone changed in 2002 when Tanzanite was added. It was, indeed, a game-changer!

What is the most expensive December birthstone?

The most expensive December birthstone would be Tanzanite. Mostly because of its stunning deep blue color and rarity — a lethal combo!

Is blue Sapphire a December birthstone?

Blue Sapphire ain’t December’s scene. It’s Blue Topaz and Tanzanite that get the limelight.

Is December birthstone turquoise?

Turquoise, indisputably a December birthstone, is like the cherry on top of winter’s first snow.

Is White topaz a December birthstone?

Unfortunately, White Topaz doesn’t make it to December’s birthstone list. It’s a beautiful stone but the birthstones for December are Blue Topaz and Turquoise.

What is the color of the Sagittarius stone?

The Sagittarius stone, Turquoise, is as blue as the afternoon sky – captivating and tranquil.

Is blue topaz expensive?

Buying a piece of Blue Topaz jewelry is not likely to bankrupt you. It’s more on the affordable end of the scale.

Is December birthstone turquoise?

Indeed, Turquoise is a trusty December birthstone, representing friendship and luck — a grand way to end the year, wouldn’t you say?

What is the rarest birthstone?

Finally, the rarest birthstone has to be the red diamond. It’s so rare, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack!

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