Sharis: Top 7 Insane Tricks for Fast Financial Success

Welcome, folks! Pull up a chair, put down the new Harry Potter game, grab a cuppa, and let’s chat about the extraordinary recipe of success cooked up by none other than Sharis. Now, if you’re wondering how a humble restaurant became a financial beast, well, you’re in for quite a treat! From its unrivaled sharis berries desserts to its hometown loyalty, this tale of prosperity oozes with secret sauces and insane tricks. So, put on your Warren Buffett hat and get ready for a deep dive into Sharis’ successful financial journey.

The Top 7 Insane Tricks That Propelled Shari’s to Financial Success

Trick 1 – Staying Local and Building Strong Foundations

Isn’t it right that home is where the heart is? For Sharis, Hermiston, Oregon wasn’t just a landing spot—it was the solid foundation atop which an empire was built. Founded by the Bergquist couple in 1978, Sharis kick-started its journey to financial success by creating a locale that the town could call its own. It was a bond like no other. A special connection, you could say, that went beyond the simple diner experience and became a piece of Hermiston’s identity.

Trick 2 – Maintaining a Distinctive Brand

And what’s a successful business without something that sets it apart, right? Cue in the delightful Sharis berries! Undeniably one of the most delicious weapons in Sharis’ arsenal, these distinctively decadent berries add an irresistible charm to the brand. They not only served as an innovative product extension that caters to the sweet-toothed market but provided Sharis with a memorable and distinctive element that sweetened their way to financial success.

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Trick 3 – Strategic and Gradual Expansion

But Sharis didn’t stop at just being Hermiston’s sweetheart. The years following its inception saw a gradual but deliberate expansion, much like a well-executed chess game. The strategy was brilliant! Sharis tapped into the nearby markets of California, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming. By doing so, it was able to cover more ground while preserving its unique local-flavor approach.

Trick 4 – Offering Elusive Specialties in Each Location

Without as much as breaking a sweat, Sharis had another trick up its sleeve. The decision to offer unique specialties in different locations- a genius move! It was akin to United Airlines perfecting their carry on size for convenience and added customer experience.

Trick 5 – Unwavering Commitment to Quality

Sharis’ commitment to quality resonates like a well-tuned piano, banging out lovely notes that keep attracting customers. This unwavering dedication to maintaining its high standards, whether it’s sourcing fresh ingredients, perfecting their iconic pies, or providing excellent services, truly marks Sharis as a standout in the industry.

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Beet Pieces

Trick 6 – Striking a Balance Between Innovation and Tradition

While embracing modern dining trends, Sharis never forgot its roots. It’s like that perfect dance between the old and the new. Innovation didn’t mean throwing out the classic pies and comfort food. Instead, they found a beautiful balance between exciting new dishes and their much-loved traditional offerings.

Trick 7 – Valuing Every Customer Relationship

Sharis’ understanding of the value of every customer goes beyond the usual lip service. Imagine this: every visit to Sharis isn’t just a dining experience, it’s a warm family gathering, a heartfelt conversation, an unforgettable memory. It is this unique approach to customer relationships that has made Sharis a place that people keep coming back to.

The Humble Beginnings: Where did Shari’s Restaurant Originate?

The Founders, Their Vision, and the First Shari’s Restaurant

Nothing humbles you more than revisiting your roots, isn’t it? Our story begins with Ron and Sharon Bergquist. They opened Sharis, named after Sharon, in Hermiston, Oregon on 1978. From being Blue Bucket Restaurant operators to establishing their own brand, the Bergquists’ crafted a vision that resonated deeply with the residents, setting a defining tone for the growth that was to follow.


The Expansion Journey: Is Shari’s a National Chain?

As of August 2023, Sharis operates an impressive 78 locations. While it may not yet be a national chain that covers every state, its presence in key locations in the West is undeniably solid. What started as a spark in Oregon turned into a wildfire that gradually spread across California, Idaho, Washington, and Wyoming.

The Powerhouse: Where is Shari’s Headquarters?

A Glimpse into Shari’s Corporate Structure and Strategy

Beaverton, Oregon, might seem like just another city, but if you’re a Sharis aficionado, it’s so much more. This is where all the magic happens—the corporate powerhouse driving Sharis’ innovative strategy and mission. It’s the brains behind this prosperous operation, with its unique hexagonal design building standing tall and proud.


The Unique Business Model of Shari’s

How Shari’s Adapts to Serve the Market

When it comes to business insights, Sharis is a class apart. Think a chameleon blending into its environment, but, in this case, Sharis integrates itself into the local market’s pulse. It was never about blindly following trends or competitors. Instead, Sharis’ agile business model allowed it to respond to market changes efficiently, maintaining its profound local appeal.

Shari’s Berries as a Reflection of Brand Identity

Now, let’s talk about Sharis berries! This sweet division of Sharis not only brought in additional revenue but amplified the brand’s identity. It demonstrates how a brilliant and profitable business extension can be seamlessly tied to the company’s core principles and image.


Wrapping Up: Shari’s – Still Serving Up Success After All These Years

Sharis may have had humble beginnings, but its remarkable journey tells a story of out-of-the-box strategies, unwavering local commitment, innovative product introductions, and a unique business model that serves its market impeccably. Whether it’s the delight of Sharis berries, its familiar neighborhood feel, or the consistent excellent standard of food and service, Sharis has proved that it’s not just about the bucks. It’s about creating a legacy brimming with financial success and customer appreciation. So here’s to Sharis – still dishing out success after all these years!

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